Nissan’s Next car for India


Nissan will enter the premium midsize car segment with Teana in March. The segment is currently ruled by Toyota Camry, Honda Accord, Skoda Superb and Mercedes C class.
Nissan has great plans for India it is willing to postion India as its manufacturing base; it has joined hands with Renault and Mahindra to produce cars. As its sister Renault has decided to enter India in a bigger way with car like Logan, Nissan also wants to join the fray.

Nissan Teana is sold as the Cefiro in Singapore and Hong Kong, as the Teana in Thailand or as the Maxima in Australia and North America. The name Teana comes from a Native American word meaning “dawn.” This model name was selected because it is suitable to the dawn of an all-new luxury sedan and because it has an elegant ring befitting the car’s appearance.

Engine and Powertrain:

Under the hood of the Teana is the 2.3l V6 naturally aspirated gasoline engine. The DOHC (double overhead camshaft) gasoline engine with CVTC – continuously variable timing control delivers an impressive power of 127KW exactly the same as the segment leader Toyota Camry. This VQ23DE power plant comes from Nissan’s VQ engine series that made Ward’s 10 Best Engines list 12 years in a row. VQ engine is said to be one of the quietest engines in the industry certainly a tough call for Skoda Octavia (Octavia’s engine is the noisiest in its class).On the performance side, 2.3l engine will offer 7.3kpl as against 8.9kpl offered by Mercedes Benz C200k. It will be faster than Skoda superb it takes only 10.4second to reach 100kmph and the engine is said to be smoother whether in stop-and-go city traffic or at speeds exceeding 100kmph. But the maximum speed is limited to 198km/h( the performance figures here estimated are based on Thailand Teana, since Teana will be bring to india as completely Built down(CBU) unit or knocked down unit I believe actual figures will be close to the estimated figures)


Exterior prestigious styling by harmonizing between European and Japanese style, the roof line arches conformable with fenders and wheels by superior design. Hood and grille were integrated, luxury feature with chrome molding. Teana knocks out Toyota camry, Honda accord, skoda superb, Mercedes C class and even Mercedes E class when comes to interiors. Pearl suede (also seen in Mitsubishi Montero) covers the upper surface of the instrument panel, seats, door armrests and center armrest. This technique of inserting a third colored material into the basic two-tone color coordination scheme gives a fresh expression to the interior.


Driver’s zone:

The 4-speed E-CAT (electronically controlled automatic transmission), 5.3-meters minimum-turning radius (lowest in its class) and rear-view reversing camera that displays on the dashboard monitor, make this executive sedan easy to drive and park. With the ground clearance of 135mm you may feel hard to drive Teana in Indian roads. Teana provides disc brakes on all four 16-inch alloy wheels. Teana looks modern with position memory driver seat eminent with welcome seat system that will automatic sliding up to 40 mm. Highlighted by the bold use of wood-grain trim, the instrument panel resembles a furnished piece of high-class furniture. Electronic Throttle Chamber (ETC) system is controlling the throttle valve without cable (or called “drive by wire”) and hence improved response for Teana drivers. Powerful Xenon headlamps, which provide more intensity than conventional halogen lamps, offer improved visibility for safer night driving.

Passenger’s zone:

Teana’s quiet engine together with the spaciousness of the passenger cabin afforded by the Teana’s size, plus the independent suspension at the front and rear with stabilizer bars, results in exceptional ride quality for all occupants. Teana is taller than Toyota Camry and Honda Accord hence only very tall people may find roof limiting the rear headroom, but otherwise all passengers will enjoy good space in all direction. Teana has only 476litre boot space to fill your cargo. Though Teana’s air massage Seats – the two front and two rear air-massage seats that are designed to fit comfortably with the shoulder and backbone to offer a relaxing back massage to relieve stress and tension as Nissan claims, the seats are flat and fail to support in corners as the vehicle reported by most Teana customers in Thailand. The center console, connecting the front- and rear-seat areas in a gentle arch, is like a side table that facilitates lively conversation among those around it. Inside, the genuine leather upholstery and trim, memory adjustment for the driver’s seat, matte-finished wood panels on the dash and jagged-design gearbox, Human Machine interface with 7-inch color display, power sunroof, dual climate control air con, six-disc CD changer and audio system with six speakers and remotely controlled rear power sunshade contribute to the luxury class ambience and raise the riding comfort level


Safety and special features:

Safety features in the Teana include the usual specs found in cars in this class, such as airbags, ABS with EBD, brake assist, dual front pretensioner seatbelts, three rear 3-point seatbelts and a VDC (vehicle dynamic control) programme that automatically controls engine output and braking power on each wheel to help keep the car steady under demanding conditions. To make things even easier for the driver, the Teana offers keyless “smart start and entry” whereby you can unlock the car and start the engine simply by pushing buttons as long as you have the Nissan Intelligence Card Key in your pocket. Teana also comes with the theft proof immobilizer -security device to prevent thieves from stealing a car even if they gain entry. An electronic immobiliser is part of the engine control unit (ECU), and prevents the car from being started unless it recognises signals from a transponder in the key. Auto-levelling feature for the Teana’s headlamp helps to improve the straight-line visibility, thereby enhancing the safety standards.

Price and service:

Definitely, the car has edge over the camry and accord when comes to appeal, Teana tops the JD power APEAL (automotive performance, execution and layout study) in the premium midsize car segment. Teana’s pluses are

• An elegant interior reminiscent of a modern living room
• Stylish and attractive body proportions
• amply powerful and comfortable driving performance for sophisticated drivers

If you want comfort then Teana will be your choice. Teana will be priced at around Rs 21-22 lakh this is where the new Honda accord scores with a price tag of 16 lakh. Also the hi-tech Teana will face another loss when comes to service. Expensive spare parts and very few dealer networks are the other drawbacks.

Further launches:

Currently Nissan offers X-trail an SUV which is sold over 200 units.X-trail is offered in diesel version. Nissan has announced business collaboration with Suzuki, including sharing manufacturing facilities. Nissan has also joined hands with Mahindra and Renault to produce cars in India. Nissan has great understandings about the Indian market, YOSHIE MOTOHIRO Managing Director Nissan Motor India Pvt. Limited said“People in India know about Nissan as a global company and about Mr. Ghosn, but they don’t really know we’re selling cars in India yet”. But Nissan has great plans for India she also said “We want to enter higher-volume segments, meaning the more moderately priced A, B, C and D segments”. Believing her words we will see some great Nissan cars in India

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  1. BMW has all set to commence its assault on the Indian luxury car market. BMW 3 series which will take on Toyota Camry, Honda Accord, Mercedes C class and soon to be launched Nissan Teana will come with unheard features like rear parking sensors, six speed automatic transmission etc.BMW has finalised prices for its line up. BMW India Price List Cars Prices in lakh X-3-2.5 Si – 50.53 650i- 95.80 523i- 41.81 525i- 46.19 530i- 50.80 525d- 47.88 320i- 30.51 325i- 36.75 320d- 33.60 740Li- 96.16 750Li- 104.91 760Li- 150.06 730Ld- 88.98 BMW’s new SUV X-5 which will take on Mercedes M class, Porsche Cayenne and Audi Q7 will be priced at Rs65 lakhs. Thanks Autocar India

  2. respected sir, i pradeep singh director of premier indusries we are manufature of sheet metals press components we are supplyer to tata motars in india we are very much interusted in working with u ll thanking regards pradeep

  3. hello sir.. myself anshul bansal…living in karnal…like nissan cars… plz provide information of each and every new car of nissan…

  4. Nissan seems to have aggressive plans for india similar to its partner Renault. *Nissan will launch new X-Trail soon. The new XTrail will be powered by a variety of petrol and diesel engine. 140bhp,2L and 160bhp,2.5L petrol engine and 173bhp,2L and 173bhp,2L diesel engine. Transmission will be a choice between six speed manual and CVT(continuous Variable Transmission) or a six speed automatic.New XTrail is expected to be priced between Rs25-30 lakh. *Nissan may also launch its sports car 350Z powered by 3.5L V6 petrol engine which pumps out 306bhp and a torque of 36.5kgm. Nissan’s 350z is estimated to be priced between Rs30-35 lakh. *Nissan may also bring its crossover vehicle Murano and Skyline GT for india. r u happy anshul Bansal.

  5. im palning to buy a luxury car, ive shortlisted the toyota camry and the nissan teana, which one should i go for? im mainly driver driven but also like to drive myself

  6. On april 19.2007 Japanese carmaker Nissan rolled out its second vehicle in India – the luxury sedan Teana. The vehicle would be fully imported from Nissan’s Kyushu plant in Japan, and is powered by a 2.3 litre petrol engine. This is the company’s second offering for the Indian market after its sports utility vehicle ‘X-trail’. The sedan has been priced at Rs 20.47 lakh (ex-showroom) in Delhi, Chennai, Banglore and Hyderabad, and slightly higher at Rs 20.67 lakh in Mumbai.

  7. Well….Nissan Teana is being built on Altima platform and not on Maxima platform as quoted by the press. Nissan Maxima is much bigger car compared to Nissan Teana.

  8. I am looking out for the options& accessories price list (Delhi basis preferably) for the Nissan X-Trail Skoda Laura PD Honda Accord V6 Honda CR-V Please can you provide me the above information. It will be great..

  9. Hi dude’ I m a very big fan of BMW cars but i dont’t have their any scheme through that i can get the car.Plz reply soon. Thanks in advance. Bye

  10. Its test drive is very good.More powerfull then Toyota Camery / Honda Accord 2.4 / Skoda Superb But less then Honda Accord 3.0 & Ford Mondeo. Regards Lokesh Madan

  11. hi,I want to how we get a car dealership in india..I mean whether i need to approach the company or apply to the company by checking the company web site. And i want to know wat would be the basic requirements for the companies like MARUTI,HYUNDAI,TATA. THE REQUIREMENTS ARE THE DEPOSIT,AREA FOR THE SHOWROOM,WORKSHOP ETC…. Could any one please help me in this matter ,as iam planning to take the dealership of a 4 wheeler company in india. thank u

  12. Hi, I’m looking to buy an automatic transmission (A/T) car in Bombay very soon: – Budget: upto 5 lakhs. – New / used upto 1 year old Is it advisable to buy a used A/T car? Which car would you recommend? Please reply soon. Thanks:)

  13. hey im chirag. im really confused on which car to purchase the nissan teana or the new honda accord! which one is better in all aspects? and also how much does the nissan teana cost?? thnak u.

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  15. Hi, Hello sir I’m Mohan. I finished Diploma in Mechatronics Engineer 2006. Now i have Good 2 years Experience in Maintenance field. So i’m willing to work your Organization. Please contact me. Thanking you!

  16. sir i want to know which car in todays time is best efficient for fuel. is safari good for normal 20kilometers run daily .. or please contact me on prateez@ rediffmail .com

  17. Out Of Nissan Teana & New 3.5 Honda accord.Honda Accord Is much more powerfull.As per space is concern Nissan is more comfortable then accord.

  18. Puschase one Teana @23.75 in year 2007 .Resale @10.50 in Year 2010.Now what you feel the car with allmost Dead in resale. Lokesh Madan

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