Ford announces prices of Figo

Ford has finally announced the price details of Figo. Figo comes in four variants – Lxi, Exi,  Zxi and Titanium and two engine options – Petrol and Diesel

Figo Petrol

Ford Figo Lxi – Rs3,49,900

Ford Figo Exi – Rs3,81,900

Ford Figo Zxi – Rs3,99,900

Ford Figo Titanium – Rs4,42,900

Figo Diesel

Ford Figo Lxi – Rs4,47,900

Ford Figo Exi – Rs4,72,900

Ford Figo Zxi – Rs4,96,900

Ford Figo Titanium – Rs5,29,900

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11 thoughts on “Ford announces prices of Figo”

  1. The prices are good, but wondering about the long term value – ford services is bad, and it is known for is costly service and spare parts and besides resale value of ford is low. ummm….. confusing market shld one opt for the figo? or the polo? or Beat? or wait for the micra’s lauch in july seriously! Small car buyers have to choose well now.

  2. Excellent pricing is gonna help Ford initially, but very soon people would find that petrol engine is less powerful compared to Hyundai’s 1.2 kappa and Suzuki’s 1.2 K-Series. Figo diesel would really reduce the bookings of Swift Diesel.

  3. I wonder how we can immediately conclude that Ford’s service is bad and spares are costly. Of course, the service has been bad all these years. But, aren’t they trying to improve? Also, this car seems to be heavily localised. That means the cost of spares is going to be low too. I guess only time will tell about the service part. But looking at the price of diesel, we are getting a far superior four cylinder engine for almost a lakh less compared to Polo’s 3 cylinder not-so-refined engine!!

  4. The pricing by Ford for the FIGO is a masterstroke. This is one very capable and comfortable car. It will steal the numbers from the also very capable and attractive VW Polo. Those who want the extra build quality and heritage of the POLO will now have to shell out 1 lac extra for it. Otherwise they will find the FIGO waiting for them with open arms. Either way, the buyer will win. If you have the resources, go for the POLO otherwise the FIGO will give very good value for your money.

  5. Hi, Rohan is right, if at all ford’s service are poor, how can they have the 90 minute serivce offer, and also Figo, being the widest and longest hatch available today can’t be easily ignored by cautious buyers.

  6. rohan thinks that a 3 cylinder Volkswagen engine is less refined than the 4 cylinder ford engine shows his linear knowledge about cars. all more (Size, capacity etc..) does not mean more refined and better performance.

  7. Its a killer price indeed. Yesterday I called the thrissur dealer and they have already 40 bookings (none for petrol models). Its a great car for sure from my experience (I have driven almost all generation fiestas, great for handling, ride and safety-I dont think swift/Ritz could beat this car in any of these areas)

  8. KP, I didn’t simply make the comment about VW’s 3 pot engine being less refined. There are quite a few reviews that say so. We know about the refinement of Ford’s TDCi engine anyway. Well, I own a Palio Stile Multijet, and have driven many other cars with common rail diesel engines (but never a 3 cylinder one before), so my knowledge of diesel engines isn’t so limited also!!

  9. wow……..nothing to beat the pricing. great valu for money . the exterior looks are great, the car looks very attractive from outside without any doubts but as far as interior colour combination is concerned i have few doubts regarding the red colour dash , i wounder how people of middle and late middle age group would react to it . we all know that ford has targeted the family section with this car .rest every thing about this car is great .all the best wishes to ford coz i really want them to do well in india .

  10. Hello Friends, I’m also wishing to go for one figo and have gone through the feedbacks but i’ve not seen any comments on its fuel consumption. How is its performance in mountainous area? DD

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