Auto Expo Live:Yamaha to launch two 150cc & 125cc bikes in India

Yamaha plans to launch four new models in India in 2008.  Yamaha would launch two 125 cc variants in February, one 150 cc variant in the middle of the year and another 150 cc model around November.  Yamaha showcased a new 150cc bike called YZF R15 and a upgraded gladiator at the auto expo.

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  1. yahama’s new bike in 150cc segment R15 make tough competion between Bajaj Pulsar and Yamaha R15. But thier is no comparison B/W R15 and Pulsar. R15 look is so attractive and sporty. This bike will makes “OWN RULES” on road.

  2. Can please give me correct month when my dream comes true i.e..about YZF R15.I’m waiting for that PLZ………………

  3. pl send me the details of yamaha r15 that my dream come true through you i m planninig to buy bike like sports model .

  4. There is no doubt that the Yamaha R15 will be the Definite Sports Bike. Now the choice will be between the twin lamp fully faired, liquid cooled version and the air cooled single headlamp version which sports the naked look and appears more user friendly. Obviously there will be a price difference too which will decide between the wannabe racer and the smart office goer.

  5. Can please give me correct month when my dream comes true i.e..about YZF R15.I’m waiting for that PLZ………………and im sure that looks realy awesome 2 hav it here it’s gonna rock in later.

  6. Well R15 will rock the indian market if it will priced b\w range to i will waiting for this bike to launch nd i will buy it surely.

  7. yes …………..i m having full faith in yamaha….as i m using it from 25 yrs………… i m sure that yamaha will perform best in the caming models ……as in GLADIATOR SS AND RS …….IN YZF R15….N THE prototype models…. yamaha had showed great performance in crux as well as G5 and ALBA 106….. SAKET SHARMA

  8. plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz launch the bike as early as possible

  9. i am worried about just one thing. the tyres are not wide enough i think. if the bike is as big or wide as it seems from the pictures, will those narrow tyres be good enough??? kindly guide.

  10. It’s a request to yamaha-india to bring in the 2008 yzf-r125 TO india in june-july(AT A PRICE TAG WELL UNDER 80,000 AND WITH INCREASED WHEELBASE).It would create strong market which would rip apart the sales of 150-160cc bikes in INDIA.Also there would be hitches in buying ninja250r.Then, please launch a 300cc cult bike in august which would affect the sales of avenger,bullet,etc.Then in October kindly launch yzf-r15 which would jeopardise the seles of pulsar200-220cc as well as karisma.In november, naked fz1000 inspired 150cc bike is launched which creates a market of its own with no competition {maybe from suzuki}. All this will leave the rival in tatters and will also help the company in its 3-year mission.Quick and worthy launches is the key to success in the INDIAN market. AND REMEMBER ONE THING “IN INDIA MUCH AWAITED LAUNCHES ARE USUALLY NEVER A SUCCESS AS EXPECTATIONS OF PEOPLE BECOME SKY HIGH.SURPRISE LAUNCHES AT AFFORDABLE PRICES ( RS. 70,000 TO Rs.85,000) IS THE MOST SUCCESSFUL STRATEGY FOR THE COUNTRY”. REMEMBER: MOST OF THE CUSTOMERS ARE 15-30YRS OLD HAVING SCARCE MEANS OF INCOME.MILEAGE ABOVE 30 IS OPTIMAL FOR A GRAND SUCCESS. MARK MY WORDS. I AM IN THE DEPTH OF EXPECTATIONS OF THE BUYER.INDIA IS A COUNTRY WHERE PEOPLE WANT FOREIGN BIKES AND NOT INDIA SPECIFIC BIKES INSPIRED FROM FOREIGN BIKES. AND THE EXPECTATIONS CAN BE EASILY SEEN FROM POSTS IN VARIOUS BLOGS. HAVE A GOOD LUCK JAPENESE BROS.

  11. Hi, I m very much believe in yamaha so kindly give me the information about 150cc bike about maximum speed, torque, bhp and milage. Thanx

  12. hey guys this byk seems to be smaller than apache rtr as per the figures….length of rtr is 2030mm whereas of r15 is 1070mm….and then when it comes to width its again rtr with 730mm and r15 with i’ll be glad if someone proves me wrong b’coz i’m in complete love with dis byk but this is wat pulling me back…. this byk is not for tall guys….

  13. i m very glad to hear that yamaha R15 will b realising soon.. I m 4m calcutta i want this bike bcoz i like it very much.. I wanna drag wid those guy who think that they r the best riders in pulsar but they r fool they dnt knw abt the R15.. I will buy this bike when its launch..

  14. PLS ADD D PRICE LIST OF YAMHA YZF 125 ………………………………………………………………………………………………………

  15. Yahama 150 CC ZF is a Cool Stunning Bike for Youngsters and its gonna rock the City Roads………….. And its Better than Yamaha R15………. And Expected for 125 CC in yamaha……..

  16. I m expecting 4 new hybrid bike.. They have to do research… Bcoz energy fuel saver car already been launch in Honda CIVIC Hybrid… Like that they have to…

  17. hyyyyyyyy gus toh what you deside isme sochne wali baat nahin hai bus yamaha le hi lo yaar ………….. trust on yamha

  18. please give me update of new bike & scooter & any sweet girl wish to be my fraind please contact 09897838307 rishikeshuttaranchal

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  20. hey yah!!!!!!!! wanna know wen yamaha r125 will launch??????????? n wen will it reach imphal or delhi???????????????

  21. sir sub. which new bikes in india 2010 sir pls write about new launching in bharat {india }during 2010. some quss.? 1. will yamaha launch gladiator 165, r125 and scorpio in india. 2010 2. will yamaha improvemt in {YTPS} technology in inda.2010 3.will yamaha make engine unit of r15 and yzf 125 in india. 2010 4. will yamaha come with new bike 100 to125 cc with fuel- injected bike .2010 5.will yamaha come with 100 to 125 cc with more milage .2010 fz16 is best other 150cc bikes . in fz yamaha doing some improvement in 2010 thank you

  22. fast bike ah? yeah sometimes…….. when ll be that beast r125 is gonna launch here????????? or i m gonna book r15 and kick ur ass YAMAHA

  23. fast bike ah? yeah sometimes…….. when ll be that beast r125 is gonna launch here????????? or i m gonna book r15 and kick ur ass YAMAHA

  24. fast bike ah? yeah sometimes…….. when ll be that beast r125 is gonna launch here????????? or i m gonna book r15 and kick Ur ass “YAMAHA”

  25. sir will you please tell me,when r125 is being on Indian market and what its exactly price…… i m w8tig thanks

  26. when ill r 125 is going to launch in india, or other wise i am going to take r 15 plz tell me i want to buy plz plz …………………………

  27. Arey Yamaha company, why don’t you release RX100 once again either in 2 str or 4 str. Uske muqable me koi bike nahi hai aaj bhi. Sab bakwas hai. I drove RX100 for 17 years now I drive all bikes. But no bike like RX 100. In 1990 I bought it for Rs.21,000/-. In 2007 I sold it for Rs.15,000/-. I miss that bike even today. So Yamaha, please Rx 100 asap. We will buy premium too.

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