Honda CBR 150R Bike Features

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Sporty Full Cowling
Sporty Full Cowling is inspired by the Racing DNA of Honda. Its full fairing expresses vigour and enhances the Aerodynamics of CBR 150R.

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Instrument Panel
The futuristic digital instrumental panel offers a full range of information.

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CBR 150R's head light design is unique and inspired by Honda's new generation sports bike. A crystal clear headlight gives brightest beam and striking looks.

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Racing Stripes
Racing stripes boost the style and also present the true sports character of the bike.

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Liquid Cooling
To give optimum performance it is mandatory to keep engine cool. CBR 150R has advanced liquid cooling to keep its engine cool and perform in tough situations.

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PGM FI System
CBR 150R has advanced PGM-FI technology which increases the efficiency of the bike and makes it more responsive to the changing conditions. After analysing different situations PGM-FI works accordingly to offer high performance.

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Powerful 150cc Honda Engine
CBR 150R has powerful 150cc Honda engine which gives high performance. It has light and compact engine which runs smooth not only on low RPM but also on High RPM. It is achieved through Liquid cooled, DOHC enigne, DOHC is an advance technology which helps to deliver high performance even at high RPM. It gives CBR 150R a racing DNA. CBR 150R has Light and compact 4 Valve engine which helps to give high output even in strained conditions.

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Utility Space
CBR 150R has under seat storage to keep riding gear like gloves, rain jacket etc.

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Dual Disc Brakes
Front and rear disc brakes offer ample stopping power in all conditions. CBR 150R's superb braking performance provides safety and confidence to the riders.

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Wider Tubeless Tyres
Wide tubeless tyres give excellent grip and enhanced handling.