Mahindra to launch Rodeo

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Mahindra set to rock the two wheeler market!

Mahindra will soon make its first launch in the two wheelers market through Mahindra2wheelers. This info is just enough for our vicky spy team to unearth its products line-up. Again our spy team proved why they are best in the business. They ranged up and told us the complete details of Mahindra’s two new products – Rodeo and Duro.

Unlike its  sibling flyte, the new rodeo is little muscular and swanky. The trapezoidal headlamps dominates the front cowl as the vertical turn indicators are mounted on the front apron. The fake wire mesh is just an aesthetic factor. Scroll down your eyes cautiously, you can spot a strange stuff. The mighty Mahindra logo which is used to be seen on jeeps and scorpio mounted on a scooter. Rodeo is swanky, the lines gently turn upwards as we move towards the rear part of the scooter. The silencer gets a nice chrome shield to protect the pillion. A large integrated rear tail lamp cluster and a body coloured grab rail completes the rear. Overall Rodeo looks more mature and it seems like Mahindra might position flyte as a fair sex scooter while the new rodeo will cater to mature male customers.

Both at the front and at the rear, rodeo uses drum brakes. Rodeo uses contemporary telescopic suspension at the front which Mahindra christens as “Pro-Sus” system. Rodeo rides on 3.50 -10 tyres at the front and at the rear. Rodeo features small glovebox at the front (can be useful only papers) and large underseat storage. The underseat stowage space should be able to swallow a half size helmet and your knick knacks.  The blue lit instrumentations is simple and it sports an odeometer,trip meter, speedometer, clock, side stand indicator and other tell-tales.

Rodeo inherits good features of flyte like – front fuelling, front choke, front hook, ignition key with shutter,foldable foot rest, body coloured rear view mirrors and body coloured rear grab rail.  The Rodeo is powered by an 125cc mill. The power rating and torque ratings are requested to keep under the wraps.

Mahindra will sell the rodeo alongwith the flyte. Together with the flyte, Rodeo will take on the Suzuki Access and Honda Activa 110cc. Rodeo will be available in wide range of colours and will be available in your nearby kinetic Mahindra2wheelers showroom.

Pictures of Mahindra Rodeo

18 thoughts on “Mahindra to launch Rodeo”

  1. Amazing looks and design. I liked the digital speedometer. Truly a Mahindra breed. I am sure this is gonna rock… My thumbs up for Mahindra Rodeo Amit Kumar

  2. Mahindra’s two wheeler was really awaited Mahindra has proved its automotive expertise yet again Rodeo is gonna be a success story I am sure

  3. Great Looks, actually by just the first view it seems to be quite a rock star. I also love the name RODEO seems kind of cool. I am so waiting for the bikes to come up to the dealers. Also seems to be quite a powerful bike. Kudos to Mahindra

  4. This is a great looking bike and quite funky. When will this product be out in the market ???. Also seems to be quite a powerful bike.

  5. looks good, a truly stylish scooter from mahindra stable.. hope indian females will have choice now to drive truly stylish vehicle.

  6. wow looks amazing.. and m sure this is just after taking ove Kinetic honda.. They should infact make the launch of all new kinetic honda which was a huge hit on indian roads..

  7. Its great mahindra to bring out scooters.At least lets hope cheaters like Honda ,suzuki will be thrown out , which Bajaj could not do it seriously.Hope Mahindra will beat paper tigers like suzuki, Honda who are serviving only on zero competion from Indian manufacturers, and due to vast network and copied (royalty less )designs from steel bodied Vespa ET4’s and Bajaj Legends, and selling cheap techonology of 1950’s to Hero group in the name of slant engines of 90cc cub derived 100cc splendor engines

  8. Hi all, Today i visited Mahindra show room with my friend in Bangalore. I really liked the look and color of RODEO. Also, I felt comfort in the test drive. New features like front fuel tank, locking system are really good and digital console was really impressive. There is a option for changing the display color toooo…. which no other branded scooter has. But my friend was not sure on the quality of the components used. Guess what !!! Rodeo has 2 years of warranty on damage of any components(Except electrical and external damage). Rodeo has 125cc engine which is more power full than Activa or dio…

  9. Unfortunate that new TV ad is all about image, and nothing about features. You say you think its geared for the male rather than the female? Take a look again at their macho ad. Does anybody really believe a 125cc scooter can drive a track like that? We’ll have to wait and see about other things. What does ‘specially designed brakes’ mean? Look, if a two wheeler doesn’t have at least a front disk brake on it today (such as the new Suzuki AN 125, then it is substandard. And still, the scooter market is sticking to those twinking 10″ wheels. Get past it, designers! Yes, will this e the real thing, or a Flyte or Nova make-over with essentially the basic engine and suspension? Indian manufacturers are good at ‘sticker coverup’. Let’s see. They are tooting their horn about the 4-1 ignition system. Personally, I hate it, and they are often problematic, as I prefer a separate key for the seat. And I prefer the fuel filling under the seat as well. But that’s just personal preferance. Anxious to see the instrumentation, hopefully its not gaudy like the Yamaha ZX. Digital could all take a lesson from the new Suzuki GS150. Anyway, its nice to FINALLY see motorcycle options put into a scooter (like the Blaze for example) such as tac, clock, flash-to-pass, etc. But it’s only a beginning for a truely excellent scooter. I still think the Indian market is not there yet. Do some websearches for some truely excellent scooters available around the world such as the Honda Vario.

  10. I have seen and test drived Mahindra Flyte. It has good zip in it, obvious 125 cc. It looks nice to me, bit feminine as you have said. Rodeo also looks nice. Hope this Indian company gives good fight to the foreign brands. Though the network is good for Honda Activa, what is the use if we have to wait for 4 to 5 months. Some showrooms bluntly said, “there is no booking.” People like me who want to buy new bike wait till the old bike is completely exhausted, for such people do you think waiting for 4 to 5 months is reasonable. Delivery should be within 15 to 30 max days, more than that not worth. People think they are waiting for so long, so the company is top class. It may be that the company is not capable of facing the demand and hence no supply. Some people without test driving just pass on unnecessary comments. First get first hand feel and then say something. It is foolish to say that Indian companies cannot compete with foreign brands. One should never forget that it is an Indian company which bought big fish like Corus and an Indian who bought Arcelor. Indian companies are best in soft services and BPO. People who don’t have any knowledge of current affairs may have said this. Today Indian companies can not only compete but dominant. How can one forget Tata Nano – which rocked the world. If anyone does not like India or Indian brands, they can happily find a place outside India rather than wasting time living in India, but don’t speak against India.

  11. I bought this bike , rodeo, for my wife and when i went home on purchasing it, i put two liters of petrol in the bike, from which all of the petrol came leaking out from the underneath of the petrol tank. and when I called the shop from where I purchased it, EASWARI MOTORS, ADYAR, CHENNAI , they refused to come and repair the bike , it has not even been registered, they keep giving me different numbers to contact different people, passing the buck, i guess. KINLDY HELP!!! WORST AFTER SALES SERVICE!!! WORST BIKE.

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