Suzuki plans 200cc and 500cc bikes in India

When Government Of India opened the gate for superbikes in 2007, everyone expect the Hayabusa and R1 to hit India market. Recently, Yamaha launched superbikes – R1 and MT-01 in India. Now its Suzuki’s turn but unlike Yamaha, Suzuki plans a CKD (Completely Knocked Down) route that means more affordable superbikes.Assembling the bikes in India will cut the cost of a superbike significantly, compared to importing it as a CBU(Completely Built Unit). Also,Suzuki is planning to assemble 400-600cc bikes in India that could see prices of power bikes come down to Rs 4-5 lakh.  Suzuki Motorcycle India V-P Atul Gupta told that the company would shortly be sending some of the bikes to Indian vehicle certification agency Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI), Pune, for homologation. “The homologation process is likely to take between three to six months and we can expect some of these bikes possibly by Diwali,” he said. “Indian Government move to relax certification process for 800-cc plus vehicles (by accepting certification from EU against existing policy of only from the country of origin) would also help in launch of these bikes in India”, he added. Suzuki may bring superbikes like GS500, GSR600 and RMZ-450 to indian market.

125cc,150cc and 200cc..

Suzuki will launch two new models in 2008. While one will be in the 150-cc segment, the other could be a premium offering in the 125-cc segment. Suzuki is also looking at launching a 200 cc bike, though Gupta said a final decision would be taken closer to the launch.

Expansion plan:

In line with the expansion of its product range, Suzuki will expand its dealer network to maximise its reach. Suzuki intends to set up a network of 400 outlets over the next three years, compared to 140 stores at present. And, during this period its investment could reach Rs 700 crore while the Gurgaon facility could be churning out 4 lakh two-wheelers by 2010, compared to 1.7 lakh at present.

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  1. this is good that suzuki looking for 200 cc bikes as its having strong base in bike field only problem of suzuki is there model tecnoligy wise they are better than athers but,the model they select not set in indian mind as in india u had to look both face young generation and family persons but now all are looking bike with dashing looks ….so mix the looks and confortablity,,,

  2. And add makes a greate differece in sales if ur product is good but the aproach is not good then it aftect the sales ,,,,,i love bikes and i tried to use all type of bikes ,,,,so discoverd suzuki is very strong and made for long run ………

  3. come..Live in true spirits…already a Lot has done…n pulsar is King of perfomance segments in India…even though if a new bike has to succeed as much as the present one’s iot takes long times…itz better for japanese Giants to collaborate with Indian bike makers rather than trying their Luk independantly…!

  4. That’s really great to know. I am keeping my fingers crossed for the day to come soon. Hope Suzuki should come up with extreme designs. But not like the bikes which they have already left in Indian Markets. Zeus, Heat. Not much for the tough guys. Also i guess they need to think of the pricing structure for Indian Markets and buyers.

  5. Man is it real i cant wait for it …………please let me know whent it will be lunched i got buget of 6 lakh and yea am damn sure to buy it!!1

  6. I am so glad that at last I will be able to buy a Suzuki performance bike in India through regular outlets without having to pay outrageous customs duty. I can’t wait to buy a 200 – 500 cc bike that has dashing looks and, of course, superb handling, light weight in addition to scorching speed. My budget is about 5 lacs. Please contact me at 09338578071 ASAP.

  7. suzuki is the most reliable, the manufacture might not give the look but a unique performance, its good to hear from suzuki for 150 -200 cc launch, this would be the amazing once after a long time after fiero….

  8. hey thats great news, i am big fan of SUZUKI. i reallly want to buy the 200gcc bike, lets c if this can give run for the money for the rest of the bikes. pls let me know the launch. OTHERS WAIT 7 WATCH, HERE COMES THE KING

  9. Should be best if they think of a 250cc! Both 200 and 500 will not have any market grip. Suzuki! I love the bikes! But is this what they are thinking to dump in India. Are they trying to wipe their ass off here with us? huh

  10. FINALLY ! If this is true it is in line with my theory that this is the ONLY way they should all have gone from day one. All the Fab 4 Japs should have been taking this route to bring 600 cc – 1000cc bikes to india. At the end of the day there is NO ONE who would not happily pay 25 – 30 % premium of US MRP to have an official bike of their choice in India. I think this route is the right one and am glad that Atul Gupta and Suzuki have their heads screwed on right – not like Yamaha. I called the dealerships in Mumbai of Yamaha and they tell me “Company has said STRICTLY no test rides for R15 or new 150cc fraser derived bike.” When I asked why they said “Company wants people to have blind faith …” I PROMISE I AM NOT BULLS****ING . They want us to have “…blind faith…” in Yamaha India…:?! WTF ?! Talk about living in La La Land – they should cut down on the green tea and Yamaha and drink some serious Indian meetha milk chai – maybe then they will see some reality ….. Good stuff Suzuki – thats the right road you are taking …. now, just introduce the VSTROM and you have my business for sure

  11. Well.. its amazing news that after a long long wait the superbikes will finally make it to india.. But I believe the Govt should also re consider the import taxes and most important of all the infrastructure of roads are extremely important.. But of course needless to say eduction and emphasis of civic sense…

  12. Hi, I am always interested to know about new coming bikes. I just purchased Suzuki Heat 125CC bike & more happy than expects. I always well come ur mail regarding new upcoming Motor Bikes. Thanks Regards Khire Mahesh

  13. Hey Vicky dude, if possible put some cool images on ur website of Suzuki new Bikes so dt we can atleast get an idea.. We’ll will love it fo sure…

  14. What is the status of the homologation applied for by Suzuki? When can we expect these bikes? They have only officially launched&will be launching the 800 cc CBUs. What about the 400-600cc CKDs as they promised in the beginning of 2008 that they would be getting by Diwali? I have bought an R15 for the time being&am waiting eagerly for some news from Suzuki. If anyone else has some concrete info please reply to me at

  15. hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv plzzzzzzzzzzzz tellllllllllllllllll meeeeeeeeeeeee aboutttttttttttttttt theeee newwwwwwwww biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiik plzzzzzzz

  16. hiya everybody i want to tell you somethings when bajaj kawasaki ninja 250Rcc is coming to india and CBR honda 150cc when this bike is coming to india i getting very very borad my friends and you also getting very borad because we are running baby bikes what we do tell me plz we want goodlooking with pickup bikes like R-15 yamaha 150cc,bajaj kawasaki ninja 250Rcc,FZ-16 153cc from yamaha kinetic comet 250cc 30 bhp kinetic Aquilla cruiser 250cc bike and bhp is 30 pulsar 200cc,pulsar 220cc and one more thing i want to tell you new pulsar 200cc and new pulsar 220cc is coming to the showroom don”t buy bikes because new bikes are coming to india like bajaj KTM bikes and many more E.T.C don”t run baby bikes run heller bikes like tell you in my letter reply me as soon as possible plz your rider.

  17. Hi friends i would like to inform you that i have exprienced Yamaha, Suzuki & Kawasaki bikes this are good brands But HONDA is the best. I Have seen a documentory on bikes and found that HONDA is global leader in bikes, and the world champion of bike racing past 4 years is winning on Honda. Before you finalize any bike according to CC / RPM & Your budget just test drive HONDA with the speed of atleast 80kmph comparetively then u can make out the difference by vibration and sound. ALI

  18. i am a very much family man but i am interested to drive bikes 250cc or 500cc bikes, if any company sponsor me a bike as thare advertisement through me becouse i have no money to parchase this much high capaciti bike may be this is my dream only thanks

  19. Will any one from SUZUKI give the news that whn they are going to open any outlet in Kolkata. As there is no outlets in Kolkata, SUZUKI bike lovers are unable to enjoy the smooth ride of SUZUKI GS150R.. Please do reply



  22. I would like to buy Suzuki 200cc.Could you pls let me know when they are planning to launch it in india and what will be the price?pls reply me at my

  23. suzuki is the best.who said honda or yamha best,i they are biggestlooser in riding byke pleaseget the full information and replay me please…………

  24. in the year of 1909 suzuki sponsered his byke and in 2009 the demand of suzuki bike is same or india suzuki not moving his eye because india people not abel to purchase suzuki byke and not a road stand to riding suzuki bykes.i am turly say that in comfort,speed,longlasting suzuki is the best no,no,no,not best more than best and only suzuki best.

  25. Hey i would like 2 hav full concrete infomation about Suzuki launchin bikes in India above 150cc….. i mean 200cc & so on…. As i am crazyyyy 2 rider SUZUKI…… ya & any body having Suzuki Samuria & want 2 sell (mi in mumbai)it plzz contack mi, my id My 1st love is Suzuki Samuria…… plz reply 2 mi…

  26. According to the commercial which is published by the SUZUKI GS 150R, its the bike of the year 2010. Is it true or fake ??????????

  27. I am looking for Suzuki 400cc and 500cc bikes in india, which has been demonstrated in Auto Expo in delhi. if anyone knows please revert back… i am also ready to get it import…

  28. Plz launch the super bikes like hayabusa in 150& 200 cc not just like R15 with bad back lights like from back portion khatam suzuki super bikes wih 130 or 140 tyres heavy backportion with height of the bike

  29. hi, its a very good thing that Suzuki plans to bring performance bikes in India. so they can reach in competitive level with other companies. It also rise Suzuki’s popularity in India. Suzuki rocks .. .

  30. I had been to a suzuki showroom in bangalore to enquire about gs150r price for a friend. I was told that there is a waiting period of 1 month for Gs150r as they are bringing in 2011 model in April. He said no changes in 2011 model of gs150r except the manufacturing date, but we will know if there any changes only when the bikes arrive in April. Also, showroom guy said suzuki will launch a 200cc model in about 3 months’ time, priced around 1 lak. Well thats good news. Hope the retain the kicker.

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