Bajaj Discover 135cc pictorial review

1) The new Bajaj Discover 135cc- nice blue stripes on black theme


2) Red stripes on black Theme


3) Stylish decals sits on tank and side panels

3.jpg 4.jpg

4) What’s new in Discover 135cc

The slim chain cover for sporty look


NitroX suspension and wider rear tyre


new rpm meter in instrument panel


new disc brake at the front


new 135cc DTSi engine


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  1. hiiiii i bought new 135 discover….. it got a gud disk and nitro shocks…… but the machine seems to have a vibration whn it goes above 70 and the vibration goes high whn velocity increases…..

  2. Hi. Me too planning to buy a bike. My eyes are on this new Discover. I like the design and features. But would it be good for a Beginner to take this bike?

  3. Hey guyz over der da discova 135 though is a great looker but it seems that it sports a tubles rear tire, which wud certainly go a long way in gulping down a lota more fuel frndz. da machine wud definetly not fare well on the mileage front. Also the open chain is a big no for indian riding conditions. Even wider tires mean miserable mileage. Good looks is not everythin, huh.

  4. I am planning to purchase this bike but… Discover has some problems like, gives chain noise? what about gear problem? Mileage? Pick-up? can anyone shade light on this?

  5. Hi frnz, I am planning to buy Bajaj Discover 135cc. Could you guys please give me an idea about the bike based on your driving & maintenance experience? Also tell me what are the advantages and disadvantages of the bike?

  6. hi this is a nice bike it has a good asverage and show , speedand performance .i will get it . you tooo………

  7. Hi I planning to buy this bike. In long run will it withstand. looks nice. but about others??????? in cool driving is tvs star better or HH splender…….. need advise……………………..

  8. plese give ditels of The new Bajaj Discover 135cc- nice blue stripes on black theme loan plan and cast reit ditais thanks you

  9. The Price of the New Bajaj Discover 135cc is Rs.57,875/- On Road in Hyderabad.I am also planning to take Bajaj Discover and I feel Its a Very Good Bike for all types of people.

  10. This Discover along with the new 125 cc Discover are looking cool with the black alloys and theme.Blue and Red really go well.This Discover looks powerful.Another new power package from Bajaj.The inclusion of the Tachometer is great and to sum it all up I think its mind blowing.

  11. hii guys, i bought a new discover 135 bike…itz a good lookin bike and a high speed bike….the milege is about 50 to 55km on 60 to 70 kmph..but ..when it goes above 70 engine will start vibrate and the vibrations increases with speed….itz an average bike for me

  12. The on-road price of the new Discover 135 is around Rs 56000/-.It should be the same for Delhi and most parts of the country.

  13. The new Discover is totally awesome.It should satisfy people who want a 150cc bike and are forced to compramise on fuel efficiency and price.The bike is the best looking in its price range and should make heads turn towards it.A powerful 135cc engine with a fuel efficiency around 55kmpl is excellent.Nice positioning Bajaj and superb styling.I am going to buy this one.

  14. Hi, I have Purchased Discover 135. It is a average bike. Milage is 55 to 60. We can easily realise the difference between 100cc and 135cc. It’s engine starts vibrating above 70 Km/h speed.

  15. hey guys.. i am planning to buy 135.. but this vibration thingy is making me think over again.. i guess 150 pulsar.. will not have this vibration problem right.. and i have heard mileage.. of both is almost the same.. is that right?

  16. Guys. I have had a discover 125 dtsi for 2 years now.. thebike is great for beginners.. 55 to 60 mileage in blore traffic. easy riding in traffic but not in speeds morethan 70 …thebike skids when breaks aplied after 70 kmph. At 58k for the new discover check out the UNICORN…;-)

  17. I have 125cc discover of 2005 make it gives as mileage of 55 – 60 kmpl in 60 -70 kmph speed , viberation abserved @ >70kmph, maintanence free bike

  18. hi, i am planning purchase Bajaj XCD, so i want few correct details about this vehicle, 1.what is the exact mileage? 2.on road price?

  19. hey guyzz nice job!! i am plannin to buy the new discover DTS-i 135 with disc brake n nitrox! now the vibration thing above 70kmph is bothering me!!…can neone advice on dat…. do i get abetter bike at the same price??

  20. hi i brought my discover135cc 10 days before its a awesome bike the pickup and looks r breathtaking but if u r looking for mileage then it is ona backoot rite now its giving me a mileage of 30 but it is expected to give to 40 after ist service but if u r looking to buy a bike in the class mof 135 cc (between 100 and 150 ) then look no further buy it if u wanna take the full maje of bike. bye

  21. hi!i m plannig to buy bajaj discover 135cc and i have some apprehensions about mileage of this beautiful machine over a span 2-3 years.what average do i expect from it after 2 or3 years??? plz reply!!

  22. Discover is for more mature riders, who want more power, more speed. It is for those who do not mind getting less engine life or less mileage. For new riders, it is better to make first experience a happy experience, so stick to Hero Honda CD Deluxe or NXG. You won’t regret.

  23. Hi,i too finally bought it,believe me it is a stunning bike with wooping looks.Its performance is quite satisfactory,well i dont know about the milage yet but as far as its pickup is conserned it is like the iron horse ride as compared to other conventional bikes.SO DEAR GO FOR IT

  24. Hi i had got the Bajaj Discover 135 CC. Very good to ride. Head light is a little problem. Is there any chance of increasing the power of the head light, and what are the terms to keep the bike in the good condition and get the maximum milage.

  25. bajaj discover is stylish..but it just gives a mileage of 55kms..and also it has half chai cover…machine has some vibrations wen u go in a speed of 60 or 65

  26. bajaj Discover 135 cc mmmmm…Price 54,500 /- @ Pune(Maharashtra) Good Bike Great Look It Gieves me 57 / Kmpl Sharp Pickup Is Like Pulsar 150 CC … Engene Is Good Noo Viberation Great Grip @ 110 Kmph!Really Please Chq. The bike From engineer Before Buying It Some Bike’s Eng. Are Damaged Wrong Choice ll Give You 30 to 40 kmph

  27. Hi guys iam planning to buy this bike but by seeing ur comments stating that above 70 speed engine starts will be nice choice or we have to reliase later that no it was wrong.

  28. good looks…great mileage…. but facing….chain noise,gear shift probelm… i have fixed the chain problem from local mechaninc….but gear shifting is still a problem… overall..performence is good……

  29. I bought discover 135cc on june 2007 from that day i have problem in gear shiftig , the gear will hang middle in , means either it will be not in 1st gear or in 2nd gear my vehicle is not too vibrating above 70 km speed or 70km velocity when in single because of less load it may vibrate. There is noise in engine but better than pulsar noise and some pressing noise or beating noise in spark plug adaptor in 135 , the milaege is about 55kmpl when 50 km speed . If their and milage difference please tune up your 135 by your show room service men the tuner will be in carburator. their is chain noise may be of open chain means, the chain is not completely covered . but this 135 has too much of pickup that you never experience in other vehicle. I got 50kmpl on highway in 90 to 110 km speed . the vibration was their slightly because of low load.

  30. hi friends i purchased discover 135 on 1 feb hyderabad look is very good milage is 55-60kmpl beat sound is very good when u ride very comfortable than pulser 150cc no back pain.

  31. Hai..Friends i have purchased bajaj discover135cc really it was very nice to me, pakka millage good look as well as good product un know, i have recommend all those guys to buy discover135cc who are all plan to buy a bike ………..

  32. Hi Friends, It has been around 4 months, since i am using Discover 135 CC DTSi bike. had 2 services, now is that i am geting around 63 – 64 kmpl. but i prefer only Shell petrol, using this right from the start. Have no problem . Feel cool while riding , especially bangalore traffic, as i travel atleast 55 km per day. 2 i kick start, a day . fine . But one problem i encounter , that is shifting gear. Head Light – no probs, pick up – No probs, mileage – no probs, problem – while shifting gear , especially to 2nd gear. Sound seems to be enormous . Otherwise it is superb ! I would like to know, isthere any other way to maintain my bike, whereby the mileage improves. One of my friends had boght Xcd, but is not comfortable while riding, apart from good mileage. regards, sunil

  33. hai gokulraj, iam rajkumar from bangalore.iam planing to take discover 135cc, can u tell me the price in bangalore(including tax).please give me the full details regarding price….

  34. Hi friendz!!! I bought Bajaj Discover 135cc on feb16th , the bike is really nice, its giving me more than 60 when i drive between 40-60. and giving 55 in heavy traffics. its a worthy bike for your money,riding comfort is excellent, handling is so smooth only problem i faced is before 1st service it is struck at 1st – 2nd gear transmission after servicing i couldn’t find any problem.the most important thing is itz a perfect bike for persons who are below 6feet and below 68kg wt y because of its height factor as wheels are smaller than regular wheels so taller persons may face problems while riding and weight is to produce optimum performance when u r using sigle handedly… thank u


  36. Hi i just bought the bajaj discover135cc a week ago but i’m not getting the mileage aspromised to me… can anyone help me regarding this…….

  37. hi Tanseer, i would like to share with u some points abt how to get optimum mileage… 1) till second service dont cross 60kmph speed if it is 50 it would be so better 2) dont raise Throttle(accelator) unnecessarily,and dont do harsh brakings, ride smoothly by maintaining 40-50 which is an optimal speed for mileage 3) do not aggressively raise accelator while nuetral position,better to off ur engine if signal is more than 2 minutes.. 4)always give some input pressure to engine by raising Throttle gently for the first start on that day or else u can use choke 5) The most important thing is use cluth when necessary only i.e if u have to stop at some pt immedietely then use cluth , otherwise if it is clear road n u have to stop at some where first u decrease ur speed and then after coming below 25kmph use ur clutch 6) also dont apply clutch for every break u apply if it is necessary only u apply clutch otherwise simply decrease ur speed and then go slowly for some time then raise ur throttle according to ur traffic. follow these pts if these are useful to u i would be very happy

  38. hai guys, i had brought a new bajaj discover 135cc (dated 10th Nov ’07), it’s a good looking BLUE color bike. all eyes are in my bike. its suitable for all ages… i like this bike more than the BAJAJ PULSAR…. have a fun guys let’s rock with BAJAJ DISCOVER 135cc……

  39. hiiiiiiii frnds…. i”m a beginer and i want a bike which one give”s me a best average out of it want”s low maintance and also at affordable price….. would i go for discover135…. or not pls…… solve my problem

  40. hi guys yhis is raj and i want to discover135 is good or not i am very confused about 135 and 200 because i like both but what is the milage of both bike help me….

  41. HI guys, This is ravi. I am little bit confusing on choosing the bike .want to buy new bike (Bajaj discover 135cc or Hero honda glamour(new model)) which is better?…

  42. I wish to buy bajaj discover and that’s gonna be my first bike, so could anybody tell me its worth my money,pls!!!!!!

  43. hi guys im owning discover 135cc for past 8 months…As per me it has extrodinary pickup.little chain noise,considering milage(40-45) for speed range 60-80.they are assuring milage 50-55 only for user who ride so smoothly ,as per youngsters are considered its impossible to get it.but i love this bike very much.Plz make a test ride with this bike before going for some other bike as this one s smooth,gud luking n hav g8 pickup.

  44. good in mileage gives 55-60kmpl in 50kmhr ride,good roadgrip,totally maintenance free bike, Iam using since 2005 augest till now spent money only on service and petrol its a very good bike

  45. How is this Bajaj Discover 135CC performance? One of my friend that it is not giving milage more than 50 in Bangalore roads. Is it right? For better styling and better milage which bike (125CC model) is better in Bangalore roads? Pls. advise. Regards

  46. Hi ! Hi All. Im planning to buy discover 135cc. The engine vibrated if it went over 70. Has this problem been resolved. Thanks..

  47. Hi guys, I purchesed a Discover bike 3 years ago!. It’s a 125cc. Newly you should handle it smoothly. Then you’ll get better performence. After 2500km over it’s ok for rough hanling. In to my knowledge it’s a very good bike! Still it runs smoothly! No problems!!! Don’t think twise,, go for a Discover!!

  48. hi, am going to buy discover 135 by this month end. On road price is Rs. 55,166/- in chennai. All the best for who are all goin to buy I Will give commends after the use

  49. Hi, As per my view, i was using SPlender+ for last 2 years, i gave it to my brother. Now am goin to upgrade my bike to Discover 135 since i have experienced its pickup and other parameters. When i was travelling to Hills place, i used to travel with my bike. My friend is having discover. i have used 2 bikes to go up in the hills. Discovers pick up is exordinary. Though i have used pulsar in hills which having more pickup than discover, My suggestion is to buy Discover 135. Since I like its 1. Normal size(not like pulsar)which will fit for me 2.Stylish 3.Good pickup 4.Engine and its CC(135) 5.Millage See you Again Guys.

  50. Hi all, I have bought discover 135cc (with disk breaks, nitro shockers etc) in feb 2008. I will give true feedback of the bike. I am not entirely satisfied with the bike in terms of mileage. It gives around 40 kmpl. Also the engine overheats on going for say 10 kms. I have had around 2 servicings till now, but the engineers have not been able to rectify the problem. They said it is a valve issue. Otherwise, the bike is good in terms of looks, riding comforts etc.

  51. hi friends… hi guys im owning discover 135cc for past 6 months…As per me it has extrodinary pickup.milage vice (45-50) for speed range 60-80.they are assuring milage 55-60 only for user who ride so smoothly ,but one condition after 70km speed pls contol ur self..for only below 55kg mens…its create some shake..othervice this is rocking look.. bye…

  52. Hi Guys…. Could some one please help me as i am in dilemma to purchase which bike…. As i need to go for unicorn or discover or flame….. Please help me …….

  53. bajaj discover a wonder bike for those who look for look mileage and low maintainance in city like bangalore. its give 63 kmpl with normal petrol in city limit just imagine how much it will give in long ride. sandeep 9886818827

  54. Discover 135cc is great bike.Good fuel consumption & high quality engine power. I have been 100mph resently in sri lankan road.I think best value for money.My best selection is Discover 135cc.

  55. Dear Gururaj.S My opinion is buy Discover 135cc.Now in Sri lanka this bike value about 165,000/- with all taxes. I think in india cheeper than this. Asanga (Sri Lanka)

  56. Dear All, Discover 135cc millage per 1 Ltr. about 55-60km’s.It’s depending on your speed,during the riding on bike.When you always riding in 70-80kmph speed that should be 50-55km’s per Ltr. Now my bike been used for 12000Kms.Still it works in 55-60Kms per 1 petrol liter. It’s Worth No guys?

  57. my bike is perfect but service center diwan bajaj not good working my bike self start not working because his damage service center $ not working back wheel balancing i am not satisfied service center dewan bajaj mahavir enclave dwarka i am purchase December 2007 so my have not running good..thanks

  58. Hi Dear ya amazing bike, whenever i purchase bike in july 2007 i m very afraid bcz at that period this bike is new , and no budy faith of discover but now a days i can;t live without my bike. it’s just like a my wife.


  60. i need a complete configuration of bajaj discover 135 latest soon as possible bcoz i hardly required of that.

  61. hi guys….bought discover 135….after reading the comments here get d feeling dat dis bike wil giv gud mileage if one rides it smoothly..say at 50-55 kmps/ m keepin my fingers crossd with regards 2 mileage of my in nagpur the onroad cost is Rs55256..


  63. Hi i have a 135 discover which gave me a good mileage of 90km after my third service when i driven it on 30-40 km/hr but feels pain on my hand elbow when i dives it nearly 20km.. Do any 1feels a similar problem..

  64. hi friends, i get confuse with discover Vs Super splendor,because i need the both mileage as well as performance…. please give me an idea…and price details

  65. youll never get such a bike at such low price its real value for money the pick ups breathstopping an also it gives good mileage its weight is also balanced so as to be controlled under any circumstances

  66. which bike i can buy whose cost is under 50000 rupees? i live in hill area. i want best avarage given bike,suggest me .

  67. is glamour is right choice 4 me? or sum1 else. i want also look and style in bike? plz send me price and details of such type of bikes which is suitable 4 me?

  68. Hi All, This is the 2nd time i am writing. I bought Discover in Nov 07. Its fine , i have no problems till now . In bangalore i enjoy driving, basically at speed btwn 50-70 kmph. I have been using only Shell/IBP petrol. I am getting excellent mileage, pick up. What ican say , Perfect , ORASAM ! . Sunil

  69. Hello Friendz … I hv decided to buy this Discover 135 DTS-i … well … is there any substitute to this bike in price range upto 55k Rupees !!! Plz help me out … Thanx all !!!

  70. Hi guys, The newly launced Bajaj Discover 135cc with a side light just after the launch of old model Bajaj Discover 135cc was not that superb on road. The bike hit the market with a bang but as expected did not work that good. As my personal experience with the bike is superb. I personally has ride the bike till 107kmph, it start shivering after it crosses 85kmph but that is very good if you see for a 135cc cylinder. The handling of the bike is also cool inspite its not that smooth very taking a sharp turn, however I can rate it 8.5 on the scale of 10. The bike has many good and advance feature like digital speedometer, side light, disc break and many more.

  71. Topic of your article is very interesting, i have bookmarked your blog regards fluflaken

  72. hi guyssss i hv bajaj discover 115 and today i m going to purchaching discover 135 for my brother bajaj discover is realy cool bike and milage is to coollll man i love this bike

  73. dear venkat,how many kms ur bike had runned? dont feel send me ur bike details and how many service had overed?if all 3 services overed……..

  74. congrats mr.ajay its really cool. for first 2services dont race ur throttle and doesnt cross 55kph.bcoz mileage gots lowered. i buy this bike aug 8th 2008 ya 1st anniversary fr my bike. i race the throttle and the bike goes 97kmph. so the mileage of my bike is35-40 till first service. i complained to bajaj about mileage since i am the 1st person to buy this bike in chennai. after second service mileage is constant 50kpl and after my 3rd service 57 kmpl and now my bike goes a top speed of 115 kmph.yes its true. but my frnd also took this bike he got mileage of 69 kpl. ya its true!

  75. hi i m swapan k das, i want to buy Bajaj Discover 135DTSI bike, what will be cost of bike if i purchase it from Pondichery, plz guide me.

  76. bole to jhakkas bike hai ………bina kuchh soche ye bike purchase kar lo…..very good bike ….price bhi good stylish. there are three bike where all guyes got be cofused dat which will be better…. 1 . Stunner CBF–125CC PRICE AROUND 58000/- 2. TVS FLAME–125CC PRICE AROUND 58000/- 3. BAJAJ DISCOVER –135CC PRICE AROUND 58000/- IT MEANS DISCOVER IS BIEST BIKE….

  77. no… guys….. dont buy this….pls…. my suggetion is dont buy any bajaj bike…. okkkk i have discover 135…. m not satisfied with at all… pls dont buy…. lot of prob. yaar….. i cant explain

  78. I’m using Disc 135CC since long and driven for 30000 kms as of now. 1. Mileage is big problem, not more than 45/50. 2. Then the slim chain cover is not at all suitable for indian roads because when it gets wet it goes really crazy with noise and will get struck after sometime. Since it is a open type chain system, life span is very less and needed frequest cleaning/washing. Apart from the above i like pickup, speed, stiffness in handle, look etc… 🙂 I love my byke in all seasons except in Rainy 🙁 That’s all friendz.. Nw decision is urs 🙂 – Naresh

  79. hell mr.naresh u said tat ur bike covered 30000kms how ur bike condition and at what speed u always ride i ask u this b’coz i covered 7000 kms till now and start from beginning i ride this machine at ore than 100 kph

  80. Hi i have discover 125dts-i the main problem is it’s chain come’s loose after 20 or 30 day’s. this is the garbage of discover bike. many of people’s facing yhis problem..

  81. I’m using Disc 135CC since long and driven for 30000 kms as of now. 1. Mileage is big problem, not more than 45/50. 2. Then the slim chain cover is not at all suitable for indian roads because when it gets wet it goes really crazy with noise and will get struck after sometime. Since it is a open type chain system, life span is very less and needed frequest cleaning/washing. Apart from the above i like pickup, speed, stiffness in handle, look etc…

  82. Hey guyz over der da discova 135 though is a great looker but it seems that it sports a tubles rear tire, which wud certainly go a long way in gulping down a lota more fuel frndz. da machine wud definetly not fare well on the mileage front. Also the open chain is a big no for indian riding conditions. Even wider tires mean miserable mileage. Good looks is not everythin, huh.

  83. Sir, I want purchase discover 135 cc (2008 model, red sticker on dark black colour with drum break) and that model has no side koul. But this model of bike is not available in show rooms presently. There fore if you are ready to provide that model bike, I am ready to purchase it. Please reply to me shortly.

  84. Prakash, you can go for a new Discover 135 and if don’t like, can remove the tank integrated scoops. Then the bike looks absolutely like an older version. My friends r using it,2 yrs age bike still giving a mieage of 56-60 kmpl in Hyderabad city conditions.After running for a 28,000 kms,it’s back tyre (100/90*17)big.. looks like the new tyre.At present for the first time, the bike is in need of repalcement for Battery,clutch plates,chain spocket.Mechanic said that it’s better to change theese or not a problem could run it for another 5000 kms without replacing them.Overall it’s a good bike.


  86. hai my dear friend, i want to buy a bajaj discover dtsi-135 bike,tell me that how is the bike pickup and maintanance,and milage because this is the main things i want to know aboutit, friends so please replay me soon yar.

  87. hi, I hav purchase first lot bike since last two years i have problem with chain sprocket. I have change it about two times There is dryness in chain so continuous problem of loose & abnormal noise due to same. could u tell me solution to overcome problem

  88. Hi guyzzz,,, I m Bangladeshi. In Bangladesh Bajaj has got a huge market in motor cycle area. Uttora Motors is the main omporter ob Bajaj bike. I want to buy a Discover 135cc bike. I am a student doing MBA in Bangladesh University of Professionals. Will the bike suit forme? Will the bike provide me more fuel efficient?

  89. Hi guys, I am using Bajaj Discovery 135 cc from last four year, milage is ok, i am getting 50-60 kms in city like bangalore, but maintanance is too much, i am spending atleast Rs.1K /month.

  90. hi my self naveen singh i pushased discuver 135 cc discover bike last 2 years back but every time chains spokit problem comes ,and work has come in head that is too costly. now 29000 kms my bike has run,if available chains spokit in agency that is better to protect . how it is posible. no any trained people in bajaj service centre they only make bike police ,internal problem not sorted out ,please sort out this issue. reply as soon as posible.

  91. i want to buy a bajaj discover dtsi-135 bike,tell me that how is the bike pickup and maintanance,and milage because this is the main things i want to know aboutit, friends so please replay me soon yar.

  92. hi i want 2 buy the bajaj discover 135 bike price so can u send a email then which showroom i went and bye the bike plz contact this is the number tel.2872651 or 0729430945


  94. I would say discover 135 is decent in everything, better road grip due to disc break and nitrox suspension. Keep an eye on mileage as time passes by ,say 60,000 km there seems to be a mileage drop.

  95. hello frnzz i recently bought new pulsar 180 cc my diablo on 24 th october.i have another bike discover 135 dtsi red black 2008 model.after 3.5 years its pick up is awesome.actually frnz i have base model hence wt is low as compared with top model so bike performance is great.i havenot paid more than 3000 rupees in 3.5 years in 135 really gud u will not believe i always lose in pick upto 40 benchmark from my p180 to my brothers 135 discover as i handed my 135 after buying p 180.karizma zmr apache 180 also loses in pick up 40 kmph.actually when ut was launched p 150 comes with 13.5 ps power while it is 13.1 ps quite resembles with 150 u will not feel the need of riding 150 c bikes afrlter driving 135. really good best discover segment of all time

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