Logan is named to sound like log in or log on

Logan is the European face of low cost manufacturing which knocks out many global manufacturers, now heads to India-paradise of low cost manufacturing. Renault is now cloning its success to Nashik-where 5 lakh cars(that number could increase by 3lakh if Nissan decides to join the duo) is going to be produced through a joint venture between Mahindra and Mahindra (M&M) and Renault. The car is sold across three continents i.e. European, African and Asian and in 42 countries (the car is not offered in US).Despite the low cost 5000 euros (Rs3,00,000) its quality nothing sort of a good car from other manufacturers. Toyota and GM is drawing methods to produce a low cost vehicle that could challenge the Logan.

Engine and Powertrain:

The car will be made available with three different engine options and in as many as eleven variants, to compete from indigo to fiesta, from Verna to aveo. The company is looking at launching two petrol engines for the car — a 75bhp, 1.4-litre and a 105bhp, 1.6-litre and a 70bhp, 1.5-litre common rail direct ignition (CRDi) K9K diesel engine. It comes with second-generation common-rail injection and a low-inertia turbo. Power output is a modest 70bhp, similar to the Tata Indigo, but the torque of 16.3kgm is (higher than the Tata indigo) with 85% of peak torque available between 1,500 and 3,500rpm, the 70hp 1.5 dCi engine delivers lively acceleration that will meet your expectations. Gear ratio is good enough to exploit the torque of the engine i.e. you don’t need often switch gears. Supercharged by a low-inertia turbocharger to reduce the response time, it combines comfort and driving flexibility. Since a large amount of soundproofing (to preserve the low cost) was omitted, road vibrations and engine sound and wind noise are noticeable for the passengers. The engines are specially prepared to handle lower quality fuel, preserving the fuel economy and pollution levels. Combined with its 50-litre tank, the model’s low fuel consumption gives it a basic range of over 1,000 kilometers The Logan 1.5 dCi accelerates from 0 to 100kph in just 15 seconds quicker than fiesta and indigo. Fuel consumption is very frugal. Deduce the figure by 25% for India u will happy to ride it against Indigo and Verna. Fiesta cannot match its low cost despite equable mileage.

Mileage figures in Europe

1.4l(pet) 1.6l(pet) 1.5l(die)
14.7kpl 13.7kpl 21.3kpl

Price band

Logan combines keen pricing with low running cost. It requires servicing gasoline engines for every 30000km and 20000km for diesel engines and Renault provides generous warranty (3yr or 100000km warranty). The petrol Logan is estimated to be priced at between Rs 4.5 and Rs 4.8 lakh (base model) while the diesel variants will be priced around Rs 5.5 lakh.

Design and comfort:

The Logan is based on the B platform on which third generation Renault cars are built. Logan designer Kenneth Melville (the man who designed the Mercedes SLK) told Business Week, the original design brief for the auto was a “value-for-money car with a lot of space and the stately look of a sedan.” Certainly Logan serves the purpose.


In order to make maximum savings on production costs and recycle components and technical solutions already in stock, the car comes with a flatter windscreen than usual, a single body shell (to save on welding), rear-view mirrors are symmetrical and can be used on either sides of the car and a dashboard moulded in one piece. The rear lamp clusters, set at an angle, smooth out the car’s structured edges. The Indian Logan is all set to get a different grille and a Renault logo. It will also come with new lights and an entirely body-coloured nose. The aerodynamic drag coefficient is 0.360.Ground clearance is 155mm where Mahindra&Mahindra and Renault have to work out for the Indian roads. Logan suspension is said to be soft and strong, and the chassis sits visibly higher than most other cars help it to negotiate dirt roads and potholes and is appreciated by many auto analysts, but the real test will come when the car hits the Indian road.


With a record wheelbase of 2630mm against indigo (2450mm), Verna (2500mm), Fiesta (2486mm) it is more spacious and it can be compared with what tata calls indigo limousine(Indigo XL pricing almost 7 lakh).The Logan’s interior space was designed for countries where it is common for whole families to pile into one car! So there are 5 proper seats and a very large boot with a capacity of 510 litres, offering best-in-class value. Three very tall passengers (over 1900 m) can sit comfortably in the back. The width of the seats (1,420 mm), foot room (420 mm) is generous, and there is 185 mm of knee room. The adjustable steering column and seat and with a cabin length of 1685mm (you no longer need to adjust for the driver).Air conditioning takes between 3 to 10 minutes maximum to reach the desired temperature and is powerful enough to lower temperature even from 40C. The absence of a boot release means you have to use the key each time you want to open the boot. This certainly is taking cost cutting a bit too far

Catch out the design and comfort in flash

[swf width=”420″ height=”325″][/swf]

Safety and special features:

The Logan was the subject of intensive work regarding safety. The vehicle’s structure has deformation zones and is designed to disperse the kinetic energy of an impact. The dashboard is also of major importance in providing protection in the event of frontal impact. Its honeycomb structure, made of highly absorbent polypropylene, reduces the risk of knee injury in the event of an impact, while the structure of the seats keeps the pelvis in an appropriate position. Despite the low cost Renault’s use of digital simulation makes the car fetch an overall rating of 9 EuroNcap. Airbags, ABS (antilock braking system), child seat, EBD (electronic brake distribution) and for other features we have to wait till the launch of the car (probably by mid of 2007).

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Expected Launches:

Mahindra will launch its new vehicle named ingenio by 2008. Ingenio, which is expected to replace Bolero, may be aggressively priced at Rs 5 lakh, just above the Rs 4.5-lakh Bolero. Mahindra Renault may also launch five or seven seat version of Logan i.e. Logan MCV (Multi Convivial Vehicle).

With the entry of Logan M&M will create next round of revolution in Indian automobile industry. Hoping a good fight from Tata as well! IS IT WORTH WAITING FOR LOGAN?yes!


  1. Logan is well known for its fuel efficiency.let’s test when it hits the road. road test on Chevrolet U-VA delivers 12 to 14 kpl on city roads and from 18 to 20 kpl on highways

  2. Hey Victor, Chevy is known for least fuel efficient car India…. Though best look ones… I beleive, Any car with even flat tyres…can also beat chevy family far fuel efficiany is concern… About Logan: Mahindra knows Indian market pulse and coming up with huge production, should be great compitetator. However, road test only can justify the claims…

  3. Dear Victor, Firstly the kudos for a great article. Secodly please correct NCAP rating of 9. The max NCAP rating is 5/5. Logan if I m correct got 3. But ncap rating cannot be correlated in Indian context as most of car in NCAP have multiple air bag like curtain where as in India we do not get all that. Juat like Swift got 4 with all airbags etc etc. Logan is very competent car and if positioned well according to its reputation will be a superhit car.

  4. hi shivendra, this is karthi who wrote this one. thank you for your nice comment.There are two kinds of rating one is through points which i mentioned and star rating which you quoted. this is what euroncap answers for two kinds of rating Why are Points published as well as the Star rating? The star rating does not show the relative performance between front and side impact. To show if there is a mis-match between front and side performance we publish the points for each test as well as the total

  5. Hi, We are waiting for launch of Logan, please let us know when this will be launched, Also inform us contact nos for any query. My contact details are:- Mob # 09812426852 Would appriciate if sombody can call me up for my queries. Thanks & regards Sachin Sogani

  6. Hey, if u could send an adavance payment for working for you. I would do that. I’ve also done a favor for you by posting your mobile number to all telemarketing sites so that they can help you out with all your future requirments. Good luck FunnyMan!

  7. ‘I don’t think it is worth waiting for a car which has not yet published its launch date. The manufacturers use these rumours to detract people from buying other cars.Anyways I would prefer not to buy a car from a new manufacturer but rather wait for some reviews and track record. Specially when the car is a budget car, remember tata indica v1?

  8. i concur with what siddharth just said…well m jus wondering if it wud b fine to go ahead and buy Ford ikon or wait for logan to land like a flying saucer,difficult to predict weather its a friendly or an unfriendly alien….as far as M&M cars are concerned…i trust it to the extent of a rat’s ass…;)

  9. Today (24 Mar 07), A Mahindra Renault showroom was inaugurated in Prabhadevi (Mumbai) – there was a fullpage advertisement in the Mumbai edition of Times of India. And I saw construction of one more showroom in progress at Link Road (Andheri West). So launch must be imminent (April 07, I read somewhere).

  10. The Logan may be big on space but with its bare basic design it may turn off a lot of customers. It looks extremely dowdy and I would not like to be seen in it. It seems to be custom made for the taxi trade that has been patronizinf the Indica’s and the Indigos and class b cities. The metros amy look for some thing more upmarket. After all driving it may mean ” I want a big care but can afford nothing better” and may be a big turn off for a lot of people who may go for the likes of Getz/Uva/ Swift.

  11. Dear Sir, Please mail me address and contact nos. of Mahindra Renault Logan Dealer in Prabhadevi, Mumbai. Best regards, Nirav Kothari

  12. Hi Vicky, Thanks for such a detailed informative article.Even I a waiting for the lauch of this car which is on 3rd of April 07..

  13. Mahindra-Renault Logan is not for honourable ministers and government officials.Also sorry if you are a lover of white colour. Mahindra- Renualt may not offer the low end variants of the logan in the colour white when it is launched in april. This is to prevent logan from designating as a taxi(all taxis are white) vehicle which could affect Mahindra-Renault brand.

  14. My concern is ground clearance of Logan, which, I read at many places, is 155 mm. Isn’t it a bit too low (at least for indian roads)?

  15. I am surprised how siddarth and dhruv concur. Mahindra defintely can not be termed as a new manufacturer. Their knowledge is closer to the hearts of the rural people, a simple car that can deliver good fuel economy. Our decades of being influenced by all things British and American has made us forget the frugal French. The first diesel car was actually made in France (Peugeot) much before even Germany. Both the Reanult and Citreon are more common sense then glamour. “Dil ko dekho, chhehra ne dekho’.

  16. til now i’ve got a mixed review of logan, however its no denying the fact that it is one of the most competitive car whic is going give a tough time to the likes of indica, getz , ford etc…being a lay man i wld like to know what does logan has that others do not

  17. Hi…persons who are looking for a practical,spacious, no nonsense, value for money car, you must go in for Logan – Autocar has given the verdict recently for logan – 4 Star rating to match with verna, fiesta rating. You just cant compare logan to Ikon or esteem or accent, as these cars are getting dated. You have a clear 50k saving compared to fiesta. You get almost everything in 1.6 petrol except electrically operated rear mirror and remote boot opening. The drive is class of its own. Ground clearance of 155mm is laded weight which is equalent to 170 mm with no people on it. So no worries with respect to ground clearance. Interiors are not posh as that of accent or fiesta but much bearable. Looks might not make people turn their heads but this can be overcome with huge spacing, quality drive and value for money. Overall a value for money car.

  18. I nearly have zeroed down on ikon. Is it that bad? My budget is 5.5 lacs on road price and ikon fits it perfectly…guys…need ur inputs… regards Rohit

  19. Rohit – Dont go for a model which is outdated. Instead you may go for logan. Autocar as well as other top car magazines have rated logan well (4 star rating to be precise). I was evaluating between logan, verna, ikon, accent and fiesta and finally booked logan 1.6 because this has got clear price advantage and great features and space, excellent handling and ride quality. If you forego poor ergonomics and appearance, Logan gives you great value for money.

  20. Hi I have been waiting for a long while for the lanch of Skoda Fabia, i can understand from media speculating every time. The company has never said a word on launch, does it mean that it will be launched after a very long period????? Now i feel high time to switch over buying another vechile of this type! what is opnion??? Cheers Vetri

  21. Vetri, It has been launched. Visit the page for dealer information cheers

  22. I don’t know about the car .. but by reading the reviews i feel its a low cost car and all the taxi people will be riding it like indica.. so if you are looking for a car with has luxury then better not to go for LOGan

  23. Hey Girish,, I am not sure weather you know something about the car Logan, so I would prefer not to your views on this. Well I was looking for a car, I have checked Swift, Wagoon R Duo, Esteem Chevy UVA and logan so far which are alsmost in the same price brand on average of 4.5 lakhs to 5.5 Lakhs. I would rather go for a logan which fulfills all the desired and base requirement of a person who wants to use it as a need and not luxury. M&M is a trusted provider of automobiles and as beign their first car and that with Renault collabration I think this would be a good deal for sure.

  24. If you are looking for a great value for your hard earned money, then go in for logan. The engine is decent 84.5/5500 rpm and ground clearance is 172mm (unladed) which is fair enough for Indian roads. Though engine is not very powerful and may not be liked by Schumi and other F1 guys, remember we dont race everyday. Logan is a sturdy vehicle with great handling and drive. The space is the big plus. The service network will be thru M&M which is not bad. Its a practical and wise buy. Choose your self and make a wise move. On Road prices of vehicles in this segment are as follows: Renault Logan 1.6 (Top end) – 6.73 lakhs Ford Fiesta 1.4 (Base) – 7.03 lakhs Maruti SX4 (1.6) Base – 7.30 lakhs Hyundai Verna (1.6) Base – 7.20 lakhs SO BE WISE AND CHOOSE YOURSELF

  25. Logan comes with an engine which is 84.5/5500 and ground clearance is decent 172mm (unladen). If you guys can sacrifice on interiors and look and dont want to race on road, my suggestion is Logan is better in terms of value and most importantly pricing. Comparative on-road prices in Bangalore for similar class range is as follows: Renault Logan (1.6) topend – 6.73 lacs Maruti SX4 1.6 base – 7.30 lacs Ford Fiesta 1.4 base – 7.03 lacs Hyundai Verna 1.6 base – 7.20 lacs Make wise move guys. Afterall its your hard earned money.

  26. What is the on road price of Aveo at Bangalore. How does Aveo Fiesta and Logan compare with each other.In my view price advantage in Logan is not big enough to sacrifice performance when compared with Fiesta/Aveo.

  27. Hi All, Many comments and good suggestions. But did anybody buy this car?? How’s the experience. I just hit this site by chance. Please let me know. Now that it is launched, can I buy it? What’s the suggestion for me(I’m expecting from people who actually bought it)? -Kumar

  28. I am link with Logan. Its very nice & value of the Car in India as well as oversease. This is good shine of coming Renault in India.

  29. Dear all, I have already purchased a said LOGAN CAR on last month 17th AUG. and till date run almost 1800 KM. Its absolutly troble free car have nice all features like pick up , comfort ,space ,driving palsure etc etc.. and Most improtant is value of money. I m Gujarati and belongs to Surat. I appriciate service of our dealer PRESIDENT MOTOR and MAHINDRA LOGAN. fOR FURTHER DETAILS FELL FTREE TO CONTACT -M- +919879100611 YOGESH BHATT

  30. Can someone compare Logan Petrol to Hyundai Accent GLE. I feel when appropriate features are added then Logan costs almost the same as Accent (approx 5.75L – There is a special offer going on for Accent). Accent has more power. Any comments? I am trying to decide between 2.

  31. YOu can always go on carwale .com and compare any two cas man..amazing feautre it has…and if your looking for a car which is good value for money id suggest you go for the LOGAN. Why not go to your nearest showroom and try it out? you can always find out more on the official mahindrarenault site. DO lemme knw what you settle for…njoi ur ride…

  32. Hi there yogesh..GLad to see one of the prod owners of a car who are actually willing to share their experience with sure there are loads of inquisitive interested customers out there who would want to know 1st hand xperience from someone…good job there

  33. After reading all the reviews on this site as well as several other sites for LOGAN, my opinion is that those who have bought are generally in favour of the car barring their comments on the simple interiors and cost cuttings by Mahindras. Discouraging comments are from those who have not used the car and generally comparing other makes which are atleast Rs 1.5 to 2 lacs more expensive. I have already booked a Diesel Logan and eagerly waiting to drive it and make my own assessment.

  34. Kaushik, do you have any idea on cars? Just writing something doesnt mean that you know things. Chevy cars can compete with any car in its range. I own a Aveo from 2006 and I have made so many cars thirsty driving with me in highways (Expect Vtech engine Honda city and verna). If you really dont know something sit back and watch what others say.

  35. Harry , Reading books without understanding wont make you pass , same way driving lot of cars and making them thirsty atleast tells that you donno anything about cars …

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