Toyota launches new Corolla Altis

Toyota today launched the much hyped Corolla Altis in India.New Corolla altis will replace the corolla in India. With the formal launch at the Noida Expo ground corolla altis is now available across the Toyota Dealerships for sale. “This year’s target is to sell 63,000 vehicles, and by fiscal 2015 we are aiming for a market share of about 10 per cent. The Altis marks our big step toward the achievement of this goal,” Toyota Kirloskar Motor (TKM) Vice-Chairman Vikram Kirloskar said.  Corolla altis is powered by a 1.8L, 4 cylinder gasoline engine which pumps out maximum power of 130bhp at 6000rpm. The new altis comes with a standard 5-speed manual transmission and an optional 4-speed automatic transmission.

Toyota says the new corolla altis is dimensionally bigger and it offer good cabin space. According to Toyota the new corolla altis offers 22 storage spaces and a 475 litres of boot space. Toyota has also introduced two novel safety features in india with the launch of the corolla altis. Electrochromatic inner rear view mirror which will reduce the glare and automatic headlamp washer which will ensure a good visibility are first in class features.  The three variants of the new corolla altis are – 1.8G manual, 1.8GL manual and 1.8VL automatic. The five colours on offer for the new corolla altis includes Silver Mica Metallic, Light Blue Metallic, Dark Red Mica Metallic,Champagne Mica Metallic and White Pearl Mica.  The new corolla altis competes with Honda Civic, Hyundai Sonata Embera and Volkswagen Jetta. The new corolla altis is priced between Rs 10.83 lakh and Rs 12.86 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi). Toyota plans to sell an average of 2,000 Corolla Altis a month.

More details are expected and photos will be uploaded soon.

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The price of new Toyota Corolla altis

Grade Price
1.8 V (L) A/T Rs. 1,286,000
1.8 G (L) M/T Rs. 1,209,000
1.8 G M/T Rs. 1,083,000

Car Accessories – skirts for swift and civic

Pimp Your Ride – Car Accessories…

So you’re gonna buy a new car. What’s it going to be like? After eliminating all the nice cars in the ground of fuel economy and overall price, what you are left with is a handful of not-so-hot looking sedans and (mostly) hatchbacks. After the new-car thing has worn off you are somehow let down by the look of the car, though you can’t really point out what went wrong. The fact of the matter is that these cars were not designed to be head-turners, but to go easy on your wallet and (with some luck) on the road. Apart from complaining (although not so openly) car owners, most youngsters are driven (pun intended) to infuse a certain personality into their cars or just want to experiment. We tell you about various car accessories that enhance the look of your car. We also help you to find the accessory that best fits your car.

How’s it Hangin – front,side and trunk skirts:

Anyone who has played Need For Speed will tell you a thing or two about customizing your car by adding a few accessories. Based on your choice you can make your car look big, sleek or just plain snobby. Side and front skirts make a car look bigger than they actually are. These work well for tall hatchbacks, and small sedans. The bigger the car, the smaller the skirt – seems to be the formula that defines the line between custom and crazy. In already large cars, bigger side skirts sometime make the car look like a sloppy washing machine. Here are two cars – swift hatchback and civic sedan with body kits.

Maruti Suzuki Swift car accessories

Maurti Suzuki Swift Front Skirt

Swift is the only car from Maruti that spells ‘macho’ all over. The front skirt shown below lends a masculine feel to the already sporty look. The small car seems a little grown up. The skirt style does not stand out and merges with the design of the car. The finish too is well done.

Maruti Suzuki swift side skirt

Now what do you think your car will look like if it sported only a front skirt? Bulky? Out of proportion? Exactly. With the stylish front one can’t settle with a small, puny side skirt. So thinking big, like always, has worked. The flared wheel arches of the Swift make this accessory look less flamboyant and more pristine.

Maruti Suzuki swift rear skirt

Unlike the side and front skirts, the rear skirts incorporates the rear wheel arch in the same angle and curve without which it might not have looked as good. The slot for the exhaust looks a little out of place, but given the complications involved it can be forgiven.

Honda civic car accessories

Honda civic front skirt

The Civic is one of the most stylish cars in Indian road today, thanks to Honda. One would think that it is next to impossible to improve it’s design. Well, the pictures say it all. The headlights that give a mean look to the car are somehow made prominent without touching them at all! The design looks aggressive and the finish top class.

A curious thing about customization is that one doesn’t know when to stop. Overdoing can prove fatal. Here however the side skirts are made with as little curves as possible taking care not to affect the overall theme of the car.

Honda civic side skirt

Honda Civic rear skirt

I know that most of you thought that only girls look good in skirts. Hope this article has enlightened you otherwise. We’ll explore the other parts in a car where one can individualize in the future (hopefully). Here is a sign of things to come. Keep guessing.

Bike Modification

This article is written by Lokesh a bike passionate from Chennai

Pulsar to Ninja:

The massive growth in the buying power of Indian youth has pushed automobile majors in the 2-wheeler segment to launch new products in a never-before seen pace. However this fails to satisfy our youngsters who value individuality as much as functionality. Those who have money, time and patience import exotic rides (read Ninjas and Harley Davidsons). Others who only have time and patience turn to aftermarket products.

Bike modification has been favourite area for true bike enthusiast.To modify a bike and earn to lure eyeballs, you have to spend tons of time and few bucks. We will try to cover all the items related to the Bike modification / alteration in this section. Watch this space to know more……….

Cosmetic upgrades:

The versatality of this field is astounding. From tuning the bikes to deliver unbelievable performance to creating a superbike look-a-like, the possiblities seem endless. The most sought sfter alteration , as in the job market, is in the design department. One of the many things that can be done is to add a carbon-fibre fairing which gives the bike a dynamic appeal. Adding an engine guard is a double-edged sword. Though it may give the bike a macho look, in most commuters it looks unnecessarily bulky. While attaching a bigger fairing may look good, at times it requires changing the entire headlight assembly. Some wise(?) people use a vertical sticker on the headlight to make it look like a double light head lamp. And then there’s always the paint job that can render any colour to almost any part of the bike. The success of this attempt solely depends on the aesthetic sense of the owner and to a little extent on the quality of the job done.Except for the engine block and silencer where the paint starts to melt and causes discoloration, this idea does not cause any problems mechanically.

Beefy tires and sporty suspension:

The upgrades discussed above are not known to affect the performance in a big way, and stick only to enhancing the looks. However there are certain areas which influenze both the looks and handling of the bike. One such area which is frequently experimented with are the tires. Many believe that switching to wider tires lends a big-bike feel and look to the bike, but few realize that it takes a toll on fuel consumption and top speed. The trick is to either sacrifice the above factors or balance on’es selection to go with the bike’s overall theme and also not spoil the bike’s performance. Raised seats and heightened suspensions are also frequently seen in traffic nowadays. The ride quality that comes with this package is not very good and most often gets bumpy in an already spoilt road. Putting in more ‘moolah’ to get imported shocks or switching to a mono-suspension is a feasible option.

Skin deepK&N filter and Iridium spark plug

A combination or a selection of the above ideas could make an onlooker go crazy guessing your motorcycle’s make. But what good is an expensive facelift when an age-old RD350 beats the crap out of your Honda CBR (read modified Pulsar) ? Not to worry as this too has been looked into. The first word that comes into everyone’s mind is ‘diffuser’ , the second is ‘loud’ and third is ‘cheap’. Freeflow exhausts are available or can be made in most lathe shops. These ‘sophisticated’ products allow the exhaust gas to the atmosphere literally throwing any environmental concerns to the wind. A performance boost albeit minimal s guarenteed but the uncivilized noise and smoke do not make it road legal not to mention the fuel consumption.

A little bit of automobile know-how would lead one from the silencer to the carburettor. Performance filters from companies like K&N are available for 100cc engines and above. This is one of the very few authentic products that is extensively used in the alteration procedures. K&N filters optimize the fuel-air mixture in accordance with the throttle opened at any instant of time by controlling the amount of air entering the carburettor. Unlike in a diffuser, the engine note becomes low and mean above a particular ‘rpm’ range. The power band range in the tachometer is also unofficially expanded allowing the engine to be pushed to a higher rpm than before effortlessly. The air-fuel mixture can also be changed by using a bigger nozzle for fuel supply to the carburettor. Together with performance filters the pickup and acceleration are noticably improved. Further alterations like changing the powertrain and certain parts of the engine-assembly provide much better results, but are quite expensive.

Few catchy trends in bike alteration among youngsters, like paint most part of the bike black have been followed up by bikemakers like Bajaj in their product upgrades. With everything said and done, not one of the afore-mentioned alterations are approved by any bikemaker in India, which seriously affects any guarentee or warranty claims that come with the product. But that’s a small price to pay for the owner’s pride and onlooker’s envy.

TVS launches Apache RTR EFI

Atleast you can now sit back and relax. After running for apache RTR EFI for so many months you must have been frustrated. But you must be rejoiced with this info, your patientce finally gets paid off. TVS today launched the much awaited apache RTR EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection). The RTR FI is powered by a 160cc Fuel Injection mill which generates 15.7bhp of peak power at 8500rpm and 13.1Nm of torque at 6500rpm. According to TVS, Apache RTR FI can reach 60kmph from zero in just 4.8s and zoom past 100kmph mark in just 17.7s. TVS also claims the bike can clock a top speed 120kmph.Apart from the new FI mill, it also gets new features blue back digital console, racy stripes and disc brake at the rear. Apache RTR FI is priced Rs64990 (ex-showroom Delhi). The new Apache RTR FI comes in attractive colours – orange and yellow.