Honda set to launch CBF Stunner

Honda will launch the much touted 125cc CBF Stunner before the end of this september. The 125cc CBF stunner is believed to feature racy styling similar to Karizma. After the Unicorn, CBF stunner is believed to be strategically important product for Honda. Honda will position the CBF stunner as a premium product similar to the recently launched Aviator urban youth. CBF stunner is expected to be the replica of Honda’s popular 125cc model CBR125 R.

The 125cc segment is currently dominated by Yamaha Gladiator,Hero Honda super splendor,Bajaj XCD and TVS Flame.“We have not decided the cc as yet but this product would also be sporty. It is being developed by Honda R&D at Japan with crucial inputs from Indian engineers. It is meant for India, but this concept may be taken to other Honda markets as well in future,” said N K Rattan, the sales and marketing head of Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India (HMSI). “The new bike would be in the market before September”he added.

20 thoughts on “Honda set to launch CBF Stunner”

  1. This would be nice…. now younger brothers won’t try to damage big brothers’ bike……. Nice……… Regards, Sunny

  2. Hey why is honda motors too interested in 125cc segment i think it should be looking to concentrate on 180 to 200cc sgment as the indian youth like powerful bikes and as of now we have to be satisfied with pulsars. com on honda get some bigger bikes coz u have technology style handling.

  3. why honda whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy why honda is not launching 200+ bike and only small changes to uni only all rubbish

  4. hi guys, my opinion s that, dont cry for digital speedoooo….s that all matter? just take a ride of uni and other 150s.Cannt u feel the difference…its silky smooth engine, slick gear shift,monoshock which keeps t well balanced, and rides well on bad roads,ride t n 110kph,or more, there s hardly any vibration.s there any 150cc bike can do that, can ur digital speedo ever do that??? powerplants and machos are not ideal for indian roads,and t wil cost more….thats why honda s not attempting to do that(i think).T s a psychology that al u guys are turns ur eyes only for style despite engine and gear box performance.BAJAJ s the firm who make th same psychology as business! Hey t s my personal view, suggestions are always b continued….

  5. design is good but cc is very low so please launch 150cc+ bike for indian youth with same design of “cbf stunner” for best result.

  6. hi frnds, m happy to know that india is also inserting in the market of sport bikes n try to making bike bodies like sports bike,,,,,,,,,woow m really very xited to see cbf 125cc n yamaha 150cc new bike,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,now the boys like me age bwt 19 to 30 r now have a viecle to shoew to his /her frnds n live life in proud on bike n live in style,,,,,,wowowo m really happy n xitd,,,,but m quite disspointed also bcouse of,,why they launce soo late,,,they have to be launched in 2005 or in 2006,,,,but happy,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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  8. Don’t worry friends,bcoz Honda has great plans in india. Within 2 year honda will makes bikes, from 100cc to 1000cc. And their famous sports bike cbr1000rr will launch next march.

  9. I dont have any bike, but i have to purchase i preference a honda stunner i like that much. Please send me photo or video my email id Please Vkau Ingle

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