Ajanta oreva to launch super electric car

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Ajanta which is already selling e-bikes under the oreva brand plans to launch a electric car. The interesting part is Oreva will launch an electric car named ‘super’ with a price tag around Rs85000 cheaper than the Tata’s Nano. Also Oreva’s super can comfortably accomodate two adults and two kids. According to  Rakesh Nathwani, National Marketing Head of Oreva Group the car would be able to run up to 200-250 kilometers in one time charge. “The car will go on battery and it will be a completely Indian made battery operated car,” added Nathwani.

The non-AC demo e-car will be manufactured at Oreva’s Samakhiyali unit in Kutch district is shown in the following video. Ajanta’s Oreva started work on the research and development on this ‘super’ electric car in 2007 and wanted to launch the super electric car in the last quarter of this financial year (2008-2009).

Ajanta Oreva’s Super electric car resembles the chinese Flybo electric car in most sense. Similar to other e-bike or e-car makers, Oreva might have leveraged electric car technology from a chinese manufacturer. Also the range which Oreva claims the super can reach in a single charge is wondering many. Superior Nithium ion batteries is require to attain higher range (200-250km) in a single charge. But Nithium ion batteries are expensive and even veteran electric car maker Reva is finding it difficult to bring the cost down when using this superior batteries. Anyway, let’s keep our finger crossed and hope Ajanta Oreva will launch the super electric car across India soon.

Picture and Video of Oreva Super from NDTV

Picture of Ajanta Oreva Super electric car

ajanta oreva super

Picture of Chinese Flybo

china flybo

Video of Ajanta Oreva electric car – ‘Super’

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  1. dgrr says:

    why the pic shows a lhd car? is it some cheap chinese shit license produced?

  2. Nishit Mehta says:

    india need this type car,can i know technical details,price and availability.contect 9909023604

  3. Rahul says:

    This car looks much better when compared to Reva. And also looks quite spacious. Good that more and more e-cars are introduced in India. And even people are just waiting to get rid of fuel cars. So good thought from Ajantha. Rahul, Indian Car Advisor (Carazoo.com)

  4. misanthrope says:

    This car is a joke. At 85K and 250 kms n a single charge, I’m sure means that the body is made out of PLASTIC and the chassis in ultra light steel/allumimium. Even the plastic might not be UV resistant which means that either color will fade and plastic becomes brittle after a year, and after which time the car is best played around like a remote control car with servo motors and radio control electronics et al.

  5. BK SAM says:

    unless and untill if this car isn’t fitted with “litium ion” battery it can’t access the market in long run.so attaining 250-300kms in single charge is very descent and is quite optable.design and 4 seater seems to be very complementary than reva.lastly very desirable if comes with said features and 1 laks tag price.but after launch company might charge directly or indirectly some extra and may be blink to that price tag.

  6. jitendra patel says:

    technical details,price and availability.contect 9685958848 jhansi u p

  7. Amit Krupal says:

    Is this some kind of joke………… i agree the car look good, but not an indian design why don’t Ajanta motors hire some transport design graduates from indian colleges the car’s structural design shares similarites with S.M.A.R.T (Swatch Mercedes Art) forTWO car why are always the ways of destructions better than construction, i mean ICE engines are lot cheaper but no one works hard on Alternative fuels, we only consider lead battery or li-ion battery powered electric cars. What about Ni-NaCl batteries, Compressed Air technology, Fuel cell, Biodiesel

  8. Stuart Anderson says:

    Suddenly, the same news and plans of Ajanta to manufacture an electric car under the name ‘Ajanta Oreva Super’ is back in the news again. Try as we might, we could not figure out what exactly was new. It was known a year back that they planned to price the Oreva Super under Rs 1 lakh, and the same remains. Even then, it was reported in the media that the price could be as low as Rs 85,000 – and that is their in our story too. The new rash of stories mention the same thing. Did everyone forget last year’s story already? There is a bit of extra info though. Some are saying that the Ajanta Oreva Super will travel 200-plus kilometers, and that the company plans to ask for government help to keep the prices low.

  9. Mallikharjun says:

    This car is good. Can I know the full specifications, on road price, average battery life, battery price and colours of this car. Also let me know the dealers of this car in Hyderabad.

  10. Kishor says:

    I want to buy a oreva in pune

  11. Kishor says:

    I want to buy a oreva car in pune maharashtra

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