Mahindra upcoming bike pictures and video

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You have read many times at on Mahindra’s plan to storm the two wheeler market. We have been reporting you on Mahindra’s bike. Mahindra showcased incredible 125cc motorcycle at the Delhi Auto expo. The reel is all set to become real. Mahindra plans to roll out a superbike (possibly a 300cc one). The 300cc bike “Diablo” (as rumoured) will hit the showrooms soon. Mahindra’s bike is said to be equipped with cutting edge technology. From the video, the bike seems to possess inverted forks, twin muffler and disc brakes at front and rear.

The advertisement was shot at world renowned Vallelunga Moto GP race track in Rome, Italy, the ad highlights the bikesโ€™ Italian design credentials and the fact that they have undergone rigorous tests in Italy before coming to India. The ad has the message: Tested In Italy, Coming to India โ€“ Mahindra Motorcycles towards the end. The commercial ends with a musical tune sign off that has the potential to become a signature tune for all advertising of Mahindra 2 Wheelers. Bollywood king Aamir Khan is said to be roped in as brand ambassador for Mahindra’s upcoming bike

Pictures of Mahindra bike

Video commercial of Mahindra bike

11 thoughts on “Mahindra upcoming bike pictures and video”

  1. 300cc does not fall under the super bikes catagory. Anything less than 600 / 700cc is not termed as a superbike. The bike is gonna be CHINESE even if the promo is shot at Italy

  2. Should be interesting. Esp if it’s FI and offers 30 bhp… Pricing is critical, obviously. ๐Ÿ˜› And FYI – 600cc = Supersports. 1000cc = Superbike. No one really has a popular ~700cc bike apart from the GSX 750R Suzi..

  3. after seeing the head lamp of mahindra 2 whellers 300cc bike…… i guess this bike can beat kawasaki ninja we have to c the on road price…….. we have to cheer up for mahindra2wheelers….. welcome to mahindra to launch 300cc bike to indian market all the best mahindra 2 wheelers

  4. You are saying that the bike will outperform a ninja because of a good looking head lamp..??? c’mon man..head lamps don’t contribute to this bike is estimated to pump out about 25 ps..not even close 2 a ninja..and looks like it might be a single cylinder..overall I would say good looking bike for sure…but not too sure on the performance front..

  5. The name Mahindra doesn’t suits the name of a bike ๐Ÿ™‚ How r u going to tell your girlfriend for a Ride??? “come lets go for a ride in my MAHINDRA” ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. most welcome diablo 300 . ultimate LLATTH bole to dandaa in pulsar n karizma . dont talk about ninja here . 150000 price diffrnce . jab 300000 lac ho anti me tab baat karo warna 150000 me swadeshi ki jay jaykar karo .

  7. Very good Mahindra, I wish U all the very Best wishes…i also expect u to Fuck Hero Hondas market drastically.. completely! the bastard all he does is change stickers and its the same old shit every time even after decades!!!DOWN Down Hero Honda! Mahindra’s might come ‘Daiblo’ model 300cc as it is heard of among bike lovers is tooo good.

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