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royal-enfield-bullet-fuel-injection-engine.jpgRoyal Enfield unveiled the first product of its next generation engine. The 500cc UCE (Unit Constructed Engine) or integrated gearbox engine is equipped with Fuel Injection technology. The 500cc EFI will first feature in Royal Enfield Electra. The 500cc UCE still features pushrod operation of the two valves per cylinder but is otherwise very modern, with roller hydraulic lifters, crossover gearbox, and a gerotor oil pump. With the introduction of new bullet engine, royal enfield, signalled its decision to phase out older iron cast engines. In england, France and other european countries, the classic iron blocked, four speed bullet will be on sale until the end of 2008. From 2009 onwards all Bullets will be powered by unit construction electronic fuel injection (Euro III complyable) engine.  Enfield is also believed to be studying the development of a large capacity parallel-twin motor for export markets. Indian market will soon get a 350cc UCE engine.

gone are the days

Having a bike that you can tune, rebuild, repair, and maintain on your own at home really is a great thing. With the unit construction engine(UCE) and electronic fuel injection, the new Enfield will probably put an end to that, and it’ll be like a Honda, if anything breaks, you have to take it to the dealer, because there’s no way in heck that you can fix anything in it. Share your view on the new engine in

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  1. Hello, I was wondering if the New Electra Woodsman being sold in the Spring of 2008 will have this new engine or will it only have the new integrated gear box version of the present Electra model engine? Furthermore, I have been thinking about buying a Royal Enfield Electra for over a year now but always stop short of doing so because I am never sure what to believe with regards to reports that I have read pertaining to its reliability. As I would hope to be able to use the bike as a daily commuter and for traveling abroad reliability is obviously a necessity. Any objective, constructive advice would be greatly appreciated. The new Woodsman looks great so I am hoping it could be the right choice…. however, in saying so should I wait until 2009? As for a larger capacity Enfield… I suppose that would only come in 2014?!?!?!? Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you. Corbin

  2. A new web dedicated to classic motorcycles, especially the Royal Enfield and the Dan Holmes Bonneville Bullet project, is under construction now. I suspect the latest from RE will be found at this new web as it appears to be sponsored by the USA importer/distributor. Claim is that web will ultimately be also known as: and Dana

  3. Hi all, I wanna buy a bull 350 std.. Waited for a long time to have 350cc of raw power under my balls… Can anyone tell me wats the fair price i can get one of these machines(second hand) for? By the way, the 90-99 model would be the best choice Thanks in advance

  4. Dan Holmes’ grassroots Bonneville speed record effort is gaining momemtum and Dan will be interviewed live on the radio. Larry Ward of 570WKBN Youngstown Ohio will give Dyno Dan his 15 minutes of fame on March 3rd at 6:05 pm EST. You can tune in from anywhere on the net at and click on the listen live icon. A special thanks needs to go to Bob Hutchison and his staff at the Classic Motorcycle Association. The word is spreading about our “Worlds Most Exotic Enfield” and our accomplishments in tuning these rascals up for competition. We wish to also thank all of our private supporters and hope to see them all on the salt in late August atr the BUB speed trials. Phil

  5. Development from Enfield Bullet is slow. Rear thin tyre of Thunder bird spoils the look, It should be reworked & bike should look like a proper Cruiser with some radialness.

  6. to foreigners: most enfield models common in India are *350CC* models. Thunderbird is infact a good bike.but ,as Indians who had/having grown with bullets for 5 decades or so ,the teens of india are looking for a solution that offers comfortable cruiser ,better mileage(40-50kmpl) and good engine with thump -which thunderbird is offering. Indians dont know much about bullet’s heritage.they knows it as “idiyan”(thumper in kerala state) or “Raajah Gaadi(Kings vehicle). classic cast iron bullets are available in India on sale as of Sep 2008. as for Indians ,I will recommend a cast iron bullet electra 4S(not 5S left side gear shift model) which I too is comfortable and the thump will give you goosebumps! — Sadly ,for Europeans and Americans ,this is the end of CI advice is ,you come and buy these CI models in India stock it in 100’s of numbers!.perhaps ,there will be some way that they can pass the stringent emission tests there in your country? 😀

  7. waiting for bullet 350 standard model on UCE engine..this is my query to experts that how long i have to wait for fully re-engeenered engine in bullet standard. Abhishek Shukla, Bareilly,UP

  8. The UCE engine should be just as tunable and repairable as the classic iron barrel or AVL engines that preceded it, or a Harley engine for that matter. Do it yourself repairs will make greater use of a multi meter than before and maybe require learning a few new techniques. The roller bearing,hydraulic lifters and push rod valve train are well known, familiar and proven technology. As is the alloy construction. Good old 1980’s basic mechanical design meets 21st century materials, electronics and manufacturing.

  9. John Szoldrak sets new AMA Royal Enfield land speed record and a New AHRMA land speed record. Dyno Dan rides the road racer and sets a run what ya brung record . See the salt on our exciting DVD.

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