TVS Star City Plus Bike Features

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Multi Function Console
Econometer balances out the variables of Mileage and Power. Service Indicator provides timely notice of the next servicing. Display unit is stylishly designed.

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Muscular Tank
The fuel tank is one of the most strikingly stylish features of the all-new StaR City+; one that makes every rider perceive the bike in a new light. The shape of the tank is testimony to a rare fusion of design and engineering. While the stylishly crafted contours reposition the bike as a star of style, it also lowers the Coefficient of Friction by giving it a streamlined shape to slice through air resistance.

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Black Alloy Wheels
The All Black Alloy Wheels provide the oomph needed to StaR City+, making it truly the new StaR of Style.

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Urban Style
The All New StaR City+ is streamlined with sharp contours that express freedom in form to bring in a touch of modernity and personality to the bike.

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Stylish Honeycomb Textured Grills
These stylishly crafted grills on the side panels of the all-new StaR City+ add to the style quotient of the bike.

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3D Emblem
The stylish logo of StaR City+ is molded out of special fibre and buffed up to a glittery embossed finish to give it a striking look and feel.

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Aluminium Grab-Rail
The all-new StaR City+ not only takes care of your safety and comfort, but also that of your pillion rider. The aluminium cast pillion handle is ergonomically designed to provide a reassuring grip to the pillion rider, ensuring that the pillion rider is seated safely and comfortably when you zip through the city.

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Tail Lamp
The attention to stylish detail continues till the very last part of the all-new StaR City+. The tail lamp with its stylish yet highly reflective curvature helps the glow to be clearly visible even in conditions of poor visibility, enhancing the safety of not just the rider but also that of commuters around him.

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Coloured Shock Absorbers
Given the potholed roads and lanes of our country, these multi position shock absorbers on the all new StaR City + with 5 different settings, are Godsend. Not only do they make your ride smooth and comfortable, the coloured springs enhance your style quotient as well.

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Premium Ecothrust logo on muffler
The Ecothrust motif on the exhaust muffler of the StaR City+ is etched with special heat resistant material giving the bike's tailpipe a dash of style.

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Best-in-class Mileage
The 110cc Advanced Ecothrust Engine is fitted with a Molycoat Piston that ensures reduced friction within the cylinder and better combustion. Its advanced technology manages the variables of speed, rider weight and ride conditions in such a way so as to arrive at an Optimal Ignition Curve that yields better pick-up and a best-in-class mileage of 86kmpl.

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Stylish Headlamp
Bright headlamp lights up every road and ensures safe journeys. Its Designer Styling enhances your style quotient.

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Premium Controls and Grips
The high quality fibre used in the fitments of the StaR City+ provides a rich feel when gripped and operated upon. It's a case of Designer Styling marrying ergonomics with aesthetics and tactile fabrics.

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All Gear Electric Start
Enables quick start in traffic. Easy to operate, stylish to behold.

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Easy Access Choke Lever Position
In the Chaotic traffic of our cities, there's no escaping the repetitive switching on and off of the bike. That's where this feature on the all new StaR City+ comes handy. Not only does it have easy access, it has the ability to automatically return to its original position, thereby saving effort and maintaining engine efficiency.

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Dual Tone Seat

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High Grip Tread Button Tyres
New tread pattern provides the best grip on all roads. Hi-Grip rubber compound for excellent traction and braking. Best in balance, comfortable and safe ride.

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This thoughtful innovation helps you achieve best-in-class mileage figures by helping you ride in the most economic speed band and achieving optimum Mileage -Power balance.

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Service Indicator
This feature is designed to blink and notify you as and when the bike is due for its next servicing. This small device, with its prompt service reminders, goes a long way in ensuring your StaR City+ keeps running in excellent condition.