Chrysler to sell Tata Ace electric in US

As we earlier reported, Tata Motors teams up with Chrysler to market its electric version (EV) in the US market. Tata has entered into a development contract with the US carmaker’s Global Electric Motorcars (GEM) division and the two companies plans consider a joint venture depending on the performance of the Ace globally. The Ace EV prototypes are ready and the products are currently undergoing testing . Tata Motors will export Ace EV as a completely built unit minus running gear while Chrysler will fit the battery motor and controller and retail it in the US market. The price of Ace EV (electric version) will be around $5,000 U.S. Chrysler will market the Ace EV (electric version) as delivery vehicles for metropolitan areas like those in California and New York where stringent emission standards are to go into effect. Tata and chrysler are also in discussion to develop electric versions of former’s trucks.

Update: Tata has bagged an order for 250 units electric version of Ace from United States (US) postal department.

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