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Honda Activa: Ever since she made her debut, she is not a show-stopper. Infact one of the reason for her success is said to be her no non-sense styling. Honda has carefully worked to keep its simple and attractive. New amoeboid headlamp, clear lens winkers at the front and the rear and a slighty reshaped apron makes it afresh. A new chunky, aluminium alloy rear grab rail carried from the aviator and the foldable pillion foot pegs are welcome changes. Still,

On the engineering front, ergonomics has improved a bit. Thanks to the increased height, Activa has become taller and hence the saddle position is raised by 5mm. But Activa’s conseravative styling and  relatively high seating position may not go well with young female buyers. Switches and knobs have been carried forward from Honda’s Aviator. Fit and finish quality is top notch.

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Honda Activa: One of the main issue with the earlier Activa is its weight, its tough to put her on center stand. Honda counters this by using impact resistant ABS plastics. The new activa 110cc uses ABS at front apron,front cowl and at the rear. Result even after the hike in displacement of the engine , the overall weight of the scooter is reduced by 4kgs.


Honda Activa: Honda’s proven 4-stroke, Single cylinder, air cooled, OHC now displaces exactly 7cc more in the new Activa.Peak power rating for this engine has been set at 8 bhp at 7,500 rpm and the maximum torque output is  9 Nm at 5,500 rpm. Transmission is variomatic and the electric self-start option comes as part of standard fitment.


Honda Activa: Performance is commendable for a scooter and the additional 7cc gives her the required push. Thumb the self-start switch, the low noise 4-cycle Honda engine starts with typical Honda ‘hum’. Refinement is at its best and the pick-up is smooth. She easily moves into her comfort zone (between 40-60kmph). However, keeping her at 70kmph is also not a tiring excercise. The exhaust note turns thrummy and a bit gruff when she is pushed beyond 80kmph and at 85kmph she fizzles out.

While the older activa losses out its competetiors on mileage round. Honda has worked on it and the new activa returns a mileage of 45kmpl.


Honda Activa: Honda still fiddles with century old bottom link with spring loaded hydraulic damper suspension at the front and a a swing arm with a spring-loaded hydraulic damper at the rear.  But surprisingly, the ride quality is impeccable. We drove the scooter over rough rural roads and she once again reiterated the same. She moves over broken roads with ease and insulates the rider and the pillion. Large and wider seats also helps the matter though.


Honda Activa: Handling too is good. She remains stable even at  higher speeds. Push her into corner at 70kmph and turn, she rewards you with confidence. For a scooter, the stabilty is quiet impressive. However all is not well,there is a serious limitation on her stopping capability.

Our test drive scooter is a standard one and it uses 130mm drum brakes at the front and the rear.  Though the bite is decent, the stopping distance (to standstill) is too long. Tight traffic conditions where she is going to be mostly used will require much effort from the rider. We still have to test the combi brake which is reserved for deluxe variant. We wish Activa has disc at the front like the aviator. A 16-split shot to explain things better.


Honda Activa: As typical of any Honda, it losses to its competetiors on features front. Under seat storage box is just adequate to comfort a open face helmet and other usable features include front choke and a bag hook. Key shutter and combi brakes are availble in only in deluxe variant.  Side stand alarm! don’t kid me. Side stand, saree-guard and even a glove box are optional accessories.


Honda Activa: Available in Geny Grey Metallic, Force Silver metallic, Candy Lucid Red,Wild Purple Metallic,Black and Pearl Sunbeam White this scooter from Honda costs Rs46,269 (On-Road, Chennai).


Verdict: The new Activa is Rs1650 costlier than the older one. But for the extra money, you get slightly more powerful engine, more storage space, tuff-up rear tube in the rear and a refreshingly different scooter. Honda has improved the mileage too. With the launch of Activa 110cc, Honda has sweetened the deal further for the Activa lovers. But i wonder why should i go for Activa, when i lost my heart to Aviator. Problem of plenty!

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  1. I am in true love with old Activa. After two years it still run like a dream. I think Honda should not discontinue the old Activa. What ideally should have done was to fuel inject the old one and launch it as a Deluxe. I would have put my money on it if the cost is Rs.50K on-road. I still love the old activa’s shape. Moreover 4Kg weight loss is nothing. The plastic sandwitch will lead to more rattles on the body than older Activa. But the white color is terrific. I hope Hond should not dismantle old Activa die and fixtures from the factory. I bet if they relaunch it as Activa Classic, there would be enough people queueing at Honda showroom to buy it. Think Honda, Think. Options are plenty especially when you have stopped production of geared scooter. I am sure that Honda wishfully want to loose market to increase their penetration in bike market. Over to you HONDA. Ajith.


  3. Problem of plenty! Not really, the aviator is taller and looses those customers with height of 5’2″ or lesser. Test drive it and see if you can stop the aviator in traffic all of a sudden with ease. Activa is family bike with seat height just enough for 5′ taller. Most women fall under that (expecially my wife 🙂 ) Only drawback I see is they have not upgraded the suspension to telescopic 🙁 Also Honda is not well prepared for product launch. The details of bike are still not updated on their site (as of today, the 31st March 2009) Nor they are available at the dealership. They might loose some customers to Suzuki Access.. no wonder because of this (but then you have waiting period for Suzuki’s 🙂 ).

  4. Hi Vicky, Apart from combined braking, what are the extra features Activa Deluxe model got compared to New Activa. I have already booked new active,Should I wait for deluxe model? Jay

  5. Realy its very stylish & excelent result two wheeler. Like Excelent pikup, Low fuel consuption bike (45-48kmpl).

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