Maruti Suzuki’s 2008 small car – the splash

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1) The next generation WagonR – the ‘splash’ is ready! Suzuki unveiled its ‘splash’ MPV(Multi Purpose Vehicle) in the Frankfurt Motor Show. First unveiled as a concept car in 2006 paris motor show, the splash has been put into production in Magyar Suzuki Corporation in Hungary. The Splash is the fourth new model for the Maruti Suzuki after the launch of Swift, Grand Vitara and SX4. Splash which the Splash is based on a shortened version of the Swift’s platform will be the natural choice for the Maruti suzuki’s next small car in India.


2) Maruti Suzuki splash may have the choice of three engines – two petrol and a diesel. An 1.0-litre 3-cylinder petrol unit producing 65 PS (48 kW) and a 1.2-litre 4-cylinder petrol engine developing 86 PS (63 kW) will power the splash. Both the petrol engine have four-valve-per-cylinder. Maruti Suzuki swift’s 1.3-litre DDIS may also be strapped into the new splash. All three engines are combined with a 5-speed manual gearbox. The 1.2L petrol splash feature an optional 4-speed automatic transmission. All the engines of the splash are Euro4-compliant. Acccording to Suzuki, Splash is a multipurpose vehicle that will likely appeal to those with small families and a limited budget


3) Maruti Suzuki’s Splash is orientated strongly towards the European design style. The second generation Agila for Opel/Vauxhall is built similar to this splash. Maruti Suzuki’s new wagon-R(splash) has some hints of both the Swift and SX4. Rather than a purely functional box shape (like the Wagon R!), the Suzuki designed the new small car that corresponds to the Splash name: youthful, fresh and stylish. Maruti Suzuki’s Splash styling team was headed by Akira Kamio who was instrumental in the styling of Swift.


4) Maruti Suzuki’s Splash will be marketed for its such high seating position, good visibility and spacious interiors. Splash will avail excise benefits, as its length is less than 4 m. Splash is built on a 30 mm shorter wheelbase version of the Maruti Suzuki’s Swift platform. The 3.72 m-long, 1.6metres tall and 1.7metre wide Suzuki’s splash will offer comfortable space for five occupants due to clever pacakaging. Suzuki’s splash is very cleverly engineered, here’s one feature that elucidates the splash’s clever engineering – rear seat of the splash can be folded down at a flick of the wrist to create a completely flat load floor, with a compartment beneath providing additional storage space. The end result is the splash will have 1150 liters of stowage space when the seats are folded.


5) According to Keith Carroll, General manager of Suzuki Carroll, the Splash will have a clean and functional interior. “It will have a minimalist dashboard which the young person of today would like to see,” he said. “The emphasis will be on the sound or entertainment, not on information like the tacho” he added. The european splash will get a lot of leisure equipement and safety features like ESP,ABS and EBD. When the Suzuki’s splash become Maruti Suzuki’s splash this expensive will be stripped down and the indian splash will have few passive safety features which includes a crash-optimised, rigid passenger cell, plus seatbelt-force limiters and seatbelt pretensioners for the front seats. For pedestrian protection the front end of Splash is fitted with energy-absorbing structures. Maruti may price the car around its Wagon R, which comes with a tag of about Rs 3.50 lakh. Splash is expected to go on sale in Europe in March 2008, india will get the splash soon after that. Here’s youtube video of Suzuki splash

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  1. Looks like it has more space inside and the back shape is not impressive. it needs some design changes before launching in Indian Market o’wise the same happens for what other maruti brands are facing by changing the shape.

  2. Splash to hit india in 2008 On the sidelines of the Tokyo Motor Show, a senior Suzuki official said, “The Splash is our answer to the ‘world car’ concept. That is the car we would be looking at bringing to India.” The Splash, a four door compact hatchback, was displayed at the motor show. The world car concept is being pursued by most Japanese manufacturers to create cheap, small cars for emerging markets such as India and China. The new car would be the natural upgrade from the Alto or the older Wagon-R and is expected to be available in Rs 4 to 6-lakh category, according to Suzuki sources, although the official refused to confirm the price. source:Hindustan Times

  3. the car looks great but i too feel that the rear end is too futuristic for the indian market and needs some remodelling to sober down. Also the hyundai i10 has almost similar dashboard layout in beige color, which looks great, maruti designers think about that!!!

  4. The machine seems amazing, its from the Maruti’s stable thats good but the timing is very bad. By the time Maruti will launch this machine in India, i10 would have already made home with a lot of prospective buyers.

  5. The machine seems amazing, its from the Maruti’s stable thats good but the timing is very bad. By the time Maruti will launch this machine in India, i10 would have already made home with a lot of prospective buyers the car looks great but i too feel that the rear end is too futuristic for the indian market and needs some remodelling to sober down. Also the hyundai i10 has almost similar dashboard layout in beige color, which looks great, maruti designers think about that!!!

  6. maruti suzuki i feel is always ahead of hyundai in almost every deppt. with splash getting launched in 2008,i really feel sorry for hyundai….as it will again be able to march ahead…like the way swift did. good luck to both the companies.i am pretty sad to know that splash will be launched after 5 odd months….now here i 10 wins…as i have to buy a car in the next 2 months…so i think even i 10 is not a bad buy at all by any standards as of now!!

  7. As quoted above by many people that real look is too futuristic,i would like to say that even swift had very futuristic looks….and thats what people want these days. they want latest gadgets,gismoz and even CARS!!! AS swift did well I think this car is going to do even better and remember guys that Maruti tags always works in india as it has got big name in the marketand if you talk about SUZUKI…way way ahead of hyundai(its counterpart) as far technology,innovation…and market share is concerned! guys think again….and desperately wait for this beauty!!!

  8. Why is maruti slow in launching splash in comparision to hyundai i10 ? 2ndly it will not be manufactured in India. What will be the import duty effect then ?

  9. “SUZUKI…way way ahead of hyundai(its counterpart) as far technology,innovation” When did this happen???… as far as i know, suzuki holds a fraction of hyundai’s worldwide and US marketshare.. its only in India that suzuki trumps hyundai.. that doesnt say much about its technology or innovation

  10. Ya Very Good Car this is the Small Car for which i was waiting for from Suzuki ,Dont like the box shape of Wagon R and New Zen Estillo .

  11. Dear Sir, You have launched a wonderful model of maruti after Zen Estilo, Actually I like the Old version of ZEN, but this model Splash really atracts me and may beat TATA’s Dicor version

  12. I love the style and design of splash.. i think it will give great performance on indian roads. After the classic zen i think the maruti has introduce a new rocking model in compete of cars……..

  13. I think WagonR should continue simultaneously with Splash.Splash should be a new model like Swift, but should not be the replacement of WagonR.

  14. Hi,i wan to when z splash to be launched in india,as it is goin for sale in europe in march.i also have confusion regardin price of base model petrol verion 1.1,one site showing it 350,000 is it expected price.

  15. splash is beautiful family car but how it diffrent from hunday i 10 ,splash offering ‘ecnomy’ multi purpose vehicle. we can expect it will become a jd power no.1 amoung indian customer

  16. i want complete specifications of the splash car both of petrol n diesel. n also i want to know abt launching date. regards anuj sharma

  17. Like the design but the rear portion & the dash-board as that of i10, ie, in bagie color interior is more attractive. The most considering factor is the price & as projected if the basic model cost is around 3.50 lach. it is hot no doubt. When it will lunch in India?

  18. Presently having a WagonR petrol verson and waiting for eagerly for the Disel verson of SPLASH to buy as it is launched.

  19. I am eagerly waiting for the launch of this sweet car. What i would requests the MD of Maruthi Suzuki that the car should be launched with both petrol & diesel version before Diwali. Both should be launched simultaneously to overtake the hyundai i10. Already maruti suzuki are late by launching the same because most of the customers are buying i10. If this launch could happen before Diwali in India it will definitely get good sale. Because people during Diwali plans to buy cars as auspecious. Taking this sentimental fact maruti suzuki should not delay their launch and try to capture the market by giving good competition to hyuandai as was done earlier in case of Swift VS Getz which hyuandai still struggling get volume of Getz. Hoping for the early launch.

  20. Well the car looks quite smart and cute from front but at the same time it will dissapoint many people from rear looks because we want everything in a small package includingt LOOKS TOOOOOOOOOOOo. Well as per wagon r is concerned there is no need to replace that bcause different people have differnet choice ,and at end of the day choice with differnt people matters too..


  22. I like the car. The new horse from the stable of maruti suzuki. Its fantabulous. It looks dynamic and ofcourse it will be successful in every aspect as the other cars of maruti suzuki…of course. I wanted to buy a car but as I got to know about splash I m waiting for it. I wanna ask when the company is launching it and at what price..and how many varients would be there..?

  23. The Splash has been described by Suzuki as a multi utility vehicle for small families with spacious interiors. The Splash also has high seating positions and good visibility. I found more details @

  24. Its cool i m waiting for it eagerly. chk for more details its design looks cool & diff. between croud so no need to change it

  25. The car looks great from the front, but back in india the rare look needs some rework. The look that would be something like the swift or some amount of external curve, which would look much better with a spoiler.

  26. Hi this is a very nice car when launch in india and give full specification and price in india i am waiting u reply

  27. hey ppl check out opel agila car at opel’s official site…..that is similar to dis one…specially rear…. the whole car is very much similar…. so whose design is dis actually????? also i hv seen a car’s pics havin FIAT logo which is sold as maruti suzuki SX4… whose design was that?????

  28. will anyone tell me the most tentative month in which this new exciting car is to be launched … as we are in a mood to buy Wagon R .. so is it worth waiting for it????????????? please give in credible answers only.

  29. the car looks very pretty and excellent looks I am sure this has all features of luxury, comfort and reasonable price. Bontha

  30. I am loyal user of Maruti Suzuki vehicles since last 25 years, used almost every hatchback,esteem & baleno and totally satisfied with their high performance at frugal maintainance costs. Also eagerly waiting to own new comming ‘SPLASH’. By going thro’ details & specifications it seems it will really prove tobe ‘Multi Utility Vehicle’.

  31. Hi! Splash looks to be a novel car Is it left hand drive, pl. let me know or kindly mail a brochure. what are other salient features apart from being a blend of Wagon-R, Swift and SX-4. Can’t the rear seat be divided into 60:40 and the portion required to be folded as per requirement as is there in spark and uva models of Chevorlet, its a good feature. Best Wishes S.Matta

  32. Splash seem to be the car I was waiting for long to replace my M800. Pl let me know when the new car will be launched in India and when does the booking start. 1.2L and more spacious with all the inherent qualities of Maruti Suzuki cars is the one I was looking for.

  33. I have been waiting for this car for so long, my eyes are now closing. Regarding the styling, after the M800s, Maruti have got away with visually horrific cars. They have succeeded only because of a single selling point in any given model – like the new engine in the A-star, high seating position in the Wagon-R, etc.. So a particular model may have one feature which you like but none has a good combination of everything. This is where the Hyundai i10 scores heavily. And if you see the i20, you will be lured away from Maruti for good. And I do agree with many of the comments that: 1) The rear needs to be rounded out (not in) just like Hyundai did when they moved from Santro to Zing. The shape of a car’s front and rear need to match. And the overall look has to be pelasing. The new Tata Vista is a good example. 2) The ‘boomerang’ tail lights are visually revolting. They make one dislike the car. One gets the feeling that Mariti is trying to save some sheet metal. 3) The rear seat needs to have a 60:40 split. (I know a guy who bought the Spark for this reason alone even though he knew that GM was heading for bankruptcy). 4) The rear seats need to be high and with the edge as close as possible to the outer skin, without compromising safety. This is what the elders in the family want for them to easily get in and out. Estillo has this feature but even the Swift doesn’t. The extra width of the swift above the rear wheel is wasted in providing a thick door and a narrow rear seat deep inside the body. 5) The gear box will have to be much better than in the Wagon R. The present one (in the Wagon-R and Estillo) is like stirring a pot of halwa and hoping the engine will fall into gear somehow by luck.

  34. It will be a better deal if this car is priced within the Wagon R range seeing to the new cars being launched aggressively and priced competitively

  35. Splash seems to challange both I10 and I20 once launched with the specifications mentioned here. Maruti need to lauch it at the earliest :-).

  36. Ritz is the new name of Splash. It is going to be launched in April 2009. MSIL is ready with the car and production is in full swing. There may be total 6 variants—3 in petrol 1.2 L KB series engine, and 3 in Diesel 1.3L SDE (same as Swift diesel engine) Price would be top end Diesel 5.3 Lacs, top end petrol-4 Lacs

  37. ive heard that ritz diesal version mielage on high way is is nearly 28….if it ll be true……surely ritz will dominate total small car segment in india

  38. I?ll right away take hold of your rss feed as I can’t to find your email subscription link or newsletter service. Do you have any? Please allow me know so that I may subscribe. Thanks.

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