YO Speed – Pictorial Review

1) Induselectrans Yo speed: Even hard core bikers can save the earth, yes now there exist a choice for you. Induselectrans manufacturer of yo bykes, recently launched a powerful electric bike which can cruise at 45kmph.


2) Induselectrans Yo speed: Yo speed is the india’s first 750-watt electric vehicle approved by the Automotive Regulatory Authority of India (ARAI). It is powerful enough to move with a payload of 130kg that means two adults can move in yo speed easily.


3) Induselectrans Yo speed: Yo speed is powered by a Valve Regulated lead acid battery (colloquially called sealed lead-acid batteries). These batteries are maintenance free and can be charged in a period of 6 to 8 hrs. Yo speed consumes nearly 1.6 units at a single charge and can carry a single person to a distance of 80 km and tow to 65km. This means it is almost 10 times economical when compared to our petrol guzzlers.


4 ) Induselectrans Yo speed: is designed in such a way that the maintenance required is minimal. Mechanical parts are treated for a longer run.


5) Induselectrans Yo speed: the design is familiar since it resembles Honda’s dio in many sense. Triangular indicators are mounted on the apron but the real attraction at the front is the spruced up front fender and wider tyres.


6) Induselectrans Yo speed: Seats are inviting and are comfy. Suspension is through telescopic fork at the front and at the rear it employs double tube shock absorbers. Absence of definite footrest is unforgivable.


7) Induselectrans Yo speed: is available in 4 attractive colours – teen Purple, Neo Black, Misty Grey and Royal Silver. Yo Speed, is priced Rs 35,466 (ex-showroom price Ahmedabad). Induselectrans is aggressively expanding its dealer network as of now yo speed will be available through 200 exclusive Electrotherm showrooms.


8) Induselectrans Yo speed: Electric bikes will no longer target kids, slowly EV majors are moving up the ladder they now target 28 year plus, evolved commuter, Soon this will also change, powerful bikes to take on the gas guzzlers will soon be out. Hero has already indicated that it will soon launch bikes capable of reaching 100kmph.


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  1. i tried for yo speed at hyderabad with RGA narayanaguda. but the response for many calls was very poor. hence im trying to ppurchase ultra velociti with a local dealer today. velociti is 500 kw where as speed is 750 but the response by the dealer is discouraging us. Nageswara rao 09440613559 Hyderabad

  2. comparison parameters yospeed TVS Weight Carrying Capacity 130 kg Motor Power 750 Watt 800W Motor Type BLDC Hub Permanent magnet BLDC Powerful batteries (33AH) 12v/ah/2h Battery Type Sealed maintenance free VRLA Battery 12v/ah/2h 4Battery, VRLA Battery Battery Life 25,000 km Lamp Voltage 12v D.C. Charging Duration 6 to 8 hr 9 hrs Speed High Speed (max. 45 kms) 40 km/h Range / Charge Mileage 75 to 80 km @ 70kg & 55 to 60 km @ 135 kg 40 km with single rider Colors Available Teen Purple, Neo Black, Misty Grey, Royal Silver Lights Head Lamp (35/35W) Head lamp: 35 w/35 w Tail Lamp (21W/5W) Tail lamp: 21 w/5w Blinkers (16W) Turn signal lamp: 10 w Front 3.00 x 10.00 inches Tyre fron: 2.75×10 Rear 3.00 x 10.00 inches Rear : 2.75×10 Over all ht: 1050 1060 mm Over all length: 1785 1685 mm Over all width 650 590mm Shock absorbers Specially designed double tube shock absorbers. Suspension front: leading link rear Twin Shox Brakes fron: drum 110 dia Rear: drum 110 dia Wheel type Adoption of Steel rims sheet metal Price 39750 32750

  3. this article was informatory, and well framed, i agree with the potential of the bike but the only thing i feel the product misses is good marketing and feedback by the COMPANY on queries placed by customer/reader…100 k-watts (1000 watts) bike is the one ppl are waiting for

  4. When I purchased the vehicle I was told the battery has two years warranty, but now the dealer at Bhubaneswar is telling the battery has only one year warranty. Moreover if we give the vehicle for repairs it takes 3-4 days still the job is not completed, spare parts and service is very poor.

  5. I am using this bike from 2 years, and I liked this bike very much but unfortunately My charger is not working properly. Hence I want the new charger & I will pay for this. Can you tell me the procedure & way to purchase charger. Please replay me on my E-mail ID: pradneshshah@yahoo.com

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