Tata Motors cuts prices of Indica,Indigo,Sumo and Safari

Tata Motors announced price cut on Indica family, Indigo family, Sumo family and Safari.  The price cut comes into effect from December 08th.The cut in prices are as follows

* Indica and Indigo family – Between Rs. 12,000/- to Rs. 23,000/- depending on the model.

* Sumo family and Safari – Between Rs. 16000/- to Rs. 36000/-, depending on the model.


Light Commercial Vehicles: Between Rs. 17,000/- to Rs. 23,000/-.

Medium &Heavy Commercial Vehicles: Between Rs. 30,000/- to Rs. 60,000/-.

Models Old price New Price Savings
Xeta GL Rs.2,63,677 Rs 2,54,820 Rs 8857
Xeta GLS Rs.3,10,006 Rs2,99,509 Rs 10,497
Indica DLE Rs.3,55,117 Rs 3,42,943 Rs 12,175
Indica DLS Rs.3,71,696 Rs 3,58,919 Rs 12,776
Indica Vista Saffire Terra Rs.3,49,401 Rs 3,37,485 Rs 11,916
Indica Vista Quadrajet Aura Rs.4,80,938 Rs 4,64,410 Rs 16,527
Indigo CS GLS Rs.3,94,860 Rs 3,81,354 Rs13,506
Indigo CS LX Tdi Rs. 4,64,574 Rs 4,48,620 Rs 15,954
Sumo Victa GX DI Rs.6,41,888 Rs 6,22,570 Rs 19,319
Sumo Grande Rs.7,93,107 Rs 7,68,912 Rs 24,194
Safari VX 4×2 Rs10,96,863. Rs 10,63,282 Rs 23,582

3 thoughts on “Tata Motors cuts prices of Indica,Indigo,Sumo and Safari”

  1. I going to purchase Tata Indica GLS through CSD being a defence person. But it is regret to say that , tata dealers situated at ahmedabad denied to give any discount on purchase through CSD. as per their statement, the discount is applicable to person who purchase car from dealer only. The company (Tata motors) announce discount to all customer who purchase car from dealer or through csd. but why dealer not pass on discount to csd customer. please clarify that csd customer is also eligible for discount ?. Maruti and hundai are pass on all discount to all customer either purchase from dealer or csd. please response me.

  2. I am purchasing a Santro GL but I am told that Hyundai does not offer dealer discounts to people who purchase though CSD. There is seperate discount avaialable for CSD purchases is this correct? How much discount have you got on your purchase? Vikas

  3. i want to purchase a tata indigo cs lx but the dealer situated jeypore (orissa) not ready ti give any discount i am already a customer of tata show room please confirm me that what discount should i get on purchase of my new car i will be waiting 4 your reply my contact’s no is 09439508969

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