Mahindra Centuro

Mahindra 2-Wheelers has launched its Centuro commuter bike at a competitive price of Rs 45,000 on July 2013.Mahindra2wheeler Centuro gets 106.7cc,single cylinder,air cooled,four stroke engine which can develop the maximum power of 8.4bhp at 7500 rpm and maximum torque of 0.87kgm at 5500 rpm.The engine is mated to 4 speed gear box.The Centuro gets features like remote 128 bit encrypted key with LED lights,anti-theft system,an engine immobiliser, Find Me Lamps, Guide Me Home Lamps, and a white backlit semi-digital speedometer console. One of the important feature of Centuro is car like key fob that benefits from an incorporated remote control and LED torch.It gets telescopic forks for front suspension and twin shocks at rear..It offers 12V/6A battery for electric start system and 12v/2.5A battery for kick start system.

Mahindra Centuro in India - Centuro details includes price, mileage, on road price and test drive. Centuro reviews with detailed pictures and specifications. Also includes list of all Centuro variants and awards won by the bike

Mahindra2Wheeler Centuro

Engine Type:
Single Cylinder, 4-stroke, Air cooled, Mci-5 engine
Displacement :
106.70 CC

Mahindra2Wheeler Centuro N1

Engine Type:
107cc, MCi-5, air-cooled engine
Displacement :
107.00 CC

Mahindra2Wheeler Centuro Rockstar

Engine Type:
106.7cc | Single-cylinder | Four-stroke | MCi-5 engine
Displacement :
106.70 CC

* Prices of Mahindra Centuro indicated here are ex-showroom price not the on road price of Centuro. Price list is subject to change and for the latest Mahindra Centuro India prices, submit your details at the booking form available at the top, so that our sales team will get back to you. Mahindra Centuro mileage mentioned here is based on ARAI test drive made under standard test conditions.

Mahindra Centuro Reviews

Review on Mahindra Centuro Rockstar


Chiseled body and tatto like decals gives beauty to the bike , further it set it apart from other bikes. Possession of distinct ribs that wrap around the fuel tank gives the bike a rough and tough ,as well the red stripes and star adorn it giving a command attention look. However the excess crafting work that is being chiseled at the side panel and twin gold pipes that seems to cover the lower portion of the tank seems to ruin the overall beauty. The Centuro Rockstar's fuel cap blends into the fuel tank in seamless and stylish manner.

Engine &Performance:

The MCi-5 engine which is used to power the Mahindra Pantero is being choosen to power the Mahindra Centuro RockStar to promote both the power and fuel economy. Though the engine produces noise and to be at gruff-side,it never fails to shower the performance that is more than enough while riding. Further smoothness can be felt in case of gearshifts on the four-speed, all-up gearbox.

Extra-ordinary features:

Mahindra is the only Indian motorbike that comes with Remote Flip key enabled with LED with 96-bit encryption that rules out the use of a duplicate key to start the bike locate your bike's ignition in the dark- New technique comes around in the name of Anti-theft alarm mainly to prevent looting. It sounds an alarm and lock down the engine when any kind of tampering is detected. You can easily able to find out the your motorcycle amidst the crowd and unlit-parking areas with the aid of Follow-me-Lamps. There is presence of Digital dashboard that comes loaded with the features that will help you in many ways.Especially,the remainder plays a vital role in alerting the users whenever the service is found at due.Further the in-built-algorithm that is being implemented into the dashboard will calculate the Distance to Empty.Guide lamps will guide you in the dark way even when the ignition is switched off. You can easily overtake the vehicles by making them notify with a flash light beam emerging from the pass-switch.


Centuro Rockstar gets more allure with sparkling alloy wheels. Regarding comfortness, it is guaranteed on long journeys with the provision of extra long seat.The upright positioning of the seat will further pamper you to have a smooth ride. Due to the old-school tubular swingarm,Centuro is not suited for fastracking and sporty ride. Despite Mahindra assures us a disc brake variant is on the cards,these drum brakes seems to lack in terms of power and feel. Electric start gives you the convenience of starting of the bike at the push of the button Even we can able to endure the winter season, with the choke mounted that is placed within one's reach that helps in regulating the air/fuel mixture. A rugged 5-step adjustable suspension found to improve the ride quality by giving a customizable comfort on different types of terrain. Extended lifespan is guaranteed with the Rockstar's Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) Battery works on the oxygen recombination principle.It also helps in giving improved safety and minimal maintenance. Improved stability is gained on the highway via Centuro Rockstar’s extra long wheelbase thus making a safety ride.


Though Mahindra gives its best effort on Centuro Rockstar,in terms of engineering,it remains to stay away from its competitors.Still,there lies a belief that Centuro would stand between the eye-lids of many admirers with the provision of fascinating features.

Mahindra Centuro Review

The leading two wheeler manufacturer Mahindra launched its new bike known as Centuro in Indian market and the new bike has borrowed most of its features from its previous bike Pantero. The Centuro would be a tough competitor to its similar other bikes such as Hero Passion XPro, TVS Sport ES, Yamaha SZ-RR, Honda Dream Yuga and Bajaj Discover 100T. The cost of Mahindra Centuro is little high while compared with Pantero and it has been priced at Rs.39,650 for the base variant and Rs.43,150 for the high end variant.

Mahindra Centuro Colors

The colours available for all the variants of Centuro includes

1) Black
2) Red

Mahindra Centuro Dimensions

The dimensions in terms of its length, width and height are displayed below.

1) Overall Length – 2031 mm
2) Overall Width – 780 mm
3) Overall Height – 1111 mm
The bike provides the larger wheelbase of around 1265 mm and minimum ground clearance of about 173 mm. The overall kerb weight of the Mahindra Centuro is found to be 120 kg.

Mahindra Centuro Models

The Mahindra Centuro is available in only one variant known as Mahindra Centuro Standard in an attractive price of Rs.45,784. The price of the bike may not be sure because it may changes according to the places and it is better to contact to the nearest dealer for further price details.

Style and Engineering

The overall design and style of the Mahindra Centuro is really awesome and nice. The new Mahindra Centuro comes with a distinct Golden Metal Ribs offering a rugged style which adds to the toughness of the bike. The bike has a chiseled body and tattoo like decals makes it a head turner. The bike is well incorporated with a bright halogen headlamp for better visibility during night time or in bad weather condition. It comes with a decent white lit digital dashboard which has an in-built algorithm that calculates the distance to empty. The instrument panel of the bike consists of speedometer, odometer and fuel guage which gives all information about the bike. The Centuro is powered by a powerful MCi-5 engine stands for Micro Chip ignited – 5 ensuring more power and economy on the go. The bike is well equipped with India’s only flip key with remote. The LED key light in the bike helps to find out the bike’s ignition even in the dark. It has an engine’s Anti-theft System as well as 96 bit encrypted remote key which sounds an alarm and locks the engines in case of any theft. The Centuro is blessed with Find Me Lamps enables to locate the motorcycle even in crowded area or dark parking lots. The guide lamps makes to find the way in the dark even after the ignition is switched off. Overall, the Mahindra Centuro is a blending of standard looks, good stability, excellent mileage and better comfort.

Mahindra Centuro Engine Specification

The Centuro has borrowed its engine from the Pantero bike which features a single cylinder, air cooled, 4-stroke, MCi-5 engine offering the displacement of about 106.7 cc. The MCi-5 stands for Micro Chip ignited 5 curve engine and it is considered to be an intelligent system helps in balancing between the need of power and economy on the move. The Centuro engine delivers the maximum power of 8.5 PS @ 7500 RPM in coupling with the maximum torque of 8.5 NM @ 5500 RPM. These power and torque ranges are sufficient for the daily commuters while riding in city traffics. The bore and stroke of the bike is measured as 52.4 and 49.5 mm. The engine comes with a four speed transmission box for better power, torque and speed while compared with the pantero.

Mahindra Centuro Performance

The performance of the Centuro is better while compared with Pantero in which it can accelerate from 0-60 kmph in just a short span of 8.85 seconds. The four speed manual gearbox of the bike gives a smooth and comfortable ride on roads. The bike can attain the maximum speed of 95 kmph but the Centuro performs smoothly upto 60 kmph.

Mahindra Centuro Mileage on Road

The mileage offered by the Centuro is really good which generates an ARAI certified fuel efficiency of 85.4 kmpl respectively. The Mahindra Centuro delivers a healthy mileage of about 79 kmpl in highway roads and 60 kmpl in city traffics. The new MCi-5 engine helps in perfect balancing of power and fuel economy. In addition, the fuel tank capacity of the bike is found to be 12.7 litres.

Mahindra Centuro Brake

The Centuro has a double cradle tubular structure frame which is quite good. The bike is fitted with a drum brakes of about 130 mm diameter at both front and rear. The usage of drum brakes helps in instant braking of the vehicle while on the move. On the other hand, the handling is done with the help of suspension system. The front and rear suspension is of 5-step adjustable type with hydraulic coiled spring which is easy to handle the bike even at high speed.

Mahindra Centuro Safety Features

The Mahindra Centuro is packed with a lot of safety features which makes the bike enthusiasts to buy the bike. It has a large halogen headlamp of 12V-35W/35W Multi reflector with LED Pilot Lamp and LED type tail lamp for better vision at night time. The Centuro is provided with both electric start and kick start options along with the 12V/6Ah maintenance free battery. Apart from the above, the bike has a big tyres of size 2.75”x18”/3.0”x18” at both front and rear. All these features altogether ensures better safety and security to the bike.

Mahindra Centuro User Reviews

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