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Find all the Benelli TNT15 colours here. Colors of Benelli TNT15 listed here is for one or more variants of the Bike. Generally the popular Bike for any Bike model is the colour of the model shown in advertisment. Please check the availability of desired TNT15 colour with Benelli dealers


Benelli TNT15 is available in following Colors


Benelli TNT15 Colours

* Colours of Benelli TNT15 indicated here are subjected to changes and it may vary from actual TNT15 colors. Benelli reserves the right to make any changes without notice concerning colours of TNT15 Bike or discontinue individual variant colors.

Global Auto Xpression Plus
  1. Cherry Red
Hero Honda Glamour (Disc and Alloy and Self)
  1. Cloud Silver With Black
  2. Black With Forst Blue
  3. Black With Tornado Grey
  4. Black With Sports Red
Hero Honda Glamour (Drum and Alloy and Self)
  1. Black With Tornado Grey
  2. Black With Sports Red
  3. Cloud Silver With Black
  4. Black With Forst Blue
Hero Honda Glamour PGM Fi (Disc and Alloy and Self)
  1. Black
Hero Honda Glamour PGM Fi (Drum and Alloy and Kick)
  1. Black
Hero Honda Super Splendor-125
  1. Mono Tone Black
  2. Candy Blazing Red
  3. Dual Tone Black
  4. Cloud Silver Metallic

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Benelli TNT15 User Reviews (3)

DR , kurnool says

Dont confufuse when you telling about The performance figure of the bike zero to sixty and zero to 100 in seconds .. you say about at what RPM the bike runs at 60kmph and 100kmph .This gives an anwser for pick up and less time to take to reach the speed of 60 and 100kmph. And also you say about how much force is require by our hand to keep the bike at 5000rpm and 6000rpm .less force require to pull the accelaration wire to keep the bike at 60 and 100kmph shows the quality(ENGINEERING)but not nose/face/sport book shows the quality

Published on 2015-12-08 18:46:04

samarjeet , Ranchi says

This is awesome bike for middle class family.

Published on 2015-10-23 20:25:46

sandeep singh
sandeep singh , azamgarh says

This is nice bike.

Published on 2015-06-15 13:42:17

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