Suzuki Lanza 150cc

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After the Yamaha its now suzuki turn to make bike enthusiast cheer. Suzuki will soon launch an 150cc bike with a six speed transmission. Excited ! stick to the floor, unlike the R15, Suzuki’s lanza will be a commuter bike. Ya, Suzuki is following a different strategy, as every manufacturer move towards sportiness, the former TVS partner wish to tap the buyers whose first preference are the ergonomics,performance and fuel economy / mileage. Suzuki’s lanza 150cc will be the only bike to sport toe and heel gear lever other than pulsar in the 150cc segment.

The lanza 150cc boast a bikini fairing with a wolf eyed headlamp similar to the pulsar. The pilot lamps are mounted on each side which increases the aura of the lanza. However the most striking features in the lanza is its muscular fuel tank.  The handlebar comes with weight on both sides which might be borrowed from the Suzuki’s 125cc zeus. The cockpit will be a digital one with a LCD console. The rear cowl is big and features a LED tail lamp cluster.Lanza features a disc brake at the front and drum brake at the rear.

Bajaj used to facelift its product every 12 or 18 months but a facelift for pulsar is due. It seems like Bajaj has forgotten its job and with lanza Suzuki has done it instead of Bajaj. But it’s hard to blame the pulsar except for its troublesome gearbox and inconsistent engine performance. Suzuki might do magic with its ultra reliable engine and butter smooth six speed transmission.

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  1. saimanohar says:

    got to see an unofficial snap of the front fairing…familiar to the pulsar…Bur suzuki’s refinement should hold the key.. 6 gears for a street bike ? waiting for the verdict!

  2. din says:

    ya seen some spy shots. It looks like a mix of pulsar and unicorn pulsar front unicorn silencer and rear not sure if it has got mono suspension

  3. roshan bumb says:

    suzuki 150cc bike

  4. chethan B N says:

    I have to buy the bike of 150cc range, i saw the add of suzuki lanza i am waiting for it.

  5. azhar says:

    I wanna see the pictures of suzuki lanza, can anybody tell me where to find…???

  6. manohar says:

    i need to see the photo pf the bike . its urgent please

  7. sreejith.m says:

    when is this bike expected to release…………… wat about the mielage and look

  8. shivashankar says:

    please can any one suggest when the lanza will be launched and where can i see the photo of lanza i am awaiting for it

  9. akhil says:


  10. harsha says:

    don’t expect much from it…..looks like a copied one …gives u a pulsar look …. its of 14 bhp, i think no mono suspension

  11. avinash says:

    Its official…Suzuki 150 cc bike will be launched at Delhi on 23rd October, 2008.. With Yamaha’s R15 & Fz16 in market, i don’t think that Suzuki Lanza will do much in this segment..anyway all the best SMIPL.. Wake up Suzuki Top Officials…with most of the top officials of Suzuki (SMIPL) are from Yamaha, its time for them to take serious note of Yamaha..

  12. avinash says:

    hey Suzuki 150 cc bike name is not Lanza…its “GSR 150″…will be launched at Hotel Taj, Delhi on 23rd October, 2008…

  13. lavit says:

    is this true

  14. lavit says:

    can u send me some pics of the bike…

  15. Marshall says:

    Hope it gets speed with six gears unlike my zeus.nice power economy mode in the digital meter.

  16. nishant says:

    i have taken the test ride of apache rtr-fi it was awesome to ride a bike with incredible acceleration, and almost no vibration in handle as the previous onertr has. control allover in city as well on a straight is excellent and braking power is more than enough and all of that you will feel different from others price Rs.72965 (on road)

  17. sana says:

    wanna see the pic of the bike…………………it cant compete with honda karizma

  18. ashish says:

    Lanza is a commuter bike. wat is new on the front for sports bike lovers is Kawasaki Ninja 259 with whooping 40 bhp power… that to on 2 lacs rs. just wait riders.

  19. arun says:

    how is the design is going to be & when it is expted in india………..

  20. m karthik says:

    send suzuki’s 150cc bike to my id

  21. m karthik says:

    send suzuki 150cc bike pics to my id

  22. Suhel says:

    send suzuki 150cc bike pics to my id and details with cost and i want to know about the performance and about mileage as well

  23. chethan r says:

    hii dear… i yet to knw abt suzuki lanza 150cc.. ineed wallpapers and price of the bike so plz send them to my mail id…

  24. vikky says:

    i m very exited to see that bike.. i hope it should be more sporty then fz16..

  25. sohail says:

    suzuki lanza price?

  26. ABHAS says:

    i m waiting for this bike pls launch new lanza as soon as possible i luv this byk

  27. thedude says:

    plz tell me best bike in 150cc fz16 cbz hunk apache

  28. mubarak says:

    fuck u guys there is no pic of bike

  29. mubarak says:

    teri maki chute there is no bike in front of pulsar

  30. anwar says:

    hii dear… i yet to knw abt suzuki lanza 150cc.. ineed wallpapers and price of the bike so plz send them to my mail id…

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