Honda to launch Aviator 110cc

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Again the scoop-masters of has something special for you readers. Honda will launch an Aviator 110cc soon. Honda is already selling aviator with 102cc engine. While upgrading the activa from 100cc to 110cc, Aviator was left behind. But with the onset of Mahindra power scooters – Rodeo and Duro and Honda is finding new ways to keep its customers. Remember, TVS will soon launch a new powerful scooter soon. Honda’s Aviator with its big wheels and superior ride and handling characteristics earned lotsa hearts. But customers and auto critic the scooter needs more pep. Owing to the customers demands, Honda will launch the Aviator 110cc. Aviator 110cc sources the 110cc engine from its sibling Activa 110cc. Activa 110cc engine develops 8bhp of peak power at 7500rpm and 9Nm of peak torque at 5500rpm.  Going by these figures, the new aviator 110cc will deliver 1bhp more than the outgoing model. There are other exciting additions too.

Honda aviator 110cc will get the CBS (Combi Brake System) like its sibling Activa 110cc. Remember Aviator Deluxe version already comes with disc brake at the front.  The key shutter system and body coloured grab rail are other new features in the Avaitor 110cc. The long ‘Y’ grille is now chrome to accentuate the look of the Aviator. The Aviator 110cc will come in two variants – Aviator and Aviator Deluxe. Honda will launch the Aviator on 27th October (Tomorrow). Honda aviator 110cc is expected to be price Rs6000 higher than the outgoing model. The top end Aviator 110cc with combi brake system is expeected to be priced around Rs55,000 (on-road)

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  1. Karthic says:

    I don’t think it’s C-ABS it should be Combi Braking System

  2. admin says:

    @karthic .. thanks a lot for notifying us.. Mistake changed

  3. SID says:

    The obvious launch was expected after the launch of ACTIVA 110CC. HMSI waited till the stocks of the existing Aviator went-off the showrooms. Since the underpinnings of Aviator and Activa are the same, the launch was anticipated. Thanks HMSI for fooling customers by boringout the cylinder to 110cc and relaunch it with a 6000+upped price tag. The internal cumbustion engine is atleast 100years old. Manufacturers should come up with innovative and alternatively powered vehicles to woo their customers. Thumbs down HMSI.

  4. says:

    Pretty obvious up gradation by Honda, having 110cc new engine Honda was expected to launch such kind of up grade.

  5. yila says:

    Rs.55000 does not sound good for just a scooter like this.

  6. Raghavan.N says:

    Suzuki Access is a better buy than Activa or Aviator with more power(8.7 bhp and 125cc) and the same mileage of 46-48 kmpl.OTR Activa costs 46K and with accesories around 52K.Access costs 50K OTR and with accesories around 52K.


    Poor Shocks ( both back and front ) and Dim Head Light is the major dis-advantage in this scooter. I am driving this just because i bought it. Engine is smooth but still feel like sitting on a cart. Better go for Activa. Aviator is for Japan roads and not for Indian Roads.

  8. Auto chart says:

    Honda was expected to launch such kind of up grade having all new 110cc engine in hand.

  9. jaanu says:

    hey,hello this is the most stylish gaadi i’ve ever seen!!

  10. Biju says:

    Cool bike, feels like driving a new generation car.Always think have I forgotten to wear my seat belt? .

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