Honda Civic 1.8V Pictorial review

a new variant of Honda’s Civic.. Honda Siel Cars India has launched a new variant of its best-selling premium sedan — the Honda Civic. The new trim Honda Civic 1.8V will join the 1.8S, which is currently the only variant available with either a five-speed manual or automatic gearbox. The new Civic 1.8V will additionally […]

Hero Honda’s splendor NXG Pictorial Review

1) Hero Honda Splendor NXG front view – aerodynamic front cowl 2) Hero Honda Splendor NXG side view 3) Hero Honda splendor NXG – stylish body panels 4) Hero Honda Splendor NXG – new much powerful engine 5) Hero Honda Splendor NXG – stylish front cowl, front fender and new tank with good knee recess […]

Bullet Machismo 500 LB Pictorial Review

1) The new Bullet Machismo 500 LB 2) Bullet Machismo 500 LB side view 3) Bullet Machismo’s powerful 500cc engine 4) Bullet Machismo 500 LB stylish Decals on tank and side box 5)Bullet Machismo 500 LB features – Disc brake, Gas charged suspension 6) Bullet Machismo 500 LB – integrated and Twin seats 7) Bullet […]

Yamaha Alba pictorial review

In continuation with our previous review on Yamaha Alba, we here present exclusive pictorial review on Yamaha’s new Family Bike. 1) Alba’s Front view Alba gets a new cool front cowl and Yamaha’s R1 type new indicator. 2) Alba’s comfortable side view Forward riding position but comfortable tank recess 3) Alba’s rear view Alba gets […]