Hero Honda Splendor Pro colours

Hero Honda Splendor Pro Colours

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Find all the Hero Honda Splendor Pro colours here. Colors of Hero Honda Splendor Pro listed here is for one or more variants of the Bike. Generally the popular Bike for any Bike model is the colour of the model shown in advertisment. Please check the availability of desired Splendor Pro colour with Hero Honda dealers


Hero Honda Splendor Pro is available in following Colors

  1. Black Monotone
  2. Black With Purple Stripe
  3. Candy Blazing Red
  4. Cloud Silver
  5. Excellent Blue
  6. Heavy Grey
  7. Hi Granite Blue
  8. Palace Maroon

* Colours of Hero Honda Splendor Pro indicated here are subjected to changes and it may vary from actual Splendor Pro colors. Hero Honda reserves the right to make any changes without notice concerning colours of Splendor Pro Bike or discontinue individual variant colors.

Bajaj New Platina 100 KS Alloy Hero HF Deluxe Drum Kick Alloy Hero HF Deluxe Drum Self Alloy Hero Honda Splendor Plus (Spoke) TVS Sport Kick Alloy TVS Sport Kick Spoke
  1. Black Chrome
  2. Long Beach Blue
  3. Black With Maroon Decals
  4. Cocktail Red
  1. Black With Purple Strip 3
  2. Excellent Blue
  3. Black With Purple Strip 1
  4. Black With Silver Strip
  5. High Granite Blue
  6. Black With Purple Strip 2
  7. Candy Red

Hero Honda Splendor Pro User Reviews (178)

Raman Raman , Bangalore says
Dear friends mileage depends on speed how you are riding exmple if you follow 50 speed 70 mileage if you follow 60 speed 60 mileage, if you follow 70 speed 50 mileage, i am using my bike from last 2011 August to till now this is truth
Published on 2015-04-26 20:27:47
Shan Shan , Odisha says
I have purchased a Splendor Pro in 12.11.11. now it runs only 2600 k.m.. before second service it gives 60-65 mileage, but after second service it gives only 50-52. what should be the reason? Please suggest me...
Published on 2012-04-08 13:20:12
subash subash , Bhubaneswar says
I want to purchage splendor plus/pro. pls. tell me the exact difference between the two. whether splendor pro is available without self start .please let me know the milage difference of both in a city.
Published on 2012-03-18 12:16:51
suresh suresh , says
I booked a splendor pro at Mohana Hero, waltax road, chennai. But the dealer is so worse in customer servise. he dosent care and he used to wait the customer for more than two months to deliver the vehicle. He give preference to the loan people. He is the worst dealer in chennai
Published on 2012-02-02 20:46:22
Kishore.SL Kishore.SL , Puducherry says
Got it from Puducherry.. Booked this bike on 25th oct,2011.. delivered on 12th Jan-2012.. Price: Splendro Pro Alloy with self start – Rs.40,698 vat – 10% – Rs.4070 insurance- Rs.1127 RTO registration – Rs.1210 Handling charges – Rs.550 Service tax @ 10.3% (for handling charges)- Rs. 56.65 Good life some othrs – Rs.273 Totally – Rs.47,985 (we can get 6 free services within 1 year, accesories costs extra) Exclnt one .. But service seems NOT TO BE UPTO THE MARK , i need to find an excellent mechanic for service .. Regards, Kishore.SL
Published on 2012-01-27 01:42:31
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