Bajaj plans Pulsar 250cc

The much awaited Pulsar 250cc may finally hit the market in 2011. As Honda clocks record bookings for its CBR250R, Bajaj cannot be idle for long. While Bajaj plans higher displacement duke for indian market, it is also looking 250cc+ pulsar. Honda CBR250R is likely to be priced sensitively. To counter these, Bajaj may look at higher displacement pulsar. Bajaj pulsar 250cc might come with 4-valve engine like its younger sibling Pulsar 135LS for superior performance. The 250cc pulsar could be launched by the end of 2011. Stay tuned

7 thoughts on “Bajaj plans Pulsar 250cc”

  1. Bajaj is notorious at phasing out its products every now and then. I have bought 2 bajaj vehicles in my life so far and faced same problem with all of them. Don’t understand why is discontinues it well going models. I won’t buy a Bajaj in rest of my life any more.

  2. congratulations honda, for launching a sensible 250cc bike. “As Honda clocks record bookings for its CBR250R…” Bajaj suck on this…

  3. While there are many Bajaj fans out there, who prefer Bajaj to Honda, I have only this to say. It is important that you use a Bajaj first in order to truly appreciate a Honda later on in your life. It is a live and learn experience. I am sure Mr.Amit (above) will vouch for that.

  4. Finally Honda is on the right way. They said goodbye to Hero group.They Wwll launch 2 or 3 modelels in the same year. And about pulsar 250, It willnot have much more changes from the old models. Pulsar 250 may have full fairing.

  5. The new Pulsar 250 will b a street fighter model,like pulsar 220 S but with the console above the headlights like FZ…the engine of this bike is made along with KTM,so we can except a completely new pulsar bt the design luks same like other pulsar..frm 250cc engine it will juice 30 hp pwr along with 6-speed gear…overall we can except a New stabler Pulsar…bt anyway i’m with honda cbr250r,hav already booked the beast…i can’t take any risk with a pulsar..i hope every1 do agree..THANKS

  6. -last 5 years driving Pulsar 150cc DTSi alloy wheel – when bajaj launching pulsar 250cc, with ABS system and head lamp with 2 lamps like yamaha Fazer, tubeless both tyres , more milage ,with DTSi Fi type

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