Yamaha to sell spare parts for RX100 and RD350

In its bid to regain customer confidence and regain its glory, Yamaha came out with a great announcement. RX100 and RD350 owners can jump to the skies, as Yamaha itself plans to sell spare parts for its older yet cult bikes like RX 100 and RD 350. “We are talking to the vendors for providing spare parts even for our older bikes, like RX 100 and RD 350, to win back the confidence of our customers,” India Yamaha Motor CEO and Managing Director Yukimine Tsuji said.

India as a hub:

Yamaha also plans to use India as it production hub for engines and bikes. Yamaha plans to export the bikes and engines to US and Japan. Yamaha will be investing around Rs 240 crore in 2010-11 on developing more than two new India specific models. “India can be an export hub for our two legendary models – FZ16 and R15. Also we export bike engines in substantial amount to our other global operations,” Tsuji said. “Japan and the US has been asking for our bikes and are interested in importing from India,” he added. Currently India Yamaha export engines and bikes to various global operations of Yamaha, including Nepal, Sri Lanka, South Africa and Latin American countries and is the second biggest exporter after China.

No to 100cc segment

Yamaha once again reiterated its stand not to compete in the entry level 100cc segment which accounts for more than half of total Indian two wheeler sales. “We will build customer confidence through our existing models in the 150 cc and above category. Once we have established our basic business through higher volumes in the premium category and sales network, we will then be prepared to challenge this market (entry level),”Tsuji said.

35 thoughts on “Yamaha to sell spare parts for RX100 and RD350”

  1. Yamaha has really enlightened themselves with their strategy to sell spares for defunct Rx100, RD350,better late than never Mr Tsuji because you are good at that,and immediatelly stop producing motorcycles that will be benificial to your company instead of making losses, get into spare part selling and making guitars, high end audio for India,God bless you FZ16 already flop after initial sales, R15 no takers, showroom salesman desperately calling everyone everyday for testride.Another twomonths just watch Yamaha will only be able to sell Folk Guitars

  2. What the heck is this above guy talking about..Ritesh dude…what are you saying there are no takers for the R15 and the FZ man….are you even from India..?? 😀 your name suggests you are…lolz man..wake up!!! 😉

  3. Ritesh, As an owner of a RD350 that I have had for the last 20 years (single owner), I appreciate what Yamaha is doing with re-introducing spare parts for my bike. You obviously are one of those who have never ridden a RD350. Tough Luck. And you really should sell your bicycle and move up the ladder…:)

  4. ritesh or whosoever u may be …. i think u don’t have ever owned a rd 350 else such comment wouldn’t have come……still ridding a punny 100cc back home kid… jealous of ppl who leave u fuming each day a red light drag race… this not the place to vent in ur frustrations…. !!!! Poor chap…. i pity u…. as for spares always welcome … grt move from yamaha…..!!!!as i am owner of rd 350 and will purchase another if spares are available as per announcement

  5. I am hoping for rz (rd)350 parts in the US. I Envy the variety of smaller bikes available in India. I consider Indian cuisine the most delectable!

  6. i can say that mr. tsuji has taken a great step towards building confidence in the indian market by relaunching the spare parts of yamaha rd 350(the dead devil)wht i call it …since i keep on speaking to the bike lovers in my city and they still feel that the present day bikes dont even stand near to yamha rx100 …and the incomparable rd 350 …i can assure that the bike will roar in the cities and highways making everyone envy of their possession..i am a proud owner of this bike and will be getting seven more in a couple of days ..hats of to mr TSUJI…

  7. Very happy as i dont have to empty my pockets for parts now nor buy parts off ebay…Long live yamhaha!!! Long live Rd350. Proud owner of the demon~

  8. All sounds like a fairy tale. After repeated misleads by so called rd350 mechanics who raped my OE 1985 Rd350 HT i will be really glad looking forward to source barrels for my 350. If god willing Mr. MD, Yamaha india keeps up his promise. However does anyone know a heads up as in when these parts will hit the markets???? Thanks & Regards, Maxx Burn.

  9. No such news if you are going through their site.im a proud owner of Rd 350 dut i dont think they will restore the parts for RX or RD.

  10. i have 3 rd n itz complete dead now i’m vry happy to see this anouncemnt n i hope with in few dayz i’ll be back on my rd

  11. I have a 1974 rd 350, which I have been restoring. You can not get any chrome parts, exhausts, down pipes, mudguards etc anywhere. If Yamaha do start making the parts again, I can assure you that they will also be able to export a lot to other parts of the world. These old RDs in good condition on ebay fetch a lot of money. I saw one sell for $3,500 USD. I hope they do start making the bits again.

  12. Hey guys can anyone tell when will the guys at yamaha make it a reality in selling us the parts. Till then lets keep our fingers crossed. Could the people at yamaha give us the confirmation. We are still so proud of our rd’s but if nothing happens they are going to turn into craps. On the other hand if things go as said then I think rd 350 yamaha will reign again on the indian roads with many proud owners. Yamaha are you listening. You created a legend, just dont let it die.

  13. if they really hang on the promoise,, nothing like that ..any way the the true RD lovers i no still some how mamage to get part( with lot of pain ) and maintain the bike, if one searches and be determined to get spares , he can stil get it ,, yamaha should seriously should supply the parts for 350 because the should understand that there are mamny many 350 lovers in india.

  14. Thanks for the info. Original RX-100 and RD-350 spares completely vanished from India. Yamaha was losing a lot of money because buyers were getting duplicate spares from unscrupulous manufacturers. I have linked this post in my blog. Thanks.

  15. hey guys thats happy to hear this news, i own RD 350, if this happen i can make my bike a Beast..but guys chech out one thing who us this vicky,does he really work in yamaha RND or Design. If so he shd reply me from ymaha mail id, instead of some cheating id like vickey.in.. So gusy dont belive this untill the spares comes to retail yamaha showroom..

  16. Even after buying a 1991 model RX-100 (3 years ago) and restoring it to its full glory, I feel it has been Rs.35,000/- well spent. This amount also includes Rs.2,000/- spent on transfer and other roadworthy papers. The money spent is long forgotten. What remains is the sheer pleasure each time that I ride it. The RX-100 is a true classic and any effort by the parent company by way of original spares will always be very welcome. It is yet another gesture from Yamaha; which shows that they care. Whether an old customer or a new one. I hope the other manufacturers take a leaf from the Yamaha book.

  17. i own an rd 350…………… i realy appreciate the move taken by yamaha as ive been struggling with the spares for my bike…… most of my bike is stock except for some parts which are almost impossible to find in these times.

  18. i see most of the guys doing up there bikes………..which im totally against a bikes like rd 350 are more than just bikes they are a way of life. These bikes are not to be just seen as momentary sources of pleasure but must be cared for and cherished as there r not too many left……

  19. hi i have a yamaha rd 350 and i have problem of its spare parts. is the realy yamaha started supplying the spare parts of the this bike. if yes from where i can get it or if no yet. then u know any genuine dealer of the spareparts let nme know.

  20. Raj ur right i am also listening this same news since 2 to 3 years. Logic is that in india most of the states has banned 2 stroke bikes. So why they will allow to reproduce the spares of 2 stroke bikes…..think guys think…………guys u also think that u may have heard many news in the past like yamaha india is reproducin RDs and RX 100 and all the fake news…………nothing hp…………so guys wanna say u one thing this is a fake new………….first make a calculation how many RDs are in INDIA ? Y will a company make new spares fr limited bikes? see guys ur having logical questions by me just think abt it…………dnt get excited…….frankly telling it a fake news

  21. ……….FAKE………..FAKE……….FAKE…….FAKE……….FAKE………..FAKE…………..FAKE……..FAKE news

  22. hi guys…………i have many RD 350 spares with me. i will mention some parts below. 1 Brand new HT blocks with ART pistons (Original) 2 Brand new HT heads (original) 3 HT and LT silencers 3 pairs ((original)… See More 4 Petrol tank with original paint and stickering 5 Fibre clucth plates (original) 6 Pressure plates (original) 7 Rear Mud gaurd (original) 8 Carrier 9 Art pistons (original) 10 gauzen pin and gauzen pin bearing (original) 11 Brand new Carbs 12 Used Ht heads 13 Escorts RIM (original) 14 Tachometer cable (original) 15 clucth cable (original) 16 Indicators (original) 17 Indicators lense (original) 18 Seat lock (original) 19 Ignition lock (original) 20 switch set (original) 21 front and rear drum or hub (original) 22 clutch bell (original) 23 clutch center (original) 24 point assembly (original) 25 Crank (original) 26 Crank case (original) 27 Gear box (original) 28 Oil tank (original) 29 Side panel (original) 30 Wiring harness (original) 31 Rectifeir (original) 32 Iginition coils (original) 33 points (original) 34 point cam (replica or duplicate) 35 Brake shoe (original and replica also) 36 wheel bearing (SKF) 37 crank bearing (SKF) 38 Air filter (Replica or duplicate) 39 Sleeved Ht blocks 40 Carbs rebuild material (like main jet,slow jet, air screw etc) 41 Alpha toyo orange reflectors 42 Front shockers complete 43 T-set 44 Rear shockers 45 Spokes etc etc etc and many more spares which i am unable to remember………so plz order ur list on 9860223135

  23. Once somebody owns a RD-350 and gets the pleasure of it(Many had bitter experience due to spares & lack of basic maintenance knowledge) will never be satisfied by any bike in India til date. I am just showing only 5 points. 1. Love at first site: The looks in a classic way now still thrills many. 2. Ex(tra)haust Note: The sound (properly tuned) from it’s Dual & alternate beat is still an attention in a crowd. 3. Perfect Handling: In spite of being so heavy, the compact & perfect laying out of the components gives the lowest Center of Gravity for easy maneuverability. 4. Power: No 350cc engine so far in India has achieved the unmatched power of RD due to the twin-two stroke technology. In two-stroke engine, every down stroke is power, in RD-350 due to 180 degree split, every stroke is power stroke. Reed valve induction gives you more. 5. 6 Cogs: The six speed transmission is perfect to match the super power. I got some improvements by doing following things: – 1. Put a 9AH Battery by adjusting the air filter a bit. Get more duration for Headlight and other electrical as compared to 5.5ah. You can even go for higher wattage headlight bulb. I am using 100/90W car bulb by replacing the base of the bulb. 2. If you can’t manage to get electronic ignition, adding two power transistors for the CB will help you to get longer life for the Contact Breaker(CB) as the load is taken by the transistor, almost no spark in the CB hence less wear and tear, so no more frequent timing correction. 3. Put “Power Reed Valve” produced by “Proton Performance” for better fuel economy and sudden boost in power. The trick is in the the Reed Valve- It opens the smaller valves while you do not need much fuel so better average. As you throttle for more power, the bigger portion of the valve opens. so more power. 4. Fuel resonator again produced by Proton Performance will give you smother delivery of power and better fuel average. I did as DIY by putting the RXG manifolds and changing the end containers to two shampoo bottles. The volume should be around 175cc. Quarter bottle is 185ml. So you can put 10ml of Araldite inside each such bottles. Hard plastic bottles are preferred. 5. “Expansion Chambers” improve the performance but spoils the Legendary Sound. Cosmetic changes depends on a person’s choice. I did a lot but came back to it’s original looks. Sometimes I feel if Yamaha India imports a modern “Twin cylinder Four Stroke” engine that fits in RD Chesy, They can reproduce the RD maintaining the same looks. Even though the power & Sound will not remain as same but I bet many people will go for it as Pollution norms won’t allow any more 2Strokes.

  24. hello friens… i purchased Rx 100 bike, i want to get the spare parts of it. i am suited in bangalore. i need all the orginal spare parts of rx , pz suggest me

  25. i have some original parts for rd i wanna dispose it all if some of u r interested contact me i have points cam lens sprocket kit chain guard seat ring head light doom with ring indicator washer front 3 and rear 2 clutch plates pressure plate side shields right and left gear lever speedometer pricol ans small many items if i get gud price then i will give coz i have kept it frm 86 till now i must get gud money right guys can contact me any time to given mail address

  26. I am very glad to hear that rd 350 spare part is going to availabe in the market place within 2011 right now i have four rd 350 condemn bike at workshop from the last 5 year i was worried but now………… i hope i can use my bike once again

  27. Im from Holland, had all kind of (super)bikes, but rd 350 is back to basic. Riding it, I feel like a little kid again. Yamaha, we really need parts to keep your heritage on the road. groeten, LC

  28. i have owned a rx 100 today and i am glad to see its performance .i want to cherrish all the moment when i ride my bike.i jst loved the sound of this bike.the main thing is i purchase this bike in 15k.is it realiable?

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