GM special offer for Government emplyees

Following the Korean Auto maker Hyundai, GM India today introduced a limited-period, special offer package for all Central and State Government employees. Under this special scheme Central and State Government employees will get a discount of Rs 62000 on Chevrolet Spark and Rs 31000 on Chevrolet U-VA inclusive of all discounts and special offers already enforced. Similar special discounts are also available on the Chevrolet Aveo and Chevrolet Optra as well.

Commenting on the special offer, Ankush Arora, Vice President – Marketing, Sales and After-sales, GM India said, “As a part of our ongoing centenary celebrations, we are pleased to bring this special offer to all Central and State Government employees to make the vehicles affordable to them. This is in line with our commitment to enhance the value proposition to our customers, while providing them with world-class products and services.” To make owing a Chevrolet car even more exciting, this offer is additionally being clubbed with special and very attractive interest rates from leading banks, specifically tuned to Central and State Government employees, allowing for easier financing and ownership of a Chevrolet.

3 thoughts on “GM special offer for Government emplyees”

  1. This is one of the best ways to promote and sell their products. Some of the govt. employees do not take a step ahead for purchasing automobiles. When they find such offers then they go for it. So this is the best way to drive them to the showroom. Rahul, Indian Car Advisor (

  2. Good move to lure GOVT emp. Actually all other comp in name of MNC/Corporate actually they suck the money from them. They know this idiots (Corp/MNC Emp) most of the time dont give value what they earn. Its more like show off. But the GOVT emp are not like that. Again this GOVT emp payments are more secure than Private comp emp. Good strategy …

  3. Realy offers from the GM motors is ammusing to by the UVA car . i am waiting for reducung of car loan rates from bankers, todays interest rates are very high, specialy for car loans, Every banker , have to see that an afordable interest rates for car loan, specialy for govt, sevent may be charged.i think 10% reducing rates are afordable to every emplyees ,as they gets on GPF only 8%.

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