Hero Honda to launch a 250cc bike

Posted by admin at February 11th, 2010 under Auto Scoops |

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Believe it or not! Hero Honda plans to launch a 250cc bike as per a report of Business Standard. Icing on the cake is the information that the Hero Honda’s 250cc bike will be launched in next six months. You might celebrate this diwali with Hero Honda’s 250cc bike. Bajaj Kawasaki Ninja is the only bike available in the 250cc segment. Hero Honda would price it very competitively like its other products. Hero Honda could price its 250cc bike under Rs2 lakhs and give Ninja a run for its money.

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  1. DorD says:

    Good… if it would come with a 2 cylinder engine but it would definitely be a re-bore version of Karzima DorD

  2. vicky watcher says:

    hey vicky, dont you have any better thing to do for living.. that was new low for your blog !

  3. chetan says:

    iam fainted , oh god help me why give such heart attacks?dont fool us and make bakra,

  4. Vicky Watcher 2 says:

    I agree another LOW for this blog.

  5. Kamal says:

    Is Hero Honda Or Honda ? because DNA claims it is from Honda.. can you please reconfirm the stats

  6. amol says:

    send me bike reports , pries and photo maximum pries 1 to 2 lack(all company)sport bike.

  7. Aaa says:

    oh god , u cant even copy news , ITS HONDA not HERO HONDA…Silly fool

  8. svr says:

    again one more prank by Hero honda they specualted the 250 cc last year also but what came out was not a big bang and again the same old wine in new bottle, they can always utilse honda engines and give some good quality bikes of higher ccs, i think one can trust yamaha and TVS news but not HH as they always like to fool customers

  9. rumors rumors every where! says:

    rumors rumors every where! hahahahaha!!! u made my day!

  10. ThE RaCeR says:

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha!! These HH people again started their painting and reboring work…That 250 will be bored out version of existing ZMR or karizma and they will add some painting work on frame, tail lamp, head lamp and alloys. especially one alloy will be red or orange in colour and other will be black… ha ha ha

  11. hussain says:

    hello hero honda woke up b’coz the last night has ended of u.u r now lost ur fame in the young youth by launching zmr pls dont launch any new models in karizma except cbz xtreme.with the name of cbz the h h is going so pls launch new models in cbz sports virsion only

  12. anna says:

    hh rocks

  13. rajesh says:

    I lov HH cause of XTREME,nthng else….the bike really rocks maan….

  14. shamz says:

    i purchased the zmr in the 1st week of feb & its a awesome machine i left back d P220 & close wid R15. ZMR rocks. i don’t need to bother about it

  15. shamz says:

    i don’t think dat HH will b cumin smthng like any 250 in dis diwali as ZMR jst launched & for d rest only time will tell

  16. Nishant kumar says:

    I think it will take many more year for this

  17. amaresh pandey says:

    this is beyond their dreams,they cant go above then KARIZMA

  18. SriGuru says:

    Hero Honda Group found the word “innovation” in a dictionary that existed in their library. (after all these years) So they’re hiring: (wanted) -1 motorcycle artwork painting specialist -1 motorcycle reboring specialist -1 motorcycle rearrangement specialist -All above to paid per se job requirement -1 out of job politician who knows how to fool innocent people -1 or more overpaid young Bollywood and/or cricket star for the ad -a low paid MBA group for the ad Few old Karizmas are being tinkered with. Result: Honda and Hero Honda JV to produce 250cc Honda motorcycle at 100% profit.

  19. Deepak says:

    Features Of 2011 Honda CBR250R The CBR250R’s single-cylinder engine produces a remarkably broad torque curve with peak torque generated at an easily accessible 7000 rpm. Peak horsepower kicks in at 8500 rpm, well before the 10,500-rpm redline—further testimony to the wide spread of power. Such power characteristics facilitate easy, responsive operation while also returning impressive fuel economy. Engine countershaft sits lower than the mainshaft to further reduce the front-to-back engine dimension. Programmed Fuel Injection (PGM-FI) continuously monitors several variables to ensure the correct fuel mixture for the existing riding and atmospheric conditions, thereby delivering optimal performance and remarkably crisp throttle response over a wide range of operating conditions, plus increased fuel economy. Thanks to its single-cylinder configuration, the CBR250R incorporates a light, compact and fuel-efficient powerplant, resulting in an overall package that is remarkably compact and nimble for intuitive handling dynamics. Diamond twin-spar steel frame plus a 37mm front fork and Pro-Link® single-shock rear suspension provide impressive handling and a comfortable ride. ABS version available for enhanced braking characteristics. Base weight of only 359 pounds gives the CBR250R outstanding maneuverability and helps instill rider confidence. Stylish full fairing with windscreen deflects the oncoming wind to boost rider comfort. Sporting ergonomics keep the rider perched in a well-balanced seating position to deliver a natural feel and comfortable stance even over daylong rides. Full-sized 17-inch cast wheels return big-bike feel and handling traits. Fuel capacity of 3.4 gallons gives the CBR250R a cruising range of more than 200 miles. An external fuel filter maximizes fuel tank capacity while also easing fuel filter maintenance. Grab rails on the tail section are designed to fit gloved hands, giving passengers a dedicated handhold while riding two-up. A handy underseat storage area adds to the CBR250R’s versatility. Multi-function digital instrument pod includes speedometer, tachometer, engine temperature display, fuel gauge, clock, odometer and trip meter.

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