Royal Enfield unveils new Bullet Classic 500 EFI

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The new generation bullet is born! Royal Enfield has unveiled the next generation Bullet classic 500 EFI at Cologne International bike show. With the unveiling of new Bullet Classic, Royal Enfield has given one of the most important and significant updates in the Bullet’s long history. In 1932, the Royal Enfield “Bullet” was originally created in Britain. Now, 76 years later, Royal Enfield’s newest model celebrates these early “Bullets”. The new “Bullet 500 Classic” harks back to the ‘G2′ Bullet of the early 1950s, retaining the quintessential classic British style that is inextricably linked to the Royal Enfield name.

Royal Enfield Bullet Classic 500 EFI: Royal Enfield has carefully tweaked the style of the Bullet Classic, but retains its retro roots.  The round headlamps with his young guard, the analog valves, the individual semi with visible steel springs and deep-drawn fenders of the rear tire result in a successful combination of style elements of the’50s.
re new bullet silver

Royal Enfield Bullet Classic 500 EFI: Though the retro design is intentionally retained, Royal Enfield has given the Bullet Classic a necessary update to comply the stricter Euro III emissions regulations.

re new bullet classic

Royal Enfield Bullet Classic 500 EFI: The new 500cc, air cooled, Fuel Injected mill with a bore of 84mm and 90mm stroke produces an impressive power output of 27.2bhp (up by 5bhp) at 5250rpm and 41Nm (up by 1Nm) of max torque at 4000rpm. According to Royal Enfield, this new Bullet can hit a maximum speed of 129kmph and fuel efficiency / economy figure is claimed to be 28.5kmpl (consumes 3.5L of gasoline for running 100km). The engine is mated with a advanced five speed gearbox (left-side). But the EFI engine still retains the old school pushrod construction.

re new bullet classic side

Royal Enfield Bullet Classic 500 EFI: New Bullet Classic 500 EFI comes with contemporary features like electric start and 280mm Disc brake at the front. The new Bullet Classic will be retailed for available in three colours – black, red and blue. Royal Enfield will launch the Bullet Classic next month in Germany but France and other european markets have to wait till mid 2009. However there is no word on Indian launch of new Bullet Classic 500cc EFI.

royal enfield bullet classic 500 efi black 1

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  1. David in Fort Lauderdale says:

    And I’m told that they spent a lot of money saving the famous “thump”. Pictures of the unveiling are on my blog, But will there be a kickstart lever? Will a Military version be produced? The nacelle is preserved, although artist’s conceptions earlier showed it being abandoned. Good. I am liking this very much although I shall miss the neutral finder very much.

  2. mehul says:

    May i know when will this bullet classic FI come to india and what will be it’s price?

  3. ARYAN says:


  4. TJ says: awesome masterpiece.. But please tell me..when will it be available in India..?? Friends..just so you know..we have created a community for Bullect Classic 500 on Orkut..would request you all to join and post any information which you have for it.. Thanks & Cheers.. Happy Thumping..:o))

  5. Anjan says:

    As per the reports it may not be available in India

  6. Dani says:

    The Bullet Classic is currently being made specifically for sale in the European markets. This model is an exclusive design for European countries to meet their specific rules and regulations connected to emissions and safety. This model is not directly compatible to Indian homologation requirements and is hence not scheduled for release in India for the time being. However, RE is working towards a new engine platform for India and we will implement certain design changes from the Bullet Classic. RE expect to launch a similar product for India in 2010. They will inform through the media at the appropriate time regarding the release of this model for the Indian market.

  7. henry says:

    like the new bull in town (for Firangi town) i am eagerly saving up and waiting for it. super sexy cool i am not complaining about the older models but! good to see RE updating itself.

  8. bharat says:

    dear when it will come in India ?????

  9. harkishan says:

    bhai iska egg filter bahut sahi lag raha hai maja aa gaya

  10. vimal says:

    hi , am looking for an old model royal bullet. Pls help me. rgds, Vimal.

  11. sunit says:

    could anyone pl tell me from i could get this bike in india.

  12. sunit says:

    could anyone pl tell me from where i can get this bike in india.

  13. sandeep says:

    i am happy that i is going rock INDIA

  14. SRIDHAR says:


  15. Manu Sivaraman, Eraviperoor, St. Johns says:

    Its amazing, fantastic, Excellent…!!! no more words to say…. unbelievable…!!!

  16. ajay says:

    its gonna release coming 2o10…..relax guys ,, have patience..

  17. Prabhakar says:

    Guys, apparently the rear fender assembly is not proportioned to the reduced 18″ wheel. Notice the mishaped annular space between rear tyre and ìts fender. Though this can be attributed to the relative motion between both when shocks contract, limiting the stroke length of rear shocks could have brought the rear fender further down and closer giving it a classic look.

  18. ajay says:

    Yes it’s SEXY, wht is COST?

  19. sukhi says:

    Dude, this awesome thump gonna release soon….. i am from ahmedabad and the bookings have started and company people are saying to get the delivery in diwali…. it has two models 350 and 500…. prices varying from 1,25,000 to 1,50,000….. enjoy the ride… happy thumping, sukhi..

  20. s ramesh says:

    To Royal Enfield/Chennai When is Bullet Classic 500 to be launched in India ? Secondly, riding in India requires Kicker as there are times when bike refuses to ignite on electric start. You are not to moderanise the bike without Kicker assembly.That would be the most idotic thing to be done on RE. This is not a bike which can be manually push started. That sight would not look good at all. I do not understand why are we preferred last. Or is it bcoz of rupees here and dollars there. It is a fact that Indian buyers are preferred last. Why do you do that? Its time that you start giving us preferences. Thanks s ramesh 9225136302.

  21. brightview says:

    the bike looks dashing but .. i prefer the gear levers to be in right side and the rare brake lever to be in left, like the classic old bull. please if any one can suggest do it soon. cheers 9449751041

  22. Raghu R gowda says:

    Bullet Classic 500 efi will be lonched on Nove 4th 2009. and price will be diclared on the same day.

  23. Manu Sivaraman, Eraviperoor, St. Johns says:

    Finish of the painting much better than before.

  24. deepak says:

    Nothing like the Standards & Electras

  25. krishna says:


  26. paul vijil says:

    its awesome & sexy

  27. Manish Bhardwaj says:

    Hi I’m looking for a Bullet electra 4s. Please get in touch with e if u r selling one. Thanks Manish

  28. hi sahil here says:

    i have old model bullet 84….i like old model only….even this classic also gud..but i love my bullet older one

  29. parikshit singh rajawat says:

    hi everyone i have just bought this bike the 500 one.the bike is just amazing very nice pick up awesome handling the didn’t even shiver at 120.this bike is like the old classic its low base same style of shockers.the mileage before 500 km is 25-27km/L but after the first service it gives b/w 32-37km/L but the silencer shown is not given by the company u have buy it for 4000rs/- i also bought it coz it gives the original dug dug like the 15-20 years old bullet classic not like today’ has also fuel indicator it will tell when there is below 3 litre of petrol it has also malfunction indicator the light will glow if there any problem in the bike.all i can say dis bike can’t be ignored.

  30. Nithish says:

    Hello, Im buying the new classic 500 this jan. Test rode it last week and let me tell u its a monster. This is a must buy for all bullet lovers. The feel of the bike is just amazing.All i can say is, the respect one gets for riding a bullet is completely different. Long live Royal Enfield. :)

  31. sanjay patil says:

    hi all, my classic 500 having bad vibration problem since first servicing.

  32. ronn says:

    the wild machine is back

  33. Vikram H says:

    WHAT A LOAD OF RUBBISH this so-called “Classic” bike is! This new bike signifies the END of a great brand called “Royal Enfield”. They have absolutely RUINED a great bike (Standard 4-speed 350) by consigning it to history. Shame on this company! A bullet is NOT a Bullet without 4-speed RIGHT-side gear shift, without neutral finder, without CI engine, this “Classic” is nothing but a SHAM of a bullet … basically a Japanese bug has got into top level management of the company and now they have sown the seeds of their own destruction and will take the once-proud brand the same way as AJS-Matchless, BSA, Norton etc. And what about the atrocious prices? Who in his right mind is going to buy this imposter of a bullet in times of rampant inflation and recessions? Really, it is a shame that accountants and economists are ruling (and so RUINING) the Royal Enfield company instead of true bullet enthusiasts!

  34. Kunga says:

    Anyone selling classic 350/500, please email me @ Looking to buy as I can’t wait for SIX MONTHS! for the bike. From BLR btw.

  35. sambhaji says:

    Dear browser, It’s may personal opinion about the royale enfield classic 350,this vehicle is advanced vehicle in two wheelar. With the campare of other two wheelar i.e.kareezma, cbz xtreme,pulsar,classic 350 is the best two wheelar.camparing to the price of classic is correct.As per the need 0f ingdian people itp’s best vehicle to the indian people.

  36. AZAM says:


  37. shuhair says:

    iwn more details about the new classic350

  38. darshan says:

    Hi I own a royal enfild clacic 500 its big, powerfull.and too sexey,The Clasic 500 is one of the best model i ever ride.Thks for royal enfild.

  39. koloi says:

    bikram h you are right

  40. Ravi chopra says:

    hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii i love bullet

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