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Live coverage of Suzuki GS150R launch from Delhi

As you read it first at .Suzuki today launched the much awaited 150cc bike. The bike which is known as Lanza is christened as GS150R. GS 150R’s muscular fuel tank adds character to the bike. GS150R’s massive fuel tank can hold 15.5 of fuel.

Styled with inspiration from Suzuki’s international superbike GSX-R, GS150R is a mean looking machine. The bikini fairing, pilot lamps mounted on either side of wolf eyed headlamps is not exciting but looks pleasing. But the real attraction is the rear part of the GS150R. Stunning integrated LED tail lamp cluster also houses turn indicators on both sides.which is again an GSX-R inspired.

GS150R is powered a engine which respires through BS26 carburettor (NO Fuel Injection or FI). The engine also gets TPS (Throttle positioning Sensor). Suzuki says GS150R engine is tuned to ride better for  city riding. The 150cc engine is designed to with an acceleration performance in the low to mid range speed which is important for city driving. GS150R engine is equipped with engine balancer technology. According to Suzuki, engine balancer technology of GS150R which seeks to minimise vibration usually associated with the vibration. GS150R balancer system is fitted with balancer-driven gear fitted with a rubber damper for reducing the impact noises generated by its meshing with the balancer-driven gear.

GS150R 149cc engine develops 13.8bhp of peak power at 8500rpm and 13.4Nm of peak torque 6000rpm. is mated with a six speed transmission. Gear shift pattern is 1-down and  5-up. According to Suzuki, GS150R will return a mileage of 50kmpl in City and 55kmpl in Highway 60kmpl in City and 65kmpl in Highway.

Pictures of Suzuki GS150R

GS150R length is 2095mm, its width is 775mm and it height 1120mm.  The ground clearance of the GS150R is 160mm and its wheelbase stands at 1340mm. At the fore GS150R gets 2.75 -18 and at the rear Suzuki GS150R features fatter 100/90-18 tyre.

GS150R features disc brake at the front and drum brake at the rear. Hydraulics forks and gas charged rear suspension of GS150R will give you a comfortable ride. GS150R is neither Fuel Injected nor have monoshock suspension at the rear.

Suzuki has given GS150R contemporary features such as digital console. The digital console of GS150R features a digital speedometer and it let’s you to select two modes – Power mode and economic mode. As the name indicates once the power mode is opted, GS150R starts behaving a racing animal and the eco mode let’s you to conserve fuel. The GSX-R inspired engine rpm indicator glows to give an indication to the rider about the optimum up-shift timings. Eco and power modes of GS150R functions to cater to wide range of speeds and riding conditions.  The digital console also indicates the which gear is selected.

GS 150R comes with a six speed transmission. GS150R is available in four colours – pearl nebular black,metallic flint gray,candy max orange and Candy dark greenish blue. Suzuki has come up with a killer price for the GS150R. GS150R is attractively priced at Rs59000 (ex-showroom Delhi)

More details are expected and Pictures will be uploaded soon.

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  3. is the man, are the men rather. You guys are unbeatable at getting the scoops and super hot news. Keep up the good work. The site can do with some better design though. On the bike, its a relief after seeing the horror – new CBZ – Xtreme. The pricing is good and I will be interested if its suits my frame( I am short 5’6″ and lean 55 ). Excellent is what I have got to say.

  4. THANKS VICKY,,,ya i am impressed…as u told us it has two mode operation techique,,,POWER MODE in which bike can behave like racing bull and ECONOMY MODE for peacefull smooth riding,,,I hope it make it different along with 6 trasmission from other 150cc range bike secially pulsar, honda.i wish gudluck suzuki and thanks to u for this information.

  5. In pics bike looks dated , in real how it looks it is remain to be seen , Yamaha has already rasied bar so high with ther 2 new bikes , also will remain to be seen how Bajaj , Hero Honda TVS will react with ther product.

  6. The Looks are not Exciting!!!! But the Engine & the features are. Thanks vicky, this is the site I refer to look for the auto update info. You guys are the best. Good that Suzuki named this bike as GS150-R instead of some English & Hindi names like Karishma, Hunk, Discover, Heat, Zeus etc.

  7. Thanks Vicky for the hot news. I believe the Bike is going to be launched in Bangalore in the First week of January, 2009. It’s very disappointing.

  8. y is the front disc brake in the left side?….i heard that it will cause the bike to skid on emergency stops…is that true? please anybody do reply….

  9. As i have previously posted in Suzuki reviews its very disappointing looks were predictable there is nothing new or surprises Suzuki’s is living in the past i don’t find any difference between this bike and cbz or the unicorn horse power is less compared to today’s bike which is around in the market BS26 carburetor when fuel injection and oil cool is around and 6 speed transmission for a engine which produces so less horsepower it must be a joke i guess Suzuki’s R@D team needs to be revamped they are living in the 90’s Suzuki is not doing well in the market hardly they sell bikes top of that when they have the best bikes in international market don’t know Wat are they thinking I’m very very disappointed i sum time think are they producer of the fastest bike in the world when they have excellent technology and engines for international market Suzuki is going backwards in Indian market i guess they wont be able to compete if they produce bikes like this for Indian market when Yamaha and Honda have learn t their lesson and are bringing up excellent bikes to India its time for Suzuki to bite the dust.

  10. Raj to Ur q/s of disc on the left side i find no probs as i have a brembo disc on my royal enfield lightning 535cc fitted on the left side when u brake hard it doesn’t skid only when u turn in sharp corners must be careful and on wet roads but that is in a heavy vehicle but lighter vehicles i dont think so i guess Suzuki would have done a research on that or they wont launch a bike with these issues u have to test ride and find out for yourself.

  11. Hi, friends. As many of the people are saying that, this is a disappointing product I am not agreed. Yes, this bike looks like a hybridisation of many bikes as headlamp is like Pulsar, tank and smoke pipe are like a Unicorn, grab rail is like a faliure named Kinetic Velocity, side pastics are like a Apache. But look at the cost and component quality, you are getting a bike with components equivalent to an other 150 and even an engine balancer which is present only in Yamaha FZ16 in 59000/- this is not bad either. This is not a disappointment, but this is a good attempt by Suzuki by taking clues from all successful products like Pulsar, Unicorn, Apache etc to make it a little success if not a huge one. If you have seen their current products like Zeus and Heat, you will come to know GS150R is very eye pleasing product than those. Yes, this bike cant do every thing good that Suzuki needs at this time, but it can give them a chance to take a breath and to put their efforts to produce some great bikes for India in coming future.

  12. hi, it’s simply amazing, after 1 year i finally got which was much awaited, even b4 compani’s half done already n would b finally complemented wen picture(lanza150) of all coloured model r loaded.

  13. Vishal Sharma Oct 27th, 2008 at 3:47 pm Hello everybdy, First of all,I realy feel very disappointing for the reason tht many ppl r discouraging the featurs of this new suzuki GS150R bike by nt considering it innovative or new and exciting, whereas as the bike has plenty of potential which is not clearly visible on these photographs, if u ppl realy wanna see something with gr8 potential see the bike in real , wud b available within 10 days in all suzuki outlets jst for test ride, The bike has got really huge n bulky tank which ppl rn’t able to see in this picture , the bike can be driven in two mode power” n “economy” by the use of a button, the bike is having digital meter with gear shift indicators the tank is completly of metal not Fiber like the “FZ 16? and first u see the bike in real or see the official company photographs n i think u’ll be able to comment more accuretly. Moreover , the bikes jst Rs.59,000/- exshowrm which is really econamical in 150class, n well this is jst the biginning from suzuki , suzuki’s jst 3yrs old in india give it a little bit of time atleast to start proper production of the existing bikes only, within a couple of yrs from now on everybdy will fansy a suzuki bike , well at least the company promises so , cos a lot of variety of products are lined up from suzuki , coming out within the next 8 months

  14. I went to the Suzuki showroom in Gurgaon this sunday to check out the GS150R. Bike looks nothing short of outstanding. Even my girl friend could not stop herself from commenting “Each and every part of this bike looks so arty and classical”. Got to start the engine though test ride was not allowed as this was the only piece received and they did not want to spoil it. Engine sounded pretty refined and well behaved. I dont agree with the entire thing about headlight being a copy of Pulsar. Its like people saying “its a copy of Thums Up!” when coke was launched in India! Only thing i disliked about the bike was rubber king of covering over front forks. That clearly looks dated. Rest the bike rocks. Needless to say i have booked it. deliver in Jan week 1.

  15. The bike has digital speedo, 150 cc, 6 gear, front disc, LED taillight, and even engine balancer all for just Rs. 59,000. I bet it is the best value for money in the Indian markek right now. It has almost everything, but it is still not enough to compete with Apache RTR. GS150 could have been much better with mono shocks, lesser kerb weight, and smaller tank. Fuel injection could have been optional. If we increase fiber in the tank and faring, we can have muscular looks and also less weight. Suzuki needs to increase power-to-weight ratio by reducing weight.

  16. Since Indian government has slashed CENVAT by 4% and all the manufacturers are passing on the benefit to the consumer….It is likely awaited to be seen whether Suzuki follows the same suit or not…..!! However in this time of Economic uncertainty hopefully they must thing of price revision (lower price to make it competitive as compared to its other competitors as Bajaj, Honda, Hero Honda and Yamaha. wait and watch is the mantra !!! And suzuki’s aggressive market stratezy should also revamp….

  17. macha superb it is! i hav seen it at shw room, its led speedometer featues are awesome and even its otherv tech features r outstanding………….i thnk il book it

  18. Anyone did a test-ride??? gonna get ma bike this month.wanna know about its drivability and handling???iam confused b/w unicorn&GS150 R. anyone pls do a testride and give information….on handling

  19. Hi guys, Yesterday I had a test drive of this vehicle at I-Bays, Somajiguda, Hyderabad. I liked: – Looks (Fuel tank, fat body and tyres, tail lights, console, head light, etc.,); It looks really manly than Hunk, Pulsar and FZ16 (looks are subjective though). – Handling is very good (I did get a chance drive it only in gallis). Though it is premature to say this but I can’t help it without. – Suspension (Tested by driving through some big potholes. Ride is good) – Revs easily (Without any vibrations, I was able to take the rpm to 7,500 rpm); I disliked: – Engine isn’t as refined as the Unicorn’s (and of course XTreme and Hunk) but it is okay… More refined than FZ16’s though. – Power (13.8 is less, I feel). May because the engine didn’t sufficiently heat up when I took the test drive, I didn’t feel that sudden gush of power compared to Pulsar or CBZ. I instantly booked it. Delivery is said be in 2nd week of February. As told by the dealer, on-road price is not yet finalized and it should be between 68k and 70k. Now, I’m in love with my first bike (which hasn’t been delivered to me of course).

  20. The bike is delayed to be available only by second week of Feb’09 which is too long to wait….A management lesson to be learnt by Suzuki —- ” FIRST SORT YOUR TECHNICAL CLEARANCES WITH SUZUKI JAPAN AND THEN U SHOULD HAVE THOUGHT OF LAUNCHING THE BIKE…” remember the Zone of Tolerance line between customer satisfaction and dissatisfaction…. there is no point which suzuki wants to pour in — Bloody Hell LAUNCED THE VEHICLE IN OCT’08 AND DELIVERY IN FEB’09 —- SUCH LONG LATENCY PERIOD…. WAKE UP GUYS BECAUSE 1. YOU DONOT HAVE A STRONG HOLD IN THE MARKET 2. THIS DELAY WOULD NOT HELP U EITHER…. 3. PRODUCTION IN HASTE WILL AUTOMATICALLY DEGRADE QUALITY…

  21. Hi, Yes, even I got the same info from the dealer that Feb 2nd week onwards the bike delivery will start. There is no test drive available till date. I saw new CBZ too, it looks very great with new colors & performance also very good. If anyone has took test ride of GS & CBZ, please let me know the comparison. I am 6.5 feet tall person, weight more than 100 kg and occasionaly like to go for long ride on weekends and mostly uses for daily commuting for office.

  22. @shankar… Where are you from? Test drives are available from the 2nd week of January itself. Do check with your nearest dealer. And coming to the CBZ, it is a very good bike backed with excellent dealership of Hero Honda. You can’t go wrong with a Hero Honda. I driven both GS150R and CBZ and booked the former. It’s a good all-round package. Looks (styling) and ride (suspension) are the only two drawbacks of CBZ. Don’t know the reliability of GS150R because it is a new bike but Suzuki is one the world leaders. If your main usage is commuting on city roads and highway cruising (6-speed and engine balancer lets you cruise at 90 kmph at around 6000 rpm which is very good considering fuel economy). CBZ too is a very good bike. I’d have booked it had it’s styling been as good as GS150R’s.

  23. So Suzuki doing the same mistake again. 2007 it was Access and wait period initially told was 45 days and stretched upto 100 days or more. I don’t know finally how many days it took for them to deliver vehicle. After 100days of wait I cancelled my booking like many others, But this time I thought atleast they learned from their previous lessons.

  24. GS150 r is good looking,not a stuuning bike. some altertion must be made by suzuki, that are monosuspension,side stand indicator, oil indicator,they can also introduse in displacement vehicles also.

  25. awesome bike. i already took the test ride. it so smooth like butter. no vibration like CBZ. even my GF liked it.its pick up friend already booked it.this bike rocks.go and get it.

  26. total scrap….. ,combination of pulser,cbz,unicorn etc ,except speedometer its very sexy. dont talk about tail light its totally rubbhish. Dont dare to buy it. waste of money.

    1. Foolish Siddharth, go and buy yourself a crap PULSAR, CBZ or a styleless unicorn. But please do not misguide others in not purchasing a suzuki. Guys, this is a world class company offering you an all round bike for the first time in India. No hard feelings for other bikes, but this ones the best. Dont ask a fool like Siddharth for an advice on buying a bike. Sidharth, stick to your Pulsar and keep cribbing baby.

    2. I was about the buy FZ, Just took a test ride no intention of buying it. Its sooo smooth, Changing the gear is too soft and easy, in 6th gear we can ride minimum of 40 KM. Excelent seating positon. Still I love the looks of FZ but planning to take Gs150 for its Engine and nice features and mileage..

  27. this bike rocks. price is only 60k.(ex showroom price). which is compatible in 150cc console is excellent. according to me it gives total value for money.this bike will reduce the gap created by yamaha fz in 150 cc mascular bike.go and get it.

  28. Please guys… @Sudhir and @Sidharth… Please DON’T come to any conclusion about the looks, engine, etc., of the bike just by seeing photos and specs. Take a test drive and post comments.

    1. poda soripudicha monna naaye…………. your fucking fz wont go smooth after 85 but suzuki ill do it

  29. Everything is fine. But the power given bike for its heavy weight is not enough. I think the top speed will be lvery less and takes more time to touch top speed especially on doubles. 105 to 107 would be the top speed. Could be equipped more spped atleast 14.4 as in Pulsar and CBZ Xtreme ATFT. But built wise it is good. But doesn’t match the built quality of Unicorn.

    1. All those idiots who dont like Suzuki or dont understand how to grade a bike……..Please SHUT YOUR BLOODY STUPID MOUTHS…….brainless maggots.

  30. it is not pathetic,all others copied suzuki gsx1000,why should giant like suzuki copy this rubbish brands like tvs and bajaj.if you see yamaha fz and bmw naked it is similar in many ways.

  31. What about the power-to-weight ratio? This is bike is again too heavy for a 150 cc, just like pulsar. Also, 6 gears. Why do you need 6 gears in India? You cant even use 5 gears in Indian cities. Suzuki has got to make the bike lighter. The Fz16 and Apache are much lighter but still have 150 cc and 160 cc engines respectively. Power-to-weight ratio. That is the key to mileage and pickup.

    1. Why dont you buy yourself a BICYCLE, it is light and gives you plenty of mileage. Fool, start understanding the technology behind a bike rather than running your mouth like a donkey.

  32. Hi all, I got my GS 150 on wednesday, it is amazing! Good Pick up, smooth riding, smooth gears. in bangalore onroad price is 68,331/-.

  33. are ye to pura ka pura kichri(mixed) hai. is ka body hona shine ki tarah,tail lamp cbz xtreme ki tarah,speedo meter tvs apache ki taraha, aur head lighit pulser 2nd model 150 ki taraha. pura kapura copy hai. lekin is ka khas bat hai.woh hai is ka gear system. i have pulsar 220 and a cbzcbz xtreme which has only 5 gear. but it has 6 seep gear box.but i have a doubt.wht is the max speed of this bike?????? have any friends who ans my question correctly???????????????

    1. Hey it has two wheels as other bikes have ….Suzuki copied that too………. start loving Technology then u will realize quality and performance……

    2. Hey ,Aap ko bikes ke bare main kuch bi malum hai kaya ? Your r trying to say suzuki copied all these companys try to first find about suzuki before opning your mouth ,And ur talking about tvs ,hero hond,pulsar which are only in india ,try to do a research before even u can comment and there is no answer for silly question

  34. Come on yaar, Dont compare a great bike to small chota bikes. Nothing is a copy. Speedo is a copy of apache???(Can u beat it) u kno where tachometer comes in apache? Head light isnt like pulsar dude its like GSZ-1000(search in google images) Body like shine?Are u insane? As of now, i ve covered 1300kms n top speed is 118 Mileage is 55-60 Amazing pick-up Good looks(Nt great though) U CAN NEVER COMPARE ANY OTHER BIKE TO THIS

  35. Comparing with RTR? Haa haa :-).. U r comparing the combination of copy bike GS150R with Apache RTR…? Nice joke..

  36. hi sudhir. it have greater advantages than Apache RTR one is its engine,Suzuki is one of the two wheeler giants tvs was only its collaborator in India .it have advantage of throttle position sensor in its mileage,engine stabilizer in long journey,in look also apache have not much tamil nadu TVS has good name i dont know the reason,here kerala TVS have less market.

  37. Apache RTR Fi is comparing with Karizma, P220, R15. The performance is like that. That’s y I told. I know very well about Suzuki … “Suzuki Shogun” I like more than my RX100 and RTR Fi I can’t forgot that bike. I don’t know how many of them feel that bike this much. 110cc 14 bhp.. No chance RX100 should beg in front of this bike. But GS150R is not upto that mark.. Look and performance nothing. This bike look like 2003 model Pulsar. Have to develop lot..

  38. hi sudhir, i will defenitely buy suzuki gs 150 r.Here apache havent a satifactory comment my friend have will vibrate above going to purchase a GS because im a user of suzuki samrai from 2002.even it two stroke it have better efficiency than others.Suzuki have lot of experience in the field than TVS.Suzuki gs have good value for is lot of features copared to unicorn and apache.also well refined engine.ultra smooth according to my friends comment.better you buy GS 150 r.


  40. What about the power-to-weight ratio? This is bike is again too heavy like pular for a 150 cc. Also, 6 gears. Why do you need 6 gears in India? You cant even use 5 gears in Indian cities. Suzuki has got to make the bike lighter. The Fz16 and Apache are much lighter bikes with 150 cc and 160 cc engines respectively. Power-to-weight ratio. That is the key to mileage and pickup. Pular – old looks and has digital speedo and good pickup, but too heavy bike and rough engine. Apache – good style, sporty, digital speedo, lighter, highest power-to-weight ratio, good pickup, but rough engine Unicorn – smooth engine and monoshock, but no looks, no digital speedo fz16 – monoshock and looks only. only hyped. Engine lacks power. hunk/cbz – no durable. bad shockabsorbers. Bad looks. gs150 – good looks, smooth engine, digital speedo. Though heavy like pular, but well balanced. Best 150 cc bike at present.

  41. What about the power-to-weight ratio? This is bike is again too heavy like pular for a 150 cc. Also, 6 gears. Why do you need 6 gears in India? You cant even use 5 gears in Indian cities. Suzuki has got to make the bike lighter. The Fz16 and Apache are much lighter bikes with 150 cc and 160 cc engines respectively. Power-to-weight ratio. That is the key to mileage and pickup. Pular – old looks and has digital speedo and good pickup, but too heavy bike and rough engine. Apache – good style, sporty, digital speedo, lighter, highest power-to-weight ratio, good pickup, but rough engine Unicorn – smooth engine and monoshock, but no looks, no digital speedo fz16 – monoshock and looks only. only hyped. Engine lacks power. hunk/cbz – no durable. bad shockabsorbers. Bad looks. Gs150 – good looks, smooth engine, digital speedo. Though heavy like pular, but well balanced. Use 6th gear on highway. Best 150 cc bike at present.

  42. AWESOME BIKE!!!!!!!! And for the guys who complain, please take up a test drive and then comment!!! This bike is heavy, but the weight is perfectly balanced than any other bikes in our market. It cannot be compared with RTR. RTR —> raw power only. GS150R —> decent power, looks, built quality.. People who want more comfort, better milage can opt this one. I had a test drive last week.. Narrowed my selection to rtr(which was my favorite since the launch date) and gs150r… But this time, i somehow felt gs150r was much comfortable then the short rtr.. I clocked 104kmph and it had absolutely no vibrations at all.. I didn’t feel that it crossed 100 until i looked at the speedo… Finally booked one today from ABT Suzuki 2day.. Once more, its not fair to discourage this bike without a proper test drive..


  44. hi, everyone r syin der s some sound in engine n while giving accelator is it true?? i saw d byk according to me d display light could have been changed n handle led like pulsar could have been added….. now actually my qustion is How about d performence n milage n wat about d maintainance compared to unicorn n pulsar….. pls do someone reply…. is it really worth going to gs 150r…… pls reply

  45. hi guys i booked ths bike my problem is wheteher i shud go with this bike or else unicorn wich is quite famous but according to me suzuki also gud & as this bike is new we cant tell whether it will be hit or flop what u peple will tell plzz reply soon waiting 4 reply

  46. Hi Everybody, I have taken this bike 2 months back and riding it its quite gud when u r speeding more than 65. no vibration at all u feel like u r riding at 50 only at the speed of 70 but i faced problem with self start from the begining and now it stopped working completely. about milage before 1st service 45-50 after 1st service not checked it.

  47. I am already riding Suzuki Fiero, the original make of Suzuki (not tvs), I really love the engine sound of fiero. It was a perfect blend of power and mileage. Initially i was getting around 65 from Fiero. Now sound and even mileage is worst though beacuse i had drove for about one lakh and around 30k kms, yes it’s true. If suzuki can have a great model like Fiero i am sure 150r would be greater than mine because it is coming with 6 gear, nitrox suspension and with beautiful console, not like other bajaj and tvs consols which like a wrist watch. I have taken a few rides of 150R, its amazing but engine sound is where it lacks not as good as its older bikes. Is there anybody who is driving this bike and already getting a mileage of 60?????

  48. Hi, I bought GS150R about 3 months back. I am getting 58kmpl(35% city + 65% highway) consistantly. The engine and the gear box are becoming smoother and smoother after each ride. Initially, there was some unpleasant sound from the engine beyond 5500rpm. Now the engine sound remains unchanged, even after 95 kmphr. Two things I miss in GS150R are the mono suspension and the tubeless tyres.

  49. @JAS ARORA : Well ,suzuki Fiero is materialized due to TVS’s R&D As well.Suzuki’s 150R is not a competitor for current breed of 150/160cc bikes available in India. I had My Suzuki Fiero bought on 2002.

  50. all the statements above suggest that gs150 is a loser but no it is completely wrong. You can never compare the fz with gs as it is tad rs6000 costlier. Moreover in straights the gs can easily outrun the hunk,cbz,unicorn and can run close to pulsars with a speed of 118 in power mode which i achieved in NH24 with my two friends in the hunk and cbz followed by the unicorn. Though it was unable to compete with the fz(having 4-6 kms more speed).But it overwhelms it with 50-55 kms as mileage in city. Also fz can get very uncomfortablein long rides especially with a pillion thanks to its mini rear seat. And apache can really test your nerves you with the vibrations produced in higher revs. On the other hand u will hardly find any vibrations on the gs at even speeds of 80-85 and it can bring smile on your face with the strong mid range making overtakink a walk in the park.

  51. Only buy the apache if you want power and dont expect anything more from this fuddu bike because though it has the fi it can hardly give you 50 as highway mileage. and in my opinion it has a very ugly head light and its vibrations can make even charlie chaplin irritated. Also in my point of view people love the style of fz not because it is beautiful but because it is unique and naked.

  52. Yes, I am geting a milage of 60-60 kmpl.Engine sound is redusing day by day and machine is becoming very smooth. But no sudden pickup.However , package is good.

  53. GS150R’s fuel tank is rusted and some other parts too. The mouth of the tank, where it holds(takes) the PETROL. I could not inspect the tank’s inside from outside. How did they go for such a POOR tank? Won’t the rust-mixed-petrol spoil the ENGINE(acclaimed). The dealer is not listening and under warranty Loathes to give me a new one. It is a GREAT SHOCK for me and my cousin who has taken a GS150R on my recommendation. Whats your suggestion? Remedy? SUZUKI M-India should commence a THOROUGH QUALITY CONTROL audit of its parts. It should Go only for GOOD and lasting components. Won’t such issues malign GS-150R’s reputation with spurious / nil-quality parts.

  54. Go for fuel economy vehicles save petrol save India……. GS 150 is really give smileage of 125 and slightly less compared to 100 cc engines ….but satisfies requirements of youths like power of 150 cc engine……Reliability—- name itself SUZUKI Japan make…..

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