Will swift diesel match its petrol version?

It must be a ridiculous question! Astounding success of swift petrol version i.e. it has already sold over 60000 units since its launch making Maruti an invincible player in compact car segment. Even though Maruti is holding over 50% market share in Indian car industry it does not lose its appetite. Maruti has decided to roll out at least one new model per year that’s why it launched Maruti zen estilo even in December (not an auspicious time to roll out new model-many will not have money since it is next month to festive time in India).Maruti has launched two variants of swift – LDI and VDI- priced at 4.71 and 5 lakh respectively J.D. Power estimates diesel’s share of India’s passenger vehicle market will grow to 35 percent by 2010 from 30 percent now. Maruti decided to throw a stone in tata’s well established diesel market. Maruti knows well that Indica has become synonymous for diesel, so it offers a complete package that can challenge any car of its class.

Generally petrol fonder are frustrated of diesel because of its higher maintenance cost, it is expensive relative to petrol version and because of its noise and poor resale value. Common rail direct injection (CRDi) claims to resolve some of the problems, swift diesel is using that technology. So the specifications are here and we will decrypt it and find what we can expect from it. The vehicle is already being offered as Suzuki Swift in markets such as Poland, Hungary and the UK at a price tag of £9,799 on the road. Maruti play safe it is evident as it preserves the same chassis and the only difference from the swift petrol version is the engine, hence I wish go in detail.

Now comes the most important part, what we can expect from the Engine


The technology behind swift diesel (CRDi)


The car is heaviest in its class but don’t worry it is provided with powerful engine. The engine’s technology used here is similar to the one used in Mahindra Scorpio i.e. CRDi. Thanks to Maruti for making it available in compact car itself. Fiat, Opel and Suzuki co developed the DDiS(Diesel Direct injection System yet another term coined not from R&D but by marketing dept) engine, which will be the country’s first super compact common rail diesel engine. It will also be the lightest diesel engine, and hence higher the power-to-weight ratio. With a total displacement of 1,248cc, the DDiS engine puts out a peak power of 75bhp (5bhp more than the European version) at 4,000 rpm. With a 16-valve cylinder head, this DOHC engine is also aided by a fixed geometry turbocharger, an intercooler and a cooled EGR system (exhaust gas re-circulation) which results in flatter torque curve which makes it most powerful, fuel-efficient and low emission engine in its class. The engine meets the current Bharat Stage III emission norms, but is capable of meeting the Euro IV level emission standards. The transmission is 5 speed synchromesh. Maruti is well known for its mileage here too we can expect the same with its advanced engine.The car is said to offer an impressive mileage of 61.4mpg(21.8kmpl)in UK and NDTV estimates mileage as 22kmpl as against TATA indica turbo which offers an average mileage of 16kmpl

What we can expect from the numbers:

For drivers:

The steering system is analogous to indica v2 and has a turning radius of about 4.7m. The product comes with P-EPS electronic power steering i.e. steering is assisted by electronic system hence demands lesser effort to negotiate a turn. The swift petrol version has some problems with its steering i.e. you have to pull it suddenly as it is loose in straight ahead position while taking a turn. Hope this will be fixed in this version (check it wile you test drive). The lack of a driver’s switch for the nearside electric window was unforgivable. The swift has slightly shorter wheelbase (the centre distance between the front and rear tyre) than its rival getz but it has widest track(distance between two front/rear tyres) in its class making it more stable and offers better handling. Ground clearance (the distance between ground and lowest part of the vehicle) is 170mm which is good for Indian roads. You no longer have to adjust the rear view mirrors often, the oversized outside rear view mirrors (in fact more than most sedans) offers greater view. Front brakes are ventilated disc type and rear one is drum.

For pillions:

Luggage space is 232 litre as against 290 litre offered by getz and santro. You can get more space by folding the rear seat 368 litre. But notice that volume do not alone matter when comes to luggage space you have to concentrate on effective (usable) space depends on dimension of your luggage. The windscreen and the rear glass are smaller than other cars in the segment and hence reduce the visibility. It cannot match getz when comes to space (leg room and shoulder space offered by getz is best in its class).The rear seat offers generous space for two but the car remains frugal when comes to three. The Swift’s adjustable headrests at the rear are a good addition (available only in VDi model). However, the front seats are comfortable and generously wide. The electronic climate control gives you accurate control of the cooling. McPherson strut in front, torsion beam and coil spring set-up in the rear and 165/80-R14 tyres provides you softer ride in the city. Coming to colour the Maruti offers swift 8 colours (but check the availability in your nearby showroom!).

Safety and special features:

Sadly,front airbags(protects the driver from collision with steering during accident) is not offered in both versions. ABS (antilock braking system) with EBD (electronic brake distribution) comes as optional and it helps you when you travel on a wet surface. Intelligent computerized theft system, Cabin light, cup holders (two at the front and one at the rear) and removable ashtray are the added features. Child lock is offered in both versions. Though alarm when key is not removed is useful it has other side too (you can’t sit with door open and radio on for example), the seatbelt alarm is annoying while maneuvering.It is important to mention Maruti customer support(enjoys the first place in JD survey)which is very important for a maintenance oriented diesel car.


Though you have to pay an additional premium (40000-50000 rupees) for diesel version the car seems to be promising. But Indica remains price competitive and also there is word from Maruti that this is an introductory price, there will be revaluation.

The Swift diesel car also qualifies for a lower 16 percent excise duty versus 24 percent for its petrol variant. GM is going to launch UVA diesel version and much awaited chevrolet spark (nothing but dawoo matiz).Hyundai is also planned to rollout many diesel models this year-santro,getz diesel version and with tata’s indica CRDi customers (wait for some time unless you are a die hard Maruti fan). Maruti had already experimented Zen and esteem diesel but it failed hence all its diesel future lies in swift and it hopes for the best. Also there is a fear that it will eat swift petrol sales. We will wait to see whether swift will do another swift for Maruti

[SWF]http://vicky.in/temp/swift.swf, 400,400[/SWF]

P.S: This post is written by my brother Karthick, who is in his final year of automobile engineering. I hope he will write more articles related with Automobiles and other his fav. fields in the forthcoming days. — Vicky

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49 thoughts on “Will swift diesel match its petrol version?”

  1. 1)you cannot compare different segments of car. 2)hyundai verna diesel offers a combined mileage of 14.7kpl and considering maintenance cost it fails to match swift. 3)if you are a die hard hyundai fan go for hyundai petrol

  2. If one drives his/her car for long kms daily, then he/she can pay extra amount and by SWIFT DIESEL. Except for the starting noise from the engine, there is no difference between the Diesel version and the petrol version in terms of smoothness and ride quality. The Diesel version equals the engine performance offered by the petrol version. But, look at the fuel consumption of SWIFT Diesel. it is was way ahead then it’s counterpart.


  4. Thanks suneet, you have correctly pointed out what swift diesel lacks especially defogger and rear windshield which most people expect in hatchbacks like swift. Now we will see the answer for maruti swift diesel from its rival Hyundai. Hyundai will launch the revamped Getz later this year, the new Getz will have minimal change in design, but the major change will be with 1.5l common rail diesel with turbo – which Getz may borrow from Hyundai Verna. Hyundai will also launch CNG version of Santro Xing. For the CNG you have to pay an additional 20000 rupees.

  5. On March 19 Maruti Udyog Ltd has announced a hike in the price of the recently launched Diesel Swift. The price of swift LDi variant has been increased by Rs 4,000, while that of the swift VDi variant has been upped by Rs 7,000

  6. Nobody has taken roadtest of it’s diesel variant if so then let us know because last time then maruti launches zen diesel it fails in aii respect

  7. Hi Guys, I am buying my first car and am not able to decide which one to buy. Swift diesel is my first choice for its looks and mileage. But i am not exactly sure what mileage it can give on Delhi roads. Can any one tell me what avg can I expect. Deepak

  8. If usage is 1500 km per month and Swift petrol returns 13 kmpl and Diesel 19 kmpl, and normal petrol costs 45 Rs in Delhi and Diesel 31 Rs. Then Lxi vs Vdi OTR difference is Rs.139,500. This when paid by EMIs inceases to Rs.174,515 Assuming Rs 30,000 maintenance cost in 5 yrs. Total additional cost is Rs. 194,515. Savings in Diesel is Rs. 31,680 per year. So it will take more than 6 years to recover the excess cost. Unless you are running a Taxi stand. Will Swift Taxis rule the Roads in times to come? because of its 19 mileage? If yes, then the advantage would fade very soon due to the taxi image people shun away from.

  9. Well, I think I am gonna regret buying a swift Disel big time. It Sucks with milage – its only 13 on city drive. Its pretty low with pick up and has toud startup noise. The AC is not very effective. I think I wasted 5-lac 30 thousand for a peice of CRAP. And that too after a wait period for 50 days Please save your money dont go for this SWIFT CRAPY car. Pls

  10. Hey Guys, I am planning to buy my second car now.. but too confused. My first car was zen which was very nice to have but had to sale. Now, I dont stay home for 2 months period so no one to take care or drive much(except driver occasionally). Please suggest if disel is car will be better than petrol for my case. I am hereby talking about choice inbetwwen Maruti swift disel or petrol. I am worried that since I wont be starting the car for long time will it be advisable to go for disel version.. pls held budy..

  11. In response to Hyundai Getz CRDi which is due in a couple of month, Maruti will upgrade its swift diesel variant with new M series engine. Maruti is planning to upgrade its entire engine range with new set of K and M series engine. K and M series engine will replace the existing engines. Already the M series engine powers the recently launched SX4 soon the swift will feature this. The K series engine will power the next generation Alto and WagonR which will be launched next year in India. source:autocar

  12. It is a revolutinary car in its segement. I have driven most of the Diesel cars around and none of the cars gave me the pick up of Swift Diesel. They could match in Engine refinement like the Verna or fiesta. Forget the Indica. But at this cost a Super Fuel Efficient and amazing pick up. Trust me its the Best deal for today. Cost a littel more that Indicas of the world but no competition.

  13. i am planning to buy my first car & have a keen interest in swift diesel. i am not a very frequent driver also i am worried about the maintence required in the diesel variant. kindly suggest me whether to buy it or not.also suggest the best suithed car.

  14. I actually own an Alto and I have driven the SWIFT Disel. Its an amazing car in its segment. It has an amazing turbo engine with excellent mileage. we have infact tested the Mileage over a long run and it was giving 20-21 in highways with AC. Its recomended to drive with AC on highways which will reduce the turbelence, this componsates the engine duty done on the Compressor of AC, hence forth running with AC or with out AC on high ways doesnt matter. All is the mileage. Once I have test driven Ford Fiesta 1.4 diesel engine. I can its only a Sedan car, other than that its imcomparable to Swift Diesel. Lets wait for the Getz Diesel.

  15. This “””Swift VDI”” is having some draw back like rear defogger, rear wiper which can be noticed on very first look …although it is shown in some photos as in zxi.. THE PICK UP OF SWIFT VDI IS VERY NICE AND TRANSMISSION ALSO… Regards Rahul 9910040007 faridaBAD

  16. i m manmohankrishan frm punjab i m planning to bye swift diesel but i m confused taht which car i hv to buy petrol or disel.My yerly running is abt 20000 i m confused abt the maintenance of swifts diesel engine. pls help if any body can

  17. I purchased VDI this month from Raj Sneh, Meerut. I am very pleased with performance of the car. Just few things disappointed a lot. 1. DEALER 2. Air Conditioning. Not sure if there is some problem with my AC or this is an issue with Swift vDi. Otherwise it rocks. My colleagues who took the test drive also appreciated the engine a lot.

  18. i want fuel economy and NO noise also.( Because i will install an expensive music system, so i doint want the blurring noise of a diesel engine) so plz tell me if swift diesel makes noise? indica does. so i dont want to buy indica. secondly, what average does swift gives?

  19. Hi friends, There is no car comparision to swift in its segment.It got the cool mini cooper looks and a very powerfull and smooth transmission engine.Look at the performance and the average 19kmpl.Wat else do we need?? its got a very good stunning appeal and shape for higher speeds.The control is awesome. Its like petrol engine..very refined..smooth..and powerfull. So guys.. never think of any other car wen u are ready to spend 5-6lakh,Swift diesel is the best choice.

  20. i bought swift diesel vdi in feb 2007 now in december its odo metre 42757. it has a mindbloing performence on long route as well as in city,s. its milage is also too good 21kmp a litre.pick up is very nice.its quite spacius and sporty.the engine is very power full 75 bhp@4000rpm (ddis)direct diesel injection system.every thing is excelent.but i am very very much disapointed about its BRAKES AND STABILITY CONTROL.on the speed of 120 kmpl i applied brake padel fully brake was not affective. stability contol and brakes are zero…….of this car.a person should go for vdi abs.it has a good brakes and stability control. but otherwise DIESEL ENGINE ROCK,S in swift.

  21. Hi, I am planning to buy a car, and i have shortlisted swift, but in a confusion of petrol/diesal. I am in a confusion to book swift VXI/ LDI? I am not a frequent traveller. I want to know the maintance cost of petrol and diesal versions? And if i am not going to take the diesal version for a ride for more than 2 weeks, is it going to make trouble to my swift? Please give me a response. Thanks, Ajish

  22. I drove the car for 200 kms and bet any one to match its mileage.The car is really a boon to motorist who till now were used to comprising as far as diesel engines were conserned,but here is a car which matches a petrol car in all ways and perhaps beats it just by enough margin.The multijet diesel is the best diesel in the country so even tata motors are going to come out with the same engine.By the way the engine is supplied by fiat of italy and ofcourse shall be used in fiat cars too.Taking everything into consideration which car shall you buy a TATA a FIAT or MARUTI.The answer gentelmen is maruti without dout.

  23. I bought my swift ldi few weeks back.Its an awesome car. pickup is great. mileage not too bad (21 km) a/c is very power full,control while driving is great! the engine is very silent.i accidentally tried to start the car which the engine is already started!I love this car.

  24. I owned Zen and planning to buy diesel car but I’m very upset with the price of Swift diesel can anybody advice which diesel car should I buy in good price between 3.5 – 4 lacs. Please suggest If anyone knows something about it. Yogi

  25. Hi, I am planning to buy a car, and i have shortlisted swift, but in a confusion of petrol/diesal. I am in a confusion to book swift VXI/ LDI? I am not a frequent traveller. I want to know the maintance cost of petrol and diesal versions? And if i am not going to take the diesal version for a ride for more than 2 weeks, is it going to make trouble to my swift? Please give me a response. Thanks, sant mehta 09925028790

  26. Hi, I am planning to buy a car, and i have shortlisted swift, but in a confusion of petrol/diesal. I am in a confusion to book swift VXI/ LDI? I am not a frequent traveller. I want to know the maintance cost of petrol and diesal versions? And if i am not going to take the diesal version for a ride for more than 2 weeks, is it going to make trouble to my swift? Please give me a response. Thanks Anil

  27. hey i’m really very confused between swift vxi and Ldi.My average running is very less bt there is not a big difference between their prices.plz suggest me which one to go for.plz

  28. Hi Guys, I got my Swift VDI on 14th jan 2009. I did a lot of research before buying this car and for sure tell you that it paid off. I completed the first 1000KM in less than 3weeks. Did the first servicing and found an amazing increase in average from 13Km/ltr to around 20KM/ltr. The pickup is amazing and once the turbo kicks in it becomes a flying machine (Awesome). Once I remember I thought of testing the pickup and I pressed the throttle in Second Gear, and the pickup was so very amazing that everthing lying on the dasboard came tumbling down and I was pushed back in my seat with the G-Force (Awesome). Looks are great and sporty. Comfortable seats. Trade off’s: The AC is a bit above average (Not that great). After a month of drive I could hear some erky noise from the Door’s. The Dealer cheated on me. I asked for Swift VDI With ABS however after a wait time of above 2months (In Delhi) when I got to the showroom to get my car they came up with the non ABS version. I was very dishartened but I didnt wanted to wait for any more time, so i took it. I think i can live with the erky noise, cuz once u turn on the music system you wont hear any noise. This car is smooth and great to drive. If you are going to drive on a regular basis go for Swift VDI.

  29. Hi…… I’m planning to buy a SWIFT……….. but dunno if i hav to take petrol or diesel…….. I dunno wat mileage SWIFT petrol will give…… I wont be having to take long trips frequently…… just short ones once in a week or so…….. Some long ones once or twice in a month…… I feel that petrol would be better if it offers atleast 16kmpl mileage….. thats it………. JUST GIVE ME SOME ADVICE……… DIESEL or PETROL………

  30. ALX, Petrol is definitely your car based on your driving routine. Mileage:Around 12-13Kmpl max. Remember disel is an absolute waste of money in your case.

  31. ALX, Petrol is definitely your car based on your driving routine. Mileage:Around 12-13Kmpl max. Remember diesel is an absolute waste of money in your case.

  32. Hey Guyz, I dropped at 2 Maruti dealer ‘s today. One said they are not taking the bookings in Chandigarh for VDI and for petrol waiting time is 22 days and the other said the booking period is 9 months for VDI and for petrol is 7 months. I own a TATA INDICA 2003 which is a superb car not as good as SWIFT but it is a maintenace free vehicle depending on how you take care of your baby. I never spent extral penny on my car except servicing. It gives me 25 Km/L with AC on Highway and 21Km/L with AC in city. As the wait time is longer for the SWIFT. I am cosidering Hyundai I20 Petrol as Diesel is due to come in July 09. Even VISTA is good but I dont like the looks from the front. PALIO is gud from outside but interior is outdated. Please do let me know if there is a less waiting period for SWIFT VDI in any other state. Thank you in advance.

  33. hiiii guys..am having a swift vxi 2007 june…till now it has run arnd 17000 kms….car is really good…am little sad about the mileage..am getting hardly 10 in city and 13-14 in highways… i drove swift diesel…its good….but cannot be compared with petrol…we cannot change the headers and exhaust..in diesel swift…just the petes or K&N….. wer as in petrol swift…u can just rock it with automech headers and exhaust..K&N..etc…u cannot do much engine mod on diesel swift….after all dese mods….i can simply say tat petrol swift rocks..!!! diesel swift is just for fuel economy…and maintanence can come after running 45000 kms or so….but nothing to worry about petrol….u can just take the car wer ever u want….if driven nicely the petrol swift will deliver 15- 17 on highways…. U CAN CONTACT ME ON jai_may31@yahoo.co.in

  34. swift diesel or petrol??? i dont drive daily just on some weekdays and weekends ofcourse..i liked the zxi but after reading the reviews on swifts diesel variant i’m kind of confused..which one guys please reply.. thanks my contact no. 9923167152

  35. I am planning to buy swift,but i am confussed whether i should go for petrol or diesel. I drive approxmately 600KM/Per. Please suggest.

  36. I am planning to buy swift,but i am confussed whether i should go for petrol or diesel. I drive approxmately 600KM/Pe month Please suggest.

  37. Hi Guys, I have got my Swift Dzire in last month. it is the messege to all those who are confused betn petrol & diesel, so my verdict is “GOOOOOOOOOOO FOR DIESEL VERSION ONLY & THAT TOO VDI ONLY”

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