Yamaha new FZ-16 150cc

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After pounding enemies with its fighter aircraft YZF R15, Yamaha will showcase its muscle power with the launch of FZ-16 today. The meaty and musucular FZ-16 is all set to draw battle lines with pulsars, apache and Hunk. Inspired from the iconic FZ-1 this new FZ-16 with in-your -face styling is sure to lure even the R15 lovers. The 12-litre fuel tank with integrated shrouds and bulbous exhaust is eye-catching that even a BMW rider won’t miss. Also the absence of cruiser bike (other than the Bullet’s) might also bring Yamaha first mover advantage.

The visible 153cc, 2 valve, SOHC (Single Overhead Camshaft Engine) churns out 14PS of maximum power at 7500rpm. FZ-16 respires through a BS26 carburetor which operates through negative preesure. Peak torque of 13.6Nm is developed at 6000rpm. The 5 speed transmission of FZ-16 is a return type.

The massive dimensions adds character to the bike. FZ-16 lengths 1975mm, its width is 770mm and it height 1045mm. Though it looks massive, FZ-16 weighs just 126kg, gasps…parking and running at low speed won’t be an issue. The ground clearance of the FZ-16 is 160mm. The most important wheelbase parameter stood at 1335mm.

Built on a diamond frame, this new FZ-16 runs on tubeless tyres both at the front and the rear. At the fore it gets 100/60 -17 tyre and at the rear FZ-16 features fattest 140/60 -R17 tyre. You are reading it correctly, the rear tyre is a radial one. 267mm front disc brake and drum brake at the rear is to control this animal. The 41mm diameter hydraulic forks at the fore and mono-suspension at the rear will ensure stress-free cruising even during longer rides. We can expect better damping characteristics from FZ-16 as the front fork travel generous 130mm and the rear mono-cross suspension provides 120mm of wheel travel. Yamaha FZ-16 will be available in three colours – Lava Red, Midnight Black and Flaming Orange.

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  1. Great Karthi, as far as i know this bike has not been launched yet, but u have given so much details on it. u r always one step ahead…

  2. Hello Man, I found the FZ16 website is already ready for launch. Have a look at it. http://www.yamaha-motor-india.com/product/fz16/index.html Regards, Jijo.

  3. FZ-16 special website too – http://www.yamaha-motor-india.com/fz16/index.html I hope i contributed something to Vicky. isn’t it? Regards, Jijo.

  4. @Anuj, Thanks for the nice words @Jijo, Thanks for the info. You are always welcome to contribute. @Deepak, Planning to write a review ASAP

  5. hey guys .. whenever u gonna buy this bike or any yamaha bike .. do not buy it from india yamaha motor sales… malad link road… these people arent co-operative at all.. i took my bike from there ..i just regret it… they’ll make you run so much in everything … no matter what .. totally unproffesional. people . and if you ask any questions to them about da probs.. they’ll point fingers at each other.. and still make you run .. not 1 single responsible person at all ….. its been two weeks i have got my bike on the T.C no. .. these people havent given me the papers, number etc.. and still creating lot of problems foe every thing

  6. hii… i luv 2 ride this bike…now latest i purchase fz 16…really cool man!!but average isonly 35-40..anyways..keep it up!!

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