Hero Honda’s new CBZ X-treme Pictures

As you know, Hero Honda has launched new variants of Cbz X-treme, Passion plus,Pleasure and Splendor NXG. Here are few pictures of new CBZ Xtreme. Thanks imran for notifying Riaz pictures uploaded in Picasa

1) Hero Honda new CBZ X-treme: comes with two tone graphics. At the front it gets clear lens indicators and matt silver handle bars.

2) Hero Honda new CBZ X-treme: engine gets the ATFT technology to ensure better combustion of fuel.

3) Hero Honda new CBZ X-treme: Red alloy wheels and red rear cowl with distinct ‘X’ mark is simply magnetic. CBZ X-treme which already boasts stu tail lamp cluster

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  1. the colors of the alloys should be of same color and also in match with the new rear look color. Hope hh will look into consideration this thing as customer is spending something for a bike which look slightly different and not for a CIRCUS thing. Looks at front are pleasing now resembling little bit of unicorn from honda. Also hh says there will be gas shockers which are not present above. Hh should launch it by now because of festive season.rear view mirrors are good looking.nice stickers much better than earlier one. If hh could come up with silver finish livers it will add much character to bike sporty look and will complement the handle bars.GOOD LUCK.

  2. WOW!You thanked me mr.karthi? lol… well i should be thanking you for providing such information to us every day and providing very helpful suggestions.. and about this bike… i was pretty excited about it because i planned to buy it soon..but i didnt find anything very special here although i am a CBZ fan and i own the classic one… there should have been some more changes like GRS or a Didital ODO.. but anyways…its HH and whatever they do they will be in profits as always.. i am not complaining because i know they have made their place in the market by providing quality products always and without any gap…so i think i’ll still buy this one… thanks again..

  3. Now if HH says that they are new varients then wat have put in new only colors n stickers.I think they r totally depend on honda for every step and move otherwise after knowing taste of the country they are not serving properly players like tvs, bajaj are providing good featres in their bikes.Then why not hero honda???????

  4. I am not complaining because I know they have made their place in the market by providing quality products always and without any gap. I think I’ll still buy this one

  5. yo yo yo leave the cosmetic side!! we know how much success CBZ star got!!! with jus cosmetic upgrades! Hmm ATFT better fuel efficiency… thats good!! as someone had said GRS Shocks like Hunk and Digi meters would have added to the good things!! But there’s this prob with hh that they are not able to provide stuff at competing prices!! but i guess their quality is far better than other manufacturers!! cause i’ve personally experienced it from the bikes i owned From HH CD 100 of my dad HH splendour passion and now my Xtreme!!

  6. and the doom is better looking than my first version than xtreme!! :-(!!! but its a mix of New Uni & achiever!! wat ya guys say??/

  7. and this red back allow red back patch is for black color bike for other colors! oh there is blue my Dashy red and silver!! hmmm???????

  8. its good!!! now one more addition in our old is gold CBZ..from around 8years old to new brand CBZxtreme…but i think the color combination of alloy are not matching so much rest is nice else waiting to come it on the road..

  9. hey when HH will launch this bike, nice pictures but HH did’nt think about the harmony of colors, the red color of alloy wheel is not matching.

  10. as it is hero honda, the performance will be definately good, but its red alloy looks as some one has spent 500 to this to look JAZZY cheap old 1 was better as it was known as decent rich looking bike better go for suzuki gs 150r

  11. i having many original photos of this new bike in red & orange colour .and having catalog . this is good bike in compare to other 150cc segment bike in india.

  12. HH Shud also provide complimentary Joker’s costume with this bike. Looks like HH ran out of red color paint while making the front alloys..

  13. hey prasanna. this bike is looking really awesome. though i bought this CBZ Xtreme last year itself and mreover i am a great fan of CBZ. i own CBZ Xtreme with self start which i bought in the lat yr. its really great. but for the new one if both the alloys will be of same colour and if they launch the bike with nitrox technology which hh hunk has it will rock. anyways hh products are of great quality and they are ruling the market since a long time with success. the photo’s are really awesome.

  14. Very nice bike good milage good pickup good looking good colour combination Its cool to long drive………………………….

  15. The new cbz xtreme should be silver colour, the red colour of back is not so nice,and the joint of the handel should be lookrative like pulser.


  17. Recently i bought new CBZ Xtreme its really looking good and rocking, but it also have same odometer not digital meter..anyhow thanks to Hero Honda…………..Dhak Dhak Go !!!

  18. If possible then plz inform me which will be better in between following categary as per it’s fuel combution and look. 1) CBZ X-treme 2) Pulsor 3) SUZUKI-GS 150R Javed S. Mutwalli. mob.- 9860854007.

  19. can i know ,what is an approximate millage of cbz extreme and i need a comparision of pulsar 150,cbz extreme and unicorn,please.send the information to my email id ,soon;samba7saas@gmail.com

  20. Good news that hero honda launchd new cbz xtreme, bike is nice but not best. Bcoze I defeatd a new cbz rider who wantd to compete with my RED HUNK. however I love hero honda.

  21. However the new sporty and stylish Hero Honda CBZ Extreme is a fantastic one than bajaj pulsar, honda unicorn, yamaha FZ and no more Hero Honda Hunk. That’s all. A sexy stuff.

  22. Sir i have parchase a new cbz xtreme ATFT bike with sports red colour on 03.12.2008.after 2 month i dameged my cbz xterme visour.i wil complained to show room (WEST COAST MOTORS MANGALORE)PH 082404237777.they are told after 1 month comeing to the vishor.now is 8 month finish i did not get the cbz visour.i cal more then 100 time.but they are told visour comming after 1 week.then i cal 100 time thare is same ans.this shoeroom is verygood.boss is verygood but salesman are dontcare to the customer.they are not good the coustomer.i am must wait ur ans.

  23. hero hond wokeup pls don’t take new designs in karizma and other hunk bcoz no student likes that bike bcoz cbz is there the name cbz it self is enough ‘so pls try to launch new cbz xtreme atft with spoorts looks & and don’t do silly things as u done with new cbz xtreme try to modiefy the bike as r15,stunner,apache.by having a big front doom and spoorty head light.so don’t pay attention in wrost bikes like karizma zmr and etc .do new modification to cbz xtreme bcoz its lovers r students only as per old cbz.pls don’t try to loose the name once u have goted so pls its warning to hh that u r playing with cbz with ugly modification as u done recent cbz xtreme .as compared to new xtreme old cbz is lot better so pls hh try to come up with cbz bcoz the name and old bike has given u a fame so don’t loose it.so pls launch a new modle as spoorty as to defeat all the bikes like apacche,pulsar220,r15,fz’s,stunner and other etc.i hope u had understood what the youth wants

  24. I am also planing to buy this bike as i have a look on the above comments. every person said nice color combination…. it is right said that red alloys at back look ugly but if you guys see the Look of black in both aloys looks quite awesome to feel decent looks…. so finally i will have it….

  25. i m canfuse bcoz i dont know cbz ka parformence kesa ho muje ise bye kar na hai agar ho sake to iske bare me bata dena plez…………..

  26. Please hero honda dont spoil your name.you have produced superb engines in all bikes.but dont think colouring will change the model.its idiotic.what youth wants is a bike with sporty look with bigger doom.digital display meters.broad and short front and r says:

    You have to improve your model not the colouring ,its stupid n idiotic as u hav done in new cbz..experiment wit new models like yamaha r15,yamaha r125 ,wit digtal display n al..otherwise u l lose at any time..

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