Toyota Corolla Limited Edition Pictorial review

Posted by admin at June 17th, 2007 under Auto Pictorial Review |

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1) Toyota Corolla Limited Edition stylish front – majestic new front grille and front spoiler

toyota corolla front view

2) Toyota corolla limited edition side view with new stylish alloy wheels

toyota corolla side view 1

3) Toyota corolla limited edition’s sleek side skirt

toyota corolla side view 3

4) Toyota Corolla Limited Edition rear view – new rear spoiler

toyota corolla rear view

5) Toyota Corolla’s Limited Edition luxurious driver’s cabin

toyota corolla drivers cabin 1

6) Toyota Corolla’s dashboard

toyota corolla dashboard

7) Toyota corolla limited edition’s passenger cabin

toyota corolla passengers cabin

8) Toyota corolla’s voluminous boot 

toyota corolla boot

9) Toyota corolla limited edition’s new features – front grille, front spoiler and alloy wheels

toyota corolla majestic grille.thumbnailtoyota corolla front spoiler.thumbnailtoyota corolla alloy wheels.thumbnail

10)Toyota corolla limited edition’s new side skirt, rear spoiler and limited edition logo for exclusivity

toyota corolla side skirt.thumbnailtoyota corolla rear spoiler 1.thumbnailtoyota corolla limited logo 1.thumbnail

11) Toyota corolla limited edition exclusive interiors

toyota corolla two tone seat fabrics.thumbnailtoyota corolla wood cup holder.thumbnail

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  1. khan says:

    i need the full information of the above car. price, inclide intrest and others best regards

  2. kamal khullar says:

    i own toyota corolla h2, can u help me from where can i buy limited edition body kits.

  3. Douglas says:

    can u please include more specifications like engine capacity,gear transmission,price, etc

  4. Moses says:

    I need full information about this car, The price,year of manufacture engine capacity and the likes.


    Please let me know the price of this corolla in question…..Thanks

  6. adanma jane okparaocha says:

    i need to know how to get the right parts

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