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Find all the Honda Dazzler colours here. Colors of Honda Dazzler listed here is for one or more variants of the Bike. Generally the popular Bike for any Bike model is the colour of the model shown in advertisment. Please check the availability of desired Dazzler colour with Honda dealers


Honda Dazzler is available in following Colors

* Colours of Honda Dazzler indicated here are subjected to changes and it may vary from actual Dazzler colors. Honda reserves the right to make any changes without notice concerning colours of Dazzler Bike or discontinue individual variant colors.

Hero Hunk Double Disc Hero Xtreme Single Disc Hero Xtreme Sports Rear Drum Hero Honda CBZ Xtreme Suzuki Gixxer (Rear Disc) Yamaha FZ S FI
  1. Bold Brown
  2. Marine Green
  3. Blazing Red
  4. Ebony Grey
  5. Panther Black
  6. Force Silver
  1. Panther Black
  2. Mercuric Silver
  3. Jazz Blue
  4. Fiery Red
  5. Magma Orange
  1. Pyro Orange
  2. Black With Red
  3. Fiery Red
  4. Mercuric Silver
  5. Panther Black
  1. Fiery Red
  2. Magma Orange
  3. Panther Black
  4. Mercuric Silver
  5. Jazz Blue
  1. Molten Orange
  2. Astral Blue
  3. Moon Walk White
  4. Black
  5. Cyber Green
  6. Grey

Honda Dazzler User Reviews (27)

chandan kazi chandan kazi , india says
Honda Dazzler great bike in Japani technology. Dimond frem, monosuspension, pillion ride,no back pain for long ride, good handling but HONDA did not chose the colour where CBR series found the texture but Dazzler failed colour option. So Honda lets make a colour texture for DAZZLER. chandan kazi
Published on 2013-02-15 16:06:02
shujithambar shujithambar , Bangalore says
Dazzler is a superb bike.I bought this in Oct 2010 and still in superb condition.I used to get 40-50Kmpl around bangalore heavy traffics, Whereas in highways 50-60Kmpl. Superb pickup and fantastic roadgrip,Awesome disc brakes.Till today I have not faced any starting trouble.Also I have reached a top speed of 125KMPH n Hassan-Bangalore Highway. Overall Honda has best Engines.
Published on 2012-09-07 16:13:47
rao rao , vizag says
This is the best bike in 150cc sector , best performance, best milage that u can decide, below 45kmh- 68kmpl, below 65kmph - 56 kmpl, above 100kmph -- 40kmpl, far superior than other 15o cc, u can go for it.
Published on 2012-08-03 07:29:17
Anish Anish , Kochi says
I had purchased this bike in 2010. Its a very good bike and still gives me an average of 50kmpl (city highway). It jumps like a horse in first gear soon after a traffic block, and so is the name UNICORN.. They have provided front and rear disc brakes, digital speedo and analog tacho for 3000rs extra as compared with unicorn. But no kick start. However, kick is outdated and in any bike if self doesnt work, just put the bike in 2nd gear and move. It will start. So kick off the kick start and go for it. True value for money and better than low quality shits like HERO MOTOR CORP, BAJAJ etc. SO dnt think much, any plans to buy.. I tel you GO FOR IT.. Dont listen to losers who are so scared of not havin kickers
Published on 2012-04-01 14:02:03
vivek.v vivek.v , Chennai says
Hi folks, Everything will be fine which means mileage, pick up etc. But the difficulty is, to buy a bike in short period of time. Dealers are not sufficiently provide the same in short period especially in Pondycherry
Published on 2012-01-02 17:28:20
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