Mileage of Royal Enfield Bike

Find details of Royal Enfield mileage in india. Mileage of Royal Enfield bike calculated under standard test drive conditions.

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In the year 1851, George Townsend & Co., was into making sewing needles and accessories of machines. Soon they launched themselves into selling pedal-cycles and a little later into making bicycles being completely unaware how big they and their product would turn out to be.

Many of the historical brands have taken enough of a toll to evolve into a complete productive form. Then, after the initial phases of struggle, Royal Enfield has come up with so many of the Classy Motorcycles we have seen over decades and decades together, and it has been a global pioneer in the two-wheeler industry. The legacy of Royal Enfield still lives on and will continue to live on for long.

Royal Enfield Bullet
Highest Mileage : 581615
Lowest Mileage : 36
Royal Enfield Bullet 350 Twinspark
Royal Enfield Bullet 500
Royal Enfield Bullet 500 EFI
Royal Enfield Bullet Classic
Highest Mileage : 57
Lowest Mileage : 47
Royal Enfield Bullet Electra Twinspark
Royal Enfield Cafe Racer 500
Royal Enfield Continental GT
Royal Enfield Electra
Highest Mileage : 50
Lowest Mileage : 20
Royal Enfield Machismo
Highest Mileage : 50
Lowest Mileage : 40
Royal Enfield Thunderbird
Highest Mileage : 500
Lowest Mileage : 47
Royal Enfield Thunderbird 350
Royal Enfield Thunderbird 500
Highest Mileage : 55000
Lowest Mileage : 30
Royal Enfield Thunderbird Twinspark
Highest Mileage : 500
Lowest Mileage : 47

* Royal Enfield mileage mentioned for individual bikes is the ARAI mileage. ARAI mileage is calculated under standard test conditions. Real time Royal Enfield mileage will be lesser than the quoted figure. Royal Enfield bike mileage doesn't vary with variants but with engine options like petrol or lpg or electric.

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