Bajaj Kristal!Here’s ur valentine’s gift

Bajaj returns….

The launch of bajaj kristal

The win over Hero Honda (remains the market leader in 100cc segment) in 125cc (with Bajaj discover) and 150cc (with Bajaj pulsar) motorcycle (geared ones) segment does not come without a compromise for Bajaj, it loss it’s scooterette market (once Bajaj Chetak was known as scooter of India) to Honda activa and Hero Honda pleasure. Bajaj is set to regain the scooterette market with Kristal and Blade.

Kristal and its peers?

Honda entered the scooterette market with the 102-cc gearless Activa in 2001. Activa is the market leader in the segment and sells nearly 28,000 units a month. Hero Honda rolled out its first 100cc gearless scooter the “Pleasure” across India in 2005, is proved to be a successful model. Bajaj is going to launch a full-size scooter Blade for men (could feature a 150cc engine), which will compete with the Kinetic Blaze (India’s first maxi scooter-featuring 165cc engine). Bajaj launched its new 95cc scooter Kristal targeting the fair sex (women)

Scooterette are widely used by ladies, hence it demands greater style, light weight, hassle free, greater comfort, good luggage space for shopping compromises can be made on power, mileage and price for the sake of rest.

Kristal features DTSi (digital twin spark ignition), exhausTEC (torque expansion chamber) and SNS (spring-in spring) suspension system.

Ride and comfort:

The Kristal’s engine is a 95cc DTSi unit, which puts out a peak power of 7.2 PS at 7,500 rpm and a maximum torque of 7.7Nm at 5,500 rpm. DTS-i to have a delightful throttle response and hitch-less power delivery. With ExhausTEC and DTSi Kristal provides better fuel efficiency and smoother ride. The Kristal also features a one-speed variomatic gearbox. Kristal clocks a top speed of about 75 kmph. Kristal is on par with its peers scooty pep plus and HH pleasure to offer a combined mileage of 48kpl and with SNS kristal economises your visits to the doctor too.

Kristal features leading link with co-axial shock absorber &spring at the front and SNS at the back. SNS is nothing but having two springs instead of one and the springs are intelligent enough to differentiate and absorb larger and smaller bumps. SNS serves dual function a better ride and reduced back problems.Kristal’s broad and soft-foam seat makes it comfortable and supportive. Handlebar grips, made of soft and durable rubber, have been designed to give the rider a comfortable feel. Vibration transfer is well contained during speeding, but at idling there is still considerable vibration, though the handlebar grips do a good job of dampening much of it.

Design and dimensions:

When comes to design practicality predominates the style. Thoughtfully made plastic panels at the front are practical enough to save your scooter from scratches. Instrument cluster features a fuel gauge, speedometer, analog distance counter, indicators for the side stand, turn lights and for the high-beam. Kristal weighs about 99 kg and with ground clearance of 131mm makes it easy to handle. With the widest wheelbase (highest in its class) of 1250 mm it makes lot of foot space. With an under seat storage space of 22 litres and an appreciable front glove box space make Kristal a shopping bike.

Special features

It is the special features which make the vehicle a cut over the rest and are good enough to lure the ladies. Kristal does away with the choke it features an electrically operated fuel pump/feeder which eases the starting engine at cold condition. It has the unique Front Fueling system that ensures a convenient refueling to the rider by avoiding the bother of getting off the vehicle while re-fuelling. Kristal provides automatic headlamp controlled by a sensor which senses low light conditions and switches on the parking lamp and it also lights up the instrument cluster, prompting the rider to also turn on the main headlamp. Penta-lock (five) facility –ignition lock, petrol tank cap, side lock, accelerator lock and seat lock shows the producer interest on practicality of the Kristal. A bulb to light up the storage area (only offered in scooty pep plus) and a beeper prevents the seat from accidentally closing at a fuel station and protects your child from crushing fingers. Accelerator lock and side stand alarm offers you better safety.

Summing it up…

Is it a perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your dear ones? With a competitive price tag of Rs 40,070-on the road. It seems to be!

Kristal is offered in red, black, blue and silver colours (check the availability in your nearby showroom) against HH pleasure offered in eight colours. Bajaj Auto was hoping to sell 10,000 Kristal a month within six months of its launch. But it may not be easy with peers like Hero Honda which launched 22 first ever women-exclusive scooter showrooms “Just4her” across the country to lure women customers and TVS for its part has launched an exclusive web for girls

But Bajaj seems to be mute (where is the hoodibaba Marketing!) I find it difficult even to get the correct technical specification on the web. To do the magic once again! Bajaj requires will.

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  1. The success with Blaze makes Kinetic an aggressive player in two wheeler industry. Kinetic has tied up with Sanyang Industry Co Ltd (SYM) of Taiwan. Kinetic – Sanyang will launch two scooters soon namely ‘smile’ which will feature a 100cc engine and 135cc engine powered new ‘nova’. Kinetic – Sanyang will also launch a motorcycle in 2010. Taiwan’s Sanyang is famous for its offer of life time warranty for its two wheelers. Kinetic may also follow its partner for its new offerings.

  2. Piaggio plans Vespa’s third entry into India soon.Eight years after they went off Indian roads following Piaggio’s break-up with joint venture partner LML, Vespa scooters are set to return to the domestic market, along with Aprilia motorcycles. “We are certainly looking at entering the domestic scooter and motorcycle market. We will announce our plans in a few months,” Piaggio Vehicles Pvt Ltd managing director Ravi Chopra told Financial Express. Both the Vespa and Aprilia brands will be introduced by the Milan-based group’s wholly owned subsidiary Piaggio Vehicles Pvt Ltd from a new two-wheeler plant. Vespa is likely to be launched in the 125-250cc range. Aprilia, however, may be introduced in smaller displacements. In Italy and Europe, Aprilia sells in the 50-650cc range.

  3. *Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India (HMSI) is planning to introduce new motorcycle and scooter models and is currently working on a fuel injection powered bike, a 100 cc bike and a new scooter for the Indian market *Suzuki is also working on a variomatic scooter which may feature a 100cc engine for India

  4. Here are the actiula specifications that Bajaj is mentioning for its new-launched Kristal: Engine: Type – 4stroke, DTS-i, Air Cooled; Displacement – 94.8 cc; Max Net Power – 7.3 bhp@7500RPM; Max Net Torque – 0.78 kgm@5500RPM Suspension: Front – Leading Link with Coaxial Shock Absorber & Spring; Rear – Trailing Arm Single Shock Absorber with 2 Coaxial Spring (SnS) brakes: Front & Rear – Mechanical Expanding Shoe Type – 110mm diameter Fuel tank: 4.5 Litres Electrials: System Voltage – 12v (Ac DC); Battery – 12v 4Ah (Maintenance Free; Headlamp – 35/35 w 12v Dimensions: Wheelbase – 1250mm; Seat Height – 750mm; Kerb Weight – 99kgs Warranty: Standard – 2yrs/20,000 Kms


  6. Thank you bajaj, Kristal and Pulsar200cc advertisements has hit our paper and TV screens. Really the ads are distinctly ahead.

  7. i m glad to tell u about the ever 1st bike launched by bajaj called bajaj kristal dtsi for females to feel the same power, comfort, reliability, durability, low maintanance cost , high quality, & better look in comparison to other 2-w scooters. hence it will rock the market with such a great intro & back in the scooter market. best of luck!!!!!

  8. Bajaj plans to launch LPG variant of scooter Chetak which will make it first LPG scooter manufacturer in the world. Bajaj may have placed the LPG cylinder in the modified front glove box. New Chetak may feature four speed step shift gearbox named ‘wondergear’. Apart from wondergear and LPG bajaj may preserve the same dimensions and features for its new chetak. Hope it preserves the same price. source:overdrive

  9. Bajaj scooters are big time suckers….ask owners of Rave, Legend, Saphire and Wave …they own and get headache every day…..Bajaj ruled scooters when no one was competing….Bajaj’s true colors are out now….after chetak….theay are not able to produce single scooter without issues for one yr continously !!! Bajaj sucks money !!

  10. in fact, all Kristals have been recalled by bajaj auto as they were found to be severely defective. stay away from bajaj auto – at least definitely in gearless scooters.

  11. Discover the name has been retained for the Bajaj’s new 135ccoffering. The 135cc Discover features the Bajaj characteristic DTSi, ExhausTEC and SNS(Spring-in-Spring) suspension. The all black treatment has been carried to the new Discover 135cc. Watch this for the new Discover 135cc photos follow up this sectionfor the review on new Discover 135cc

  12. Bajaj’s new Discover 135cc is powered by DTSi engine which develops maximum power 13.1PS at 8500rpm and peak torque of 11.88Nm @ 6500rpm. Bajaj’s new Discover 135cc is no man’s island yet it is powerful. Hero Honda’s Ambition and Yamaha’s RXZ were offered in this 135cc segment. Hero Honda’s ‘Ambition’ develops 11bhp and Yamaha’s 2 stroke,132cc RXZ develops 14bhp at 7500rpm. Comparing with this figures, the new Discover 135cc is a nice offering also it lacks the mighty Pulsar 150cc by just 1bhp. Follow up this section for our test drive on new discover 135cc

  13. What’s new in the Discover 135cc? Apart from the new heart, *Discover 135cc gets different paint colour theme and panel stickering. *Discover 135cc gets the recently introduced maintenance-free battery and wider 100/90X17 rear tyre, instead of the 3.00X17 that is offered in the 125cc engine variant. *Discover 135cc new rear suspension now features Nitrox shock absorber -the gas-filled unit derived from Pulsar. The Discover 135cc DTS-i is priced at Rs 49,500 (ex-showroom), up Rs 3,000 over the Discover 125cc.


  15. hi bajaj, thanx for entering such a rocking bike into the market.bajaj kristal DTS-i really raises the confidence of having the 8th wonder in girls. this will really upgrade the global market. now justwhat to do is just wait n watch that how girls will touch the sky with offcourse BAJAJ.

  16. do not buy kristal it is very rough and will surely flop in market i did research thats why warning u! after my reserch i bought flyte from kinetic sim and believe me that flyte is the best

  17. I have been using it since August2007. The engine is butter smooth and good mileage among auto scoots but still there are a few cons about it: – Very few service centres are providing service. Others straight away deny. That too in Hyderabad. Even if you just want to replace a blown bulb, you have to go the the service centre which has a mechanic trained for crystal. If they can’t provide service, why did they sale it? – The front shocks really suck. Audible thuds even on small potholes. – Head light bulb is of poorest quality. – I am kickstarting my kristal since last 2 months. The service centre guys have no answer for it. And this one also doesn’t start with a single kick. My resolution: I’LL NEVER BUY A BAJAJ VEHICLE IN MY LIFE, GOING FORWARD. THEY SERIOUSLY LACK IN QUALITY.

  18. hey this kristal bike is good in shape size style but big promble to start. so i suggest no to buy kristal i am also thinking exchange deo.

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