Yamaha Alba pictorial review

In continuation with our previous review on Yamaha Alba, we here present exclusive pictorial review on Yamaha’s new Family Bike.

1) Alba’s Front view

Alba gets a new cool front cowl and Yamaha’s R1 type new indicator.

2) Alba’s comfortable side view

Forward riding position but comfortable tank recess

3) Alba’s rear view

Alba gets a new tail lamp cluster

4) Alba’s tank and alloy wheels

5) The same Libero G5’s engine

6) Alba’s powerful headlamps

7) Yamaha’s famous R1 type indicator

8) Alba’s instrument panel

9) Spoked wheel version of Black Alba

13 thoughts on “Yamaha Alba pictorial review”

  1. The Alba looks great but I dont why its not a hit.I guess we’ll have to ask the makers of Splendour to answer that question.

  2. The Alba sports the same engine as the Libero G5 and has a heavier price so why would anyone buy it?I haven’t seen one Alba yet.It may be a good bike but I consider it to be a major flop.

  3. yamaha has no longer yamaha. they are here to produce only these kinds of bikes. they dont have any more guts to produce even 150 bike. forget about 200 or 250cc. yamaha just get lost

  4. NEW Yamaha Alba is provided with Electric start. It’s on Road Price is 44,000 here at Hyderabad. One of my colleague has bought this vehicle. It’s giving 65- 70 KMPL…

  5. I recently buy a Alba 106 but company is not give a fuel consumption pl. clarify that how much mileage give per ltr. Alba 106 is it good bike are not. pl. confirm me.

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