KTM RC 390

KTM has introduced its new Duke 390 platform motorcycle named as RC390 at a price of Rs.2.05 lakh. The KTM RC390 is powered by a 373.2cc single cylinder four stroke liquid cooled engine which produces the maximum power of 44bhp. The engine is mated to the six speed gearbox and the power is transmitted to the rear wheels through a chain drive. It is well equipped with a disc brakes at both front and rear for sudden stopping of the vehicle. It is considered to be one of the lightest motorcycle in the segment and also best in terms of power to weight ratio. The bike has a fuel tank capacity of around 10 litres which is quite good. The RC390 sports WP telescopic upside down front fork suspension and monoshock rear suspension. The KTM RC390 has been designed with a powder coated tubular space frame made from steel tubes. It is well fitted with a standard advanced braking mechanism of AntiLock Braking System which enhances the braking power of the vehicle.

KTM RC 390 in India - RC 390 details includes price, mileage, on road price and test drive. RC 390 reviews with detailed pictures and specifications. Also includes list of all RC 390 variants and awards won by the bike

KTM RC 390

Engine Type:
373.27cc | Four-stroke | Single-cylinder | Liquid-cooled motor
Displacement :
373.27 CC

* Prices of KTM RC 390 indicated here are ex-showroom price not the on road price of RC 390. Price list is subject to change and for the latest KTM RC 390 India prices, submit your details at the booking form available at the top, so that our sales team will get back to you. KTM RC 390 mileage mentioned here is based on ARAI test drive made under standard test conditions.

KTM RC 390 Reviews

Review on KTM RC 390

India is about to receive the hardest core affordable sports bike by the KTM in the name of RC 390,it has seen so far and would assigned with the price that would cost Rs 25,000 above the Duke 390.It is specifically meant for stunning creation.

Exterior Styling:

The fairing concept that is being introduced at this bike gives it a charming look in addition to the sportsbike appearance. Neat and stylish floating layers are set to adorn the RC panel. Well-sculpted rear-view mirrors that tends to hold the turn signals and day-time running lights that fall under the headlamps adds beauty to the exterior design. But the projector lamps that sits within the firing scoop slightly gives a touch towards sinister.The sportsbike sight is achieved with the only means of the pillion seat that is being disguised, thus giving the visibility that there is only the rider’s seat.This pillion gets clinged to the neat groove cut under the seat to hold on . Fuel-tank has undergone some changes and comes with a new angular design that will hold up to 9.5 litres.At the rear end smarter Y-shaped hangers that are blacked have been placed for the pillion footpeg on to which the turn signals are mounted.


This sportsbike gives us a feel of looking at the Yamaha R15 if it has undergone some upgradations- This serves as the spirit for the young riders just now started to ride race bike.this statement proves to be true since it has all such good capabilities in terms of chassiss ,efficiency and its temperament,but still there is a need that araises in terms of the powerThe thirst gets satisfied in the name of RC 390,that would better suite the fast riders. Lets see how far it is true. Except the intake path that have to undergo some modifications to give the bike more stylish look ,there are no changes at the engine side that remains to be the same starting from the Duke 390.That also,the mileage is so peach that it will come up to 170km/h without fuss/waiting.Though the riding at 200PS on the track is quite interesting, it is not a good way to ride bikes.However the power that is being produced at the engine side will help you learn better without making you feel panic.It will surely thrill you while executing stunts on the tracks.

Riding & Handling:

When it comes with the braking part,the chassis has to be changed in order to provide a better braking effect.Main changes can be seen at the sub frame that kicks up higher.Next the changes comes with the steering angle that has been stepened by 1.5 degree from 65 degree on Duke to the 66.5 degrees on RC. Though the changes that are visible to the one are immaterial,it plays a major role in bringing out the favourable output.This is achieved because with the sharper steering angle your bike will respond in a quicker manner to your inputs Further it will make you feel of possessing a sharper motorcycle .But it will shorten the wheelbase by 27mm,which has to be taken into care .Further swingarm is exactly the same as that of Duke When the front wheel is brought at the centre of the motorcycle, the ride height get raised by a small amount which tends to increase the centre of gravity thus giving more flexibilitiy.You can flip from full lean on side to full lean on the other with an ease. These transitions prove smooth while riding.The main disadvantage that is to be noted is the placement of clip-ons for aerodynamics is not at all comfort to ride. At the fast track you can easily come across the mid-corner throttles,steering corrections and few strange lines. Suspension movements seems are smaller that makes RC feels more controllable.


The RC 390 proves to a bad taste for city ride, however you can ride, but you have to learn to live with the position.Other than this,bike opens a new world for the race riders.

KTM RC 390 User Reviews

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