Mercedes C-class Pictorial Review Interiors

Modern cars should be stylish, powerful and handle good but for the sake of all these they cannot make a car with a poor living room. Yes, buyers have become more demanding they care for everything. Also the C-Class customer pool is the most diverse of any Mercedes. It has to offer something for every one of them. We got under the roof of the new c-class to check out whether it can satisfy the most buyers.

1) Mercedes new C-class: The new C-Class is bigger, wider and taller than the model it replaces, and comes with a bigger boot. The new C-class has grown in length by 68mm, in width by 42mm and the wheelbase has increased by 45mm. But more importantly this massive dimensions has been efficiently converted into usable space. The photograph shows the massive 475litre trunk space.


2) Mercedes new C-class: We driven the c-class in city and countryside road where it will often encounter. The ride quality is superb and it transmits very little amount of vibration. The cabin which is a living room other wise, feels like a car only when you push the c-class above 100kmph.


3) Mercedes new C-class: Getting into the new C-class may be tougher due to its poor ingress but once you get in and shut the windows, you are completely isolated from the external world. You will never know whether the engine is running or not. Remember we driven a C200 Kompressor. Wind and tyre noise is also minimal and the result is you can chat as free as in your living room without any disturbance.


4) Mercedes new C-class: It is nothing wrong in mimic to provide the best to the customers. Mercedes has subscribed to this ideology with the new COMAND system. COMAND is a blend between the BMW’s iDrive and Audi’s MMI. It is operated by a simple rotary dial on the centre console.

Steering wheel/instrument panel/ gear knob


5) Mercedes new C-class: Mercedes must have spent most time to offer the best comfort to the driver and the front passenger. The cabin is well laid out, with clear dials and a superb driving position. There is enough support to all the parts of the body and I’m sure that you won’t develop any ache even you drive the C-class for a long time. The only short come is even the driver seat fails to remember your desired position. Memory adjustable seats could have been better.


6) Mercedes new C-class: The rear seat comfort has improved a lot in the new C-class when compared to its predecessor. The traditional criticisms of the old car have been rectified – rear head and leg room are excellent and there is even a pair of rear air-con vents. But still we are not fully satisfied, the rear seat is too much reclined and we felt like sitting in the ground floor. Also, the rear passengers are still deprived of stereo controls. Transporting five adults could be a problem for a long run, we have to blame the Merc’s rear drive layout for that.


7) Mercedes new C-class: Best of all, the quality has improved significantly. Most of the materials used in the car are very good. The dash is exceedingly solid, logical and comfortable though the equipment level is high like the other Merc’s.


Clearly the thinking with the new C-class is to provide something of interest to both the BMW and Audi brigade, without alienating the core Mercedes constituency of millinery enthusiasts. It’s true, the new C-class amazes everyone through its dual personality.

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  1. Thanks for the review vicky. Now only if MERC could give us retractable side mirrors(Which is even available on my corolla doh) and power controlled seats. This is really lame of merc to not give retractable side mirrors as standard or even an option .

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