Tata moves to higher range Nano- Rs 3 lakh

Resisting the success rate of the world’s cheapest car Nano, Tata Motors is stepping next to the Rs3lakh bigger version of Nano. The car is targeted at the customers who can throw Rs3lakhs and the car is code named as Dolphin. It will lie between Nano and Indica Vista, powered by 800cc – 1.0 lit engine. Falling below Fiat’s new small car it may hit the roads by next two years. If it happens, then Tata will fill in the void created by it in the compact car segment. This segment constitutes 50% of the net share and Tata’s entry might not be too late, say experts.

Tata may achieve its desire in this segment with its winning capacities in terms of price and brand equity. Much depends on the response from the rural sector, for increasing the sale in the car industry. The expectations of the rural customers are – durable, long lasting and low cost cars- which Maruti and Tata alone are capable of fulfilling. In the event of this car getting shape, then it would be an exit gift for Ratan Tata. As there would be no hitches on the lines of Indica and Nano, the timing is the crucial issue, which would be the litmus test for Tata.

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