Aprilia Storm 125 Colours

Find all the Aprilia Storm 125 colours here. Colors of Aprilia Storm 125 listed here is for one or more variants of the Bike. Generally the popular Bike for any Bike model is the colour of the model shown in advertisment. Please check the availability of desired Storm 125 colour with Aprilia dealers


Aprilia Storm 125 is available in following Colors

Aprilia Storm 125 Colours

* Colours of Aprilia Storm 125 indicated here are subjected to changes and it may vary from actual Storm 125 colors. Aprilia reserves the right to make any changes without notice concerning colours of Storm 125 Bike or discontinue individual variant colors.

Honda Motorcycle Activa 125 STD
  1. Rebel Red Metallic
  2. Black
  3. Pearl Amazing White
  4. Matt Crust Metallic
  5. Midnight Blue Metallic
Piaggio Scooters Vespa Drum
  1. Giallo Lime
  2. Nero Matt
  3. Arancio Taormina
  4. Monte Bianco
  5. Midnight Blue
  6. Nero Volcano
Piaggio Scooters Vespa LX125
  1. Giallo Lime
  2. Nero Volcano
  3. Midnight Blue
  4. Monte Bianco
Piaggio Scooters Vespa VX
  1. Midnight Blue
  2. Nero Volcano
  3. Giallo Lime
  4. Nero Matt
  5. Arancio Taormina
  6. Monte Bianco
Suzuki Access 125 SE Drum
  1. Metallic Flint Grey
  2. Black
  3. Candy Antares Red
  4. Pearl Mirage White Ypa
  5. Blue
Yamaha Fascino
  1. Sassy Cyan
  2. Sizzling Cyan
  3. Dapper Blue
  4. Spotlight White
  5. Dazzling Grey
  6. Glamorous Gold
  7. Beaming Blue

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