Tata Indigo Manza Vs Maruti Swift Dzire

Tata Indigo Manza

For: New car tag, average looks and features

Against: Customer care

Variants: Aqua, Aura, Aura (ABS) & Aura+

Price: Rs4.8 lakhs to Rs6.75 lakhs

Maruti Swift Dzire

For: Fuel Efficiency and its Maruti

Against: Cramped rear seat and waiting period

Variants: Lxi, Vxi, Zxi & Ldi,Vdi and Zdi

Price: Rs4.6 lakhs to Rs6.7 Lakhs

For Tata Indigo Manza launch pictures visit http://www.vicky.in/slideshow/indigo-manza-photos-pictures/

69 thoughts on “Tata Indigo Manza Vs Maruti Swift Dzire”

  1. This comparsion is nit enough. Just by giving the names of the varients and price range how u can judge which is better. One thing for sure, TATA Manza will release some burden on Swift Dzire. Many PPl will tend to move from Maruti Dzire to TATA Manza because of the Waiting period of 4 months.

  2. Drove both the cars.. Dezire is no comparison for Manza. Manza– Better features- Blue and me, streering wheel controls. Better responding engine, Bigger car. Much much Better rear leg/head room. Please drive both at least 50 kms and comment.

  3. Tata Manza rocks wish them all the best.Good bye to accident prone dezire made by suzuki which has heaviest tail and goes for a skid when cornered .As suzuki known for dangerous designs be it world famous Death box Omni, Roll over Jimny, death for all low bed Zen ,Zero safety cage Zen Estilo


  5. Manza : For a car that’s trying to be contemporary in looks, finish and performance, the pricing is high especially for the diesel version. Swift dezire is a proven car though the front side looks are awful for me and depends on the individual. In fact, in this segment of entry level sedans, there’s lot of scope for new players. I feel tata’s pricing will be a deterrent for selling their diesel version and their petrol needs a better engine with better characteristics and mileage.

  6. i m goin to buy manza this week!! so i already suraved a lot and i m now goin to buy manza aura quadrafire(diesel) . i sold my 2005 model sift lxi this month to hav sedan like dezire bcus it alraedy rulling in road personally looks is perceptiion for people to people!! but dzire prformance is good!!thats wat i know!! now i found this manza here almost similar in ery part as compared to dzire but too spacious than dezire !! pickup is sme as it in dezire diesel less compred to petrol version!! but good atleast many eye catching features like stereo (bluetooth enable bluepont tag) 5 speakers(dezire hav 2) 2 seaprate phone charger ,leaptop container,5 door mileage is almost same . 15 tyres bigger then dezire oersonlly i like sx4 look in it and i like sx4 just bcus of looks i have my darling in around 6,55000 rs in diesle version as dezire with around 6.45 k maruti is for customers satisfaction in petrol similarly tata hs its name in making diesel cars reply!! mayank wrong1one@gmail.com

  7. Kindly advice which to go for tata manza or dezire.Bit confused booked out dezire and expecting delivery within three to four months but now i am confused.

  8. I test drove the handsome manza. I also read the reviews of all car magazines. The engine was very powerful and mind blowing pick up. I have enquired enough from dealers and newly delivered ppl who report 18 with AC in city linit mileage. The airconditioning is AWESOME. I was freezing inside like anything when AC chilling hue water obstructed my Rayban glasses. To that level the AC was fantastic. The steering is stiff which i didnt like much but which will get accustomed to. Suspension also was equally good on bad road since it was a 24 km test drive on semi village roads.Thats where the dezire scores in gentle handling. Coming to the main thing. The Fiats engine ( the real thing what we pay for under the hood). I have no words for the engine efficiency and its rocking in all indian cars. In my opinion the MANZA should easily give away 20 kms pl under gentle driving. The looks are FANTASTIC and i have no words for the designing. Too good. better better than the lousy looking dick of the swift. Idiots. as some one said a local engineer would have done it better. Really stupid. Oh its looks like a 10 lakh car from many angles.We just cant buy anything better than this for such an affordable price. Site behind and we could know what we have received for more than what we have paid. Acres of space. and whats life with a family sitting inside other crippling cars. Once can enjoy the comfort behind giving the car to the driver too. In short TATA’s LOOK ,SOLID SPACE, and SUCCESSFUL DESIGNING + Fiats World renowned ENGINE = SUCCESS of MANZA ( No car is fully a better and perfect car u c )

  9. hi KUNAL JUNEJA i owned manza on last friday 20 nov 2009 i said it has doubles the amount of space (reear and fronnt) as compared to dezire as i already hav swift earliar i purchaced manza AURA QUADRAFIRE(diesel) in 6.5k delhi looks awesome resemble to many good luxury cars at diffrents angles like corrola., honada city,length is good!! aah one thing its hav 15 inch tyre 1 inch largert than dezire! u can find little low finishing in interiors as compared to dezire but seriouly who really cares that but its has integarets musicplayes(blutooth enabled,2 chargers(phone front and rear side. complete accesories no neet to spend more money on accesories and acres of space!! sound in diesel is awesome!! stable car !! i found it nice as those who still want dezire then their choice is not at all badf !! but campartivly i found manza but car and looks with more interesting features and space (majorly) so if those who believe me becus i going to buy dezire but on way i found manza and purchased it ! just go and hav a tst drive first see featurse… atleast now those who want to purchange dezire just now hav a choice so just look on both car and judge it!! PARDON FOR MY MISTAKES IN SPELLING AS SHOrTAGE OF TIME

  10. i was intending to buy fiat punto for awesome price of 560000rs, then i came to know about the elegant manza , infact iam with maruti family for the past 15yrs van, zen & in hand is the esteem , now its the most exected manza , its given me a pleasure in driving& in sitting back as i m fat , i can sit with my legs crossed its a true good experience , love to own that bloody piece of metal in january ,looks like a car which costs more than 10lacs , boot space is really good, the petrol engine is really gud’but one thing i was not satisfied was the paint quality …………..but can be improved thats on the mirror, should be more glaring just like the other cars in town but ok no issues

  11. hi prashant actually i owned manza 2 weeks ago earlier i hav swift petrol but i want diesel sedan this time option available for me are dezire(4 month wait due to heavy demand ),manza(new to this segmant(look like always ahead in this sedan segment) and linea linea is 1 lakh xtra as comapred to manza and dezire..and i dont want dezire after swift becus interiors are almost same so i didnt feel of new car .. then i tried manza and n my case it suits to me in every aspect ,, i own quadrafire aura for 6.5 lacs ,plz if u want to buy dezire then atleast try once manza!! and its its feature are damn good !! linea is option who want to spend a lakh more to add more features in their car aprat from engine and technology its almost same in manza and fiat and dezire.. dezire is lil bit lacks in space and looks and in tyre ht and width and other featurs otherwise engine specifcation is almst similar!! my manza(diesel) gives me 15kmpl in delhi before my first service i hope it’ll go upto 18 /19 after 1st service

  12. hi guys, Iam planning to buy maruti dzire zdi. Am quite confused betwwn manza and dzire. All fine with manza, but what about the after sales service? I have very bad exp with tata motors service centers. It is worst.. Pls suggest

  13. hi abhishek !! i own my 1st tata car i.e manza but car iss good i doonow abut tata’s after sale service…i hope its good in dilshd grdn(east delhi)

  14. I have to change my TATA INDICA DLS TURBO car as it is 3 years old and has run over 62000 km. I intent to buy INDIGO MANZA desiel or SWIFT DESIRE diesel. Though the INDICA did not give me much trouble,its tyres used to get punctured very often. The clutch plate also got damaged once and I had to replace it. The fuel meter has stopped working and there are many noises in the car while it is running. There were other problems faced by my friends with his new INDICA TURBO such as not functioning of wipers, frequent flat tyres etc.. All I want to know is whether I should go for another TATA vehicle (MANZA) or for a SWIFT DESIRE? IF I go for MANZA Diesel will I face the same above problems again? I am more worried about the performance of the car than its looks. Lookwise MANZA is definitely better but over a period of time performance and maintenance matter. Will I face the problem of clutch plate with MANZA car?The engine of MANZA is from FIAT, Italy but other parts are manufactured in India. What will be the quality of these parts? Will the maintenance be a major hurdle with MANZA? Are these parts same as used for INDIGO? As against SWIFT DESIRE does not seem to have major performance or engine problem. It is a proven technology. The drawbacks are space,shape and waiting period which is 5 to 7 weeks which is also true with MANZA. Can any one give me right advice?

  15. anirudha ! hi i m owner of manza(aura quadrajet) for past month now…it has tubless tyre like in swift but 1 inch larger(15′) and width is also greater..earlier i have swift it punctured only twice in 4 yrs ,so manza hav better bridgstone tubless tyres puncture not is an serious issue now! as some elctricl problem like wiper etc can then it can occur in any car yaar!! it not amjor prob…as far as engine is concern then linea , manza,dezire have similar engines with lil change in gear ratio.. !! clutch depend on ussabilty.. i also changed my swift’s clutch once after 2 -3 yrs after uttranchal trip becus in hilly areas clutch is in exxecive use..and there are many noises in the car while it is running in swift also . actualyy these problem can occur but it can be reduced if u try not do rough driving. actually i m satisfied with manza bcoz in diesel it can produce equivalent power in highway like a petrol car.. one of my frend couldnt guess whether it is diesel aur petrol car becus car is stable, noisless and even produce good pickup!! do test drive first!!

  16. Mayank, Thanks for your interesting comments.In addition, please also inform me about maneuvering.Indica has very hard steering wheel though it is a Power Steering. When I drive Wagaon R it is very smooth and comfortable. The turning is very easy and effortless. My wife has Wagaon R so she feels like driving a truck when she drives my Indica DLS Turbo. Is the power steering in MANZA (Diesel) same as Indica or there is any improvement? Before I take a test drive I would like to have your comments. Thanks once again.

  17. Aniruddha R. actually earliar i have swift and it has EPS(electronic power steering) it is most comfortable steering like in honda city in 6-7 lakhs range but i found steering in manza need little bit effort as compared to swift may be because it have larger tyres and less technology in terms of power steering .But it is not an important issue becaus i know that it has good power steering but not thaT good as in swift(personnly i found power steering in swift is better than wagn r and manza).

  18. Hey Guys Everyone has been talking about Manza and most of them on the positive note, but noticed that most on the diesel version. I m planning to go for Manza Aura plus (Petrol) version. I almost finalized on DZire Zxi and happend to see Manza. Looks, Features, Space, Pick up wise found it better than Dzire. Plus its a new car. But apprehension is, Tata is known for Diesel engines and Maruti for Petrol, now some suggested Maruti and some clained that Tata has got good petrol engines now. Can anyone vouch for it???? which is a good deal?? Manza Auro plus – petrol or Dzire Zxi??

  19. I have seen many cars in showrooms one by one in the same day. The manza is truly awesome. Looks much premium than the vista. You simply cannot buy vista if u see manza beside it. Even you don’t want to look at vista. Manza stands ahead in interiors than those boring interiors of dzire. Next time, you won’t compare them if you see personally. Much more spacious than verna and dezire. Getting inside verna’s driver seat has become tedious once I get into manza. Even if I have more money,I prefer manza than the other two. There is nothing more to ask for any feature. Only downside is, the look from the back is not so good for manza. of course, the boot can fit another four people in there, really. The best ‘available sedan’ with good quality.

  20. hi, i m back i drove 1100 km and speed up cars to 110 kmph…with 5 passengers.. diggy full.. and in that speed cars was stable tough dezire is stable on 80-90 suspension is marvelous as comapred to swift(earlier i have). around 500 km drive in himalayan range!! pickup an power was good in diesel(remeber this is my first diesel car). overall performance of car is pretty good!! but rear view mirror (inside car mirror)cracked because of excessive cold in night and because of open parking my overall car km now is 2200km

  21. Mayank, Please let us know if u have checked the mileage MANZA gave you in your long travel.Was climbing the ghat very difficult or smooth and effortless? Let me inform you based on your previous feedback I booked AURA model. Hope I will not be disappointed

  22. hi anirudh ,rajeev.. in hilly areas it can climb in 2nd gear.. or in 3rd gear(need speed)..and overall average i have got 16 after my frst service, suspension are found is like sitting in soft rubber… and in 6.5 lac range i must u go for manza for new features ,space,looks otherwise performance wise dezire is similar one 16 mileage in because of hilly region (need gear changing and clutch! and in plans i drove mostly above 80kmph)

  23. Mayank, your comments very informative. The features of the Manza are really VFM. However, I test drove the Manza and found that the gear shift is a bit hard. Do you have the same experience? I read the experience of a DZire VDi owner and he says the shift is really smooth. I haven’t test driven the DZire though.

    1. Dear Mayank I had a Fiat Sieana ELX earlier and then wanted to try Diesel ..test drove three similar segments in Ford Fiesta, Tata Manza and Maruti DZire.. I found Five things very starkly noticable (a) Ford cost of Spares much higher though the ride was very smooth at higher than 80kmph than DZire as the latter gives a wierd sound and also the wobbly feel at higher speeds ( basically due to higher Ground clearance of 170mm in DZire..a precondition to suit notorious Road Bumps in Indian Roads) Ford can Scratch itself on these normal roads in case more than two passengers at low speeds. Manza on the other hand almost similar stable smoth ride at higher and lower speeds though fords power steering was better than the other two…So, as per me handling steering wise: Ist FORD, DZire then Manza ( though Manza grip and Steering hold feel wise was better). Also heavy braking performance from 80kmph to zero is far better in Manza and Ford than DZire, where the DZire makes to feel like looking down and rear coming up and a bit unstaedy weer to the left. Maza ratio of brake was much finer and hand brake usage was also tested but I forgot to check in the Ford that. (b) The blind spot in Dzire was quite unsafe especially in turns and reverse due to the windcreen bridge and the elevated boot given. The Manza and Ford give you better visibility from the driver’s point of view. (c) Ford had lesser rear leg room than both DZire and Manza with Manza feeling the most comfortable both on the front and rear.The upholstery and interior feel in Ford was better than the other two where the quality of both Manza and DZire looked far less. (d) Tata Manza internal system gives you option of upgrading your music system to Sony Bluetooth and *eAAC music files compatible but the feature is almost absent in the DZire as you have to get stuck to the in built Audio system given by Maruti which doesnt support the higher segment Audio Systems and files. (e) The Night driving comfort as far as path luminance, focus and interior door lights were superb in Manza and far less superior in both Ford and Dzire the least Regards… safe driving to all

  24. hello, I am still confuse, whether I should go for ” MANZA” or ” Dzire”??? Friends.. pls let me know which one is better??? lookwise manza is dam beautiful.. but I dont know technical aspects ….. Swift dZIRE LOOKS LITTLE BIT BOLD & TUFF?? WHAT YOU SAY???

  25. Anupama, I got my MANZA (Diesel, AQUA)just 8 days back and found it very comfortable. The mileage that I am getting is 13 to 14 in Mumbai City. If you like shape of SWIFT DEZIRE go for it. I never liked shape of DEZIRE. Both the vehicles have same engine i.e. 1.248 L from FIAT. Have a test ride and judge for yourself. Technologically also MANZA should not be a bad car, but time has yet to prove as it is newly launched. Aniruddha Deshpande

  26. Hi Guys, I see someone has already aksed about the feedback on Tata Manza Petrol version on this forum. However, could not see any response. I plan to buy Tata Manza Aura Saphire90 Petrol version. I already have Tata Indica deisel. The Air conditioning in Indical deisel is very poor. On the other hand, have some apprehension on Petrol version of Tata car. Can someone pl compare the performance Tata Manza Aura of Petrol version with the Deisel one. Also with Dzire Vxi Petrol version. thanks

  27. I think lookswise Manza is far better than Dzire. Although i have bought new Dzire only becoz it has been accepted in market very well and in a way is a tried n tested car. Moreover money constraint is also a reason as i cudnt afford 8-10 lakhs cars like Honda city , which is in fact the best car in india. Dzire has awful looks and manza has poor steering very harsh to say the least.

  28. I’m planning to buy a new car and yes puzzled b/w dzire and manza. I read several articles on the comparison b/w manza and dzire and fouund manza better (Mind it that m talking about articles)!!! Only question which still persists is about performance of manza petrol..Does anyone have idea???

  29. Guys can u tell me dat the A/C of tata manza is powerfull or not. cauz i have herd dat its not gud enough…..

  30. Hi i ve two sedans Sx4 vxi and a new manza aure abs petrol and i found dissapointmment from maruti dis tym features wise no one can compete manza looks wise also both are gud but when it comes to space sx4 is not spacious and manza has a great space rear seat can accomodate 4 people average is also better than sx4 sx4 will not give u a luxury sedan drive which manza can give but manza is lil difficult to drive because of its dimensions overall say manza is a great car and value for money..but sx4 dissappointed me…i ll say go for manza it ll not disappoint u

  31. Dear All,,,,,,,,,,I am bit confused with the reviews, regarding Manza & Dezire, my wish is to go for Manza ABS Quadrajet version, but my wife sugestting me to go for Swift Dezire VDI, though i do waited for more than 6 months after the Manza got launched as i feel that Tata performs and sort it out the problems faced by customer in their products atleast after a view of 6 months, just any one suggest me a good b/w these two, and also performance of Manza power steering and Ac, also like to know whether Manza will retrive his resale value……………….Ur suggestion is valuable pls….

  32. i am planning to book tata manza this week but i am confused that is it worth to spend 32000 more for Aura version than AQUA. PLEASE HELP ME IN TAKING DECISION.


  34. MANZA is much better than Swift DZire. Tatas are known for diesel version and Maruti for petrol. Manza has more space than any other car in same range. Its really intersting to know manza. GO FOR MANZA

  35. I took a test drive of both Swift DZire (Diesel) and Tata Indigo Manza Aura Quadrajet (Diesel). I found the Manza to be far superior to DZire. Here are the observations that justify my take: 1. Pick-up of both cars was more or less same. 2. I couldn’t see any problems with the steering of Manza. Infact, it is an adjustable steering with two positions to choose from. Perhaps from woman’s perspective it might be a bit hard but it is certainly not hard/rough from Men’s perspective (and btw, I am not too tall/sturdy). 3. Interior look and comfort wise Manza is far superior 4. External look wise the DZire looks like an extended version of Swift. However, while the Swift looked quite appealing the DZire has got that typical Kaam-chalaau look where-in to cover-up for the lack of boot space in Swift a dicky was added to its rear to form a DZire. Though this purpose was well solved but it has costed the DZire on its overall looks which are neither stylish nor simple. Its somewhere in a Limbo !!! On the other hand, Manza has got Great looks. The rear side of Manza could have been designed a bit more aggresively however as compared to DZire the former’s front and back looks are much better ! 5. Manza has got miles of space inside and in the boot. The rear seat is foldable giving additional luggage space, if need be. 6. In terms of Driving Feel, I found Manza to give that Royal Feel of driving a BIG car thats got Height, Weight and Sturdiness ingrained in every aspect. When other cars pass by, you feel superior by watching them as they all appear like tiny kids (am not comparing it with Honda cars which belong to a different class altogether). 7. In terms of Mileage, as I’ve come to know from various people, is more or less the same. 8. Stability during driving was found to be much better in Manza The only thing thats stopping me to think/investigate more before going ahead with buying this awesome Tata car is doubts in my mind about Tata Motor’s after sale support. I’ve been using Maruti cars for the past several years and found their after sale support to be fast and satisfying. Some people have asked this same question above but no one has answered it so far. I request people owning Tata cars to come up and help us get more aware of what are the exact issues on the their support front and have they done something to improve it? regards, -Neel

  36. I have bought Tata Indigo Manza Aura safire90(petrol) in may.I’ve had an average experience with my car, the looks could have been better,i mean the front lights, they are far too BIG!…and the front looks could have been a bit cheesier.The rear lights are also average.Though comparing it with swift dzire in looks, its miles ahead. The best part about looks is its side profile, its mind blowing.Interiors are very good!the music system is OK!the speedometer and other dials looks cool.The multimeter is also good,though i neva make out why my ambient temp is always 28 degrees cel lol. Its really spacious, backseat is like a huge sofa.AC is effective,but not that chilling. Comparing interiors with dzire are you kiddin me…dzire one’s are cramped and looks worn out.. 😛 and now the most imp part performance. FE is ok..i get 10-12 with full AC on.its decent ha. Power – its powerful, it has a good pick-up, it really good to drive.I’ve been in many highway races as well as city races with swifts and punto’s and i tend to outrace them everytime. :P…tough it takes time to built up speed but it do zip for sure!.. :) Brakes-Brakes are good, really i’ve put thm to extreme conditions like 120km to stand stills, and the brakes will make you feel confident for sure!. :) Steering-The steering is of decent size, chunky feels good in hand. Gearbox-tall gears, its better but not upto any honda’ or maruti, but its tons ahead of prev gen tata cars. So in the end Verdict – Go buy it,you wont regret!… :)

  37. Hi..Could anyone please tell me, what is the efficiency of Manza Aura+ Safire BS3/4?. For Old Users….Any worst experience you had with Manza Petrol model? Regards Salil

  38. I had almost finalised on Dzire(p), just then i saw manza,took a test drive and wow..!!! the petrol engine is amazing and space inside is definetly vvvvery generous, plz dont even compare dzire with manza…dzire is no were near it. And coming to price , i wonder if maruti is charging us tooo much or are tatas selling us a steal ??

  39. Hi everyone.. I have seen all the comments but still not satisfied for the fact of Petrol cars. I have taken the trial for Manza and found that the pick up is not so good as Dzire. Did anyone notice it? Waiting for all your comments.

  40. If Manza is sooo… Good, can anyone suggest why D’zire has 3-5 months waiting till yet from its launch 4 year back? every second person is buying D’zire why? I am in line to change my car and I am looking for a diesel sedan.

  41. Today i test drove Indigo Manza Aura(ABS). Got impressed by its comfort, pick up and brakes. Interiors are far better than II gen indigo. It doesn’t feel like “Diesel” when you are inside (the vehicle which came for TD had already clocked 9870 KM) yet i was impressed. Idling sound was also minimum when compared to indigo ecs which i test drove two days back. My only concern about Manza was the car seems to be too big, mind you i am 6’2″ and well built. Regarding the Performance of Petrol versions, I would like to your notice that Manza Saffire runs with same powertrain as that of Linea so one need not worry. Further, as far as my understanding goes (pls correct me if i am wrong), you can always expect a mileage in the range of 10-14Kmpl which covers both city and long drives in any petrol car irrespective of the brand be it a hyundai, suzuki, ford or tata because the technology in petrol engines has not changed much. As far the diesel version, I see tata are the forerunners. The sheer number of diesel cars on road from tata should bear testimonial.

  42. I m planning to buy Dzire but by look i m not satisfied. I heared that tata has expertise in commercial vehicle so i have desided for Dzire……. plzzz help me i m in dailema which one to buy…..

  43. Reply to “boss..i just wanna know that is tata a trustworthy in the long run..!! by nitin on Mar 15th, 2011 at 1:22 pm. Pls see all the lowly rated Indica Cabs. Any car that is driven by a driver (and not the owner gets abused, when there is no fare, to put it mildly). And if it lasts for about 2Lac km, as is the normal case with most cabs, it is likely that it will last for about 10 years with a pivate owner. AND here we are talking about a so called premium car from TATA; AND steel used in Manza is free from TATA steel :-). Hence, personally, I expect the car to last for a good 10 years.

  44. i am planning to buy diesel sadan budget 6-7 lacks i am confuse between indigo & dzire i don’t like dzire shape same like ambasador and i like manza looks but after all main thing resale factor of tata, currently maruti dzire has big resale value i don’t know about manza. in india no more option for cars i like suv but not in my budget scorpio i can buy but average and maintainance is big so i have two option swift or manza any one can help me about this confussion.

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