Hyundai i10 automatic and CRDi in 2008

Hyundai which buoyed by the sucess of i10 (6500 bookings in first 15days of the launch) is planning to add more values to the car. The launch of i10 has increased the traffic in the Hyundai showroom by almost 30% Hyundai is really surprised not because of the response it received but due to indian’s passion for features like sunroof. Since most of the i10 on lookers are professionals, they opt for high end variants. Hence hyundai plans to add more values to i10 by offering an automatic transmission and by strapping an all new CRDi engine. Apart from the santro AT there are no small car with automatic transmission. Maruti Suzuki which tested the automatic with zen ditched it after a poor response. The new i10 automatic will have a more powerful engine compared to the the 1.1L engine(santro’s). The automatic i10 will launched first in western markets and then it will be introduced in india. Hyundai will also strap a new 1.1L CRDi engine under the hood of the i10 in 2008. Hyundai i10 CRDi will also be launched in 2008. Hyundai will display the i10 in Bologna motor show in December and will launched in europe soon after that. Rush to the Hyundai’s showroom, since Hyundai has already indicated that the current i10 price is the initial launch price and from January 2008 it may go in for an adjustment.

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