Maruti on expansion spree

The Indian car maker Maruti Suzuki is gearing its expansion activity to meet the demand for its products. The move is to raise the capacity to 15 lakh annual units at an investment of Rs1700 crore, in a plant near Manesar. The current capacity of Maruti is 10 l akh annual units spread in three plants, namely Gurgaon having 3 lakh units, Manesar delivering 7 lakh annual units.

Once the approval is ratified by the Board possibly at its October meeting, the plant will be erected to have the capacity of 2.5 lakh in a single line basis. The earlier move had been to increase the production at the Manesar plant to 2.5 lakh annual units on phases spread to 2012. The company’s Chairman said that the project proposal for the expansion scheme is on the drafting stage and everything will according to the plan.

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