Mahindra to launch 125cc and 300cc bike

Mahindra will formally debut into bike segment with the launch of two new motorcycles. Mahindra will initially launch a 300cc bike to build its brand which will be followed by an 125cc bike. Mahindra has already unleashed a teaser ad for its performance bike. Mahindra says the bike is tested in italy, coming to India. Mahindra is giving final touches to its marketing initiatives which indicates the launch of 300cc bike is very much round its corner.

The 125cc motorcycle which would follow the performance will mark Mahindra’s debut into competitive motorcycle industry which is dominated by the likes of Hero Honda, Honda, Bajaj Auto and TVS. Mahindra’s 125cc bike will follow the Mahindra muscular DNA.

Picture of mahindra bike (Diablo ??)

7 thoughts on “Mahindra to launch 125cc and 300cc bike”

  1. That’s quite a interesting journey for Mahindra, Tractor -> truck -> jeep -> car -> bike…what next? Cycle! Anyhow, All the best for new venture…and i really hope this 300cc would be twin cylinder…and it would be interesting to see how Bajaj and HH respond!

  2. I am a retired commissioned officer from Indian Army. One of my counterpart Mr Shankara Narayan invented bike security sytem. At present he is at Pune. He wish to show the demo to Mahindra and Mahindra company. He and as well as me too how to approach Mahindra and Mahindra Ltd. Kindly suggest or guide me, so that I can direct him.

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