Update: Mahindra Scorpio m-Hawk Vlx

As we reported earlier, Mahindra has unveiled the scorpio m-Hawk today(November 30th). Scorpio m-Hawk comes with a host of innovative features and superior engine. m-Hawk engine makes use of 2nd generation Bosch common rail system with solenoid injectors. The 4 cylinder, m-Hawk features VGT(Variable Geometry Turbine) and develops 290 Nm of torque in a wide range of 1600 – 2800rpm. The VGT will help to eliminate turbo lag which are usually associated with large diesel engines. m-Hawk develops 120bhp and according to mahindra it can reach 60kmph from zero in just 5.7 seconds. Mahindra also claims the new scorpio Vlx can touch 150kmph with ease.

Audio controls are moved to steering wheel in the scorpio Vlx and hence you can shift between tuner, CD, SD cards and USB without taking your eyes off the road. At the press of set and coast buttons you can set the speed of scorpio. Yes, the new Scorpio Vlx is equipped with cruise control and it can be engaged once you move past 40kmph. Mahindra provides pressure & temperature sensors on each tyres and rain sensors that automatically sets the wiper in action in the new scorpio m-Hawk Vlx. It has always been a challenge to park SUVs. While Tata offers reversing camera in the new safari, mahindra moves one step ahead by providing skoda like animated one in the scorpio m-Hawk Vlx. A best use of parking mirror has been made in the scorpio Vlx what mahindra calls as Intellipark. In addition it shows the distance from the obstacle. Scorpio Vlx also features ABS. Naughty childrens are safe inside the new scorpio Vlx the anti pinch window automatically halts and moves in the downward direction when someone accidentally place their hand/fingers across it. Other new features in the scorpio Vlx includes – voice assist system, kenwood audio system and a immobiliser. The dash is made scratch and dust free through a protective coating. With the new sporty decals Mahindra brings exclusivity to Vlx owners. The interiors looks afresh with new upholsteries and new central bezel. Two tone interiors available tan,beige and black allure . The pricing of new scorpio m-Hawk Vlx is on the higher side – Rs9.65 lakhs, ex-showroom Delhi.. Mahindra adds a new colour called java brown with the scorpio Vlx. Scorpio m-hawk engine is available only in Vlx version of scorpio that means 2.6L CRDe will continue to propel lx,Dx and Slx variants. In Chennai Mahindra scorpio Vlx will be launched in November 3rd.

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  1. hi, yes Ive heard of the new Eagle and i am waiting to see 1 on road…the features that M&M have come up with like tyre-tronics & cruise control sound interesting…do you have any clue by when will it b launched ?


  3. I Want to see mahindra new scorpio M,hawk engine running on Rourkela road I have 1 scorpio slx and want to buy scorpio M,hawk

  4. what a tremendous effort and daring has done by M&M by providing such a latest tech on indian road by indian comp. i salute u and wish u and praise u to make it more better i am proud of u soon i will be a family member of u thank u

  5. i owned scorpio mhwak last month.what a powerful vehicle.when i ride it i feel flying.it also gives mileage of 15-16,which one is a good one compared to older version.the new features also satisfied me a lot.i also glad to say that i am the first owner of the scorpio mHWAK in kerala.

  6. Dear Concerned , I am really confused on the two engine options being offerred . The old CRDE mill is proven, is a bit heavy than the new engine . I am concerned about the perfomance after about 60,000 to 70,000 kms , if poeple remember the CRDI accents started developing noises at this stage . According to me im scared about the chain drive on this new engine as ford ikons also had the same and trouble after 70k kms. I maybe wrong but i want some technical insight into this kindly mail me at vichinsehgal@yahoo.com Regards, vichin sehgal

  7. Few months back I have decided to upgrade myself from my old lancer to an SUV. With this intention I spend most of my valuable time surfing in internet and enquiring about available vehicles in the market. One day I got the news about the new launch of Mahindra Scorpio M Hawk. Whenever I enquired about Scorpio, many of my friends who owned Scorpios had discouraged me. They pointed me about the bouncy and scary drive of Scorpios. Even a few people, whom I knew personally, have died in Scorpio accidents. But I noticed one of the reviews about M hawk that it has a tweaked suspension and also ABS. It also specified that it’s the best Scorpio yet. I got interested with the new salient features of the vehicle and I waited for the vehicle to be launched in Kerala. After waiting for a few days I purchased a brand new Scorpio M Hawk Vlx on 11-2-08 from TVS Motors Kottayam. Now I would come straight away into my issues. From the day one onwards I am totally disappointed and unsatisfied about the vehicles performance in terms of mileage, suspension and passengers comfort. As per my understanding an SUV is a kind of vehicle which gives superior riding and driving comfort both in good roads as well as off roads. But I had an opposite experience. My vehicle has run around 8000 Km till date. The particular vehicle is trembling and wobbling like any thing. Even the gear lever is vibrating and many times I found it very hard to operate. Literally I feel that whenever I drove the vehicle it resembled a truck or a bullock cart. We cannot call it as a family car at all as we are troubled by severe neck and back pain. I also have put maximum effort from my end to rectify the issues like rattling, wobbling and bouncing. Even I have placed a 130 kg weighed iron bar at the rear side to prevent wobbling and bouncing. I have taken the vehicle to the TVS Work shop thrice with these issues. They noticed that the seats were also trembling and one of the door of the brand new vehicle had rattling noises. They have loosened the multilink and adjusted it. Also they have changed the gear liver assembly to reduce the hardness .Still there was no use. I have droved the vehicle in the company specified tyre pressures. (32 PSI Front & Rear). I have also checked it by lowering the air pressure one by one till 27 PSI. Even I tried nitrogen instead of air for three days. But there was no use. The situation was the same. Keeping all these in mind I have done a comparative study by driving almost all utility vehicles available like Tata Safari Dicor 2.2 VTT, Toyota Innova, Qualis, Chevrolet Tavera, Sumo Grande, Old Scorpio Turbo, Bolero., Sumo Victa etc. As a result of this I would like to declare that undoubtedly the Scorpio M hawk is the worst in terms of comfort and easy drive To conclude I would suggest M&M to market Scorpio M Hawk as a goods carriage vehicle rather than selling the vehicle as a passenger vehicle at a huge price that too with totally useless things like cruise control , driver side anti pinch window, incorrect tyre tonics etc. Anoop R, 9895808353

  8. Hi friends !!! I bought a mahindra scorpio m hawk in august 2009. it has run 16500 km till date.Until now i m very satisfied with the vehicle. On a highway with Non-AC it gives an average of about 12 to 15km per litre. This average totally depends on the way u drive. To get the best average drive at a constant speed of about 75, avoid sudden accelerations, do minimum gear changes. As far as comfort is concerned i would give 7 on 10.No doubt the engine is very powerful but the scorpio runs smoothly only on plain roads, on highways.If u have to drive it more on bad roads do not opt for scorpio.If u r looking for power and acceleration just go for it.I own a scorpio whose seating arrangement is 2,2,3 from forward to back known as captain seat.first i thought there will be a luggage problem.I must say that i can carry 7 people and their luggages along without using the luggage stand on top.Initially u might have headache after driving it for 200km due to wobbling etc. but slowly u will get used to it and u wont feel that anymore.I think it is much better than a safari.

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