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Posted by Vignesh Annamalai at August 18th, 2008 under Car and Bike accessories |

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This article is written by Lokesh a bike passionate from Chennai

Pulsar to Ninja:

The massive growth in the buying power of Indian youth has pushed automobile majors in the 2-wheeler segment to launch new products in a never-before seen pace. However this fails to satisfy our youngsters who value individuality as much as functionality. Those who have money, time and patience import exotic rides (read Ninjas and Harley Davidsons). Others who only have time and patience turn to aftermarket products.

Bike modification has been favourite area for true bike enthusiast.To modify a bike and earn to lure eyeballs, you have to spend tons of time and few bucks. We will try to cover all the items related to the Bike modification / alteration in this section. Watch this space to know more……….

Cosmetic upgrades:

The versatality of this field is astounding. From tuning the bikes to deliver unbelievable performance to creating a superbike look-a-like, the possiblities seem endless. The most sought sfter alteration , as in the job market, is in the design department. One of the many things that can be done is to add a carbon-fibre fairing which gives the bike a dynamic appeal. Adding an engine guard is a double-edged sword. Though it may give the bike a macho look, in most commuters it looks unnecessarily bulky. While attaching a bigger fairing may look good, at times it requires changing the entire headlight assembly. Some wise(?) people use a vertical sticker on the headlight to make it look like a double light head lamp. And then there’s always the paint job that can render any colour to almost any part of the bike. The success of this attempt solely depends on the aesthetic sense of the owner and to a little extent on the quality of the job done.Except for the engine block and silencer where the paint starts to melt and causes discoloration, this idea does not cause any problems mechanically.

Beefy tires and sporty suspension:

The upgrades discussed above are not known to affect the performance in a big way, and stick only to enhancing the looks. However there are certain areas which influenze both the looks and handling of the bike. One such area which is frequently experimented with are the tires. Many believe that switching to wider tires lends a big-bike feel and look to the bike, but few realize that it takes a toll on fuel consumption and top speed. The trick is to either sacrifice the above factors or balance on’es selection to go with the bike’s overall theme and also not spoil the bike’s performance. Raised seats and heightened suspensions are also frequently seen in traffic nowadays. The ride quality that comes with this package is not very good and most often gets bumpy in an already spoilt road. Putting in more ‘moolah’ to get imported shocks or switching to a mono-suspension is a feasible option.

Skin deepK&N filter and Iridium spark plug

A combination or a selection of the above ideas could make an onlooker go crazy guessing your motorcycle’s make. But what good is an expensive facelift when an age-old RD350 beats the crap out of your Honda CBR (read modified Pulsar) ? Not to worry as this too has been looked into. The first word that comes into everyone’s mind is ‘diffuser’ , the second is ‘loud’ and third is ‘cheap’. Freeflow exhausts are available or can be made in most lathe shops. These ‘sophisticated’ products allow the exhaust gas to the atmosphere literally throwing any environmental concerns to the wind. A performance boost albeit minimal s guarenteed but the uncivilized noise and smoke do not make it road legal not to mention the fuel consumption.

A little bit of automobile know-how would lead one from the silencer to the carburettor. Performance filters from companies like K&N are available for 100cc engines and above. This is one of the very few authentic products that is extensively used in the alteration procedures. K&N filters optimize the fuel-air mixture in accordance with the throttle opened at any instant of time by controlling the amount of air entering the carburettor. Unlike in a diffuser, the engine note becomes low and mean above a particular ‘rpm’ range. The power band range in the tachometer is also unofficially expanded allowing the engine to be pushed to a higher rpm than before effortlessly. The air-fuel mixture can also be changed by using a bigger nozzle for fuel supply to the carburettor. Together with performance filters the pickup and acceleration are noticably improved. Further alterations like changing the powertrain and certain parts of the engine-assembly provide much better results, but are quite expensive.

Few catchy trends in bike alteration among youngsters, like paint most part of the bike black have been followed up by bikemakers like Bajaj in their product upgrades. With everything said and done, not one of the afore-mentioned alterations are approved by any bikemaker in India, which seriously affects any guarentee or warranty claims that come with the product. But that’s a small price to pay for the owner’s pride and onlooker’s envy.

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  1. Dinna Kurian says:

    Pls send some pictures of modified / altered Suzuki Fiero

  2. vishal soni says:

    hi i`m vishal soni. ileave in katni (mp) want to modify my pulsar please send me full info. & ur add n contact no also.. u can also contact me on 09827388901 i dont check my mail reguarly

  3. T.Amar jith says:

    good morning sir iam havng a bajaj platina bike which i want to make it as a modified bike and with in low cost and it should look great.thanking u to advise me to make it as a orijinal modified bike sir …………

  4. ganesh says:

    hello sir i am ganesh from coimbatore i have an tvs suzuki i like to modifi it in low cost and could you send me some pictures of modified sir

  5. nithin says:

    can u plz send me some pics of modified vehicles????plzz

  6. aasiff says:

    i wan some tips to modify my cycle.i wan to modify in chennai. MODEL:Razorback NE D-frame COMPANY:Hero

  7. diljith says:

    hello sir, im having a apache rtr 160 refresh model. In the bike which kind of alteration has been made.and please send a modified apache rtr 160 pictures………im eager waiting for ur reply

  8. DILIP says:

    hey dude… i wish get a 2nd hand bike and modify it to a sports type(appearance only).So plz suggest me some bikes which can be easily modified & would costs me low in bucks

  9. Teny says:

    sir, please sent some modified bullets photo

  10. Rakesh says:

    I wish to get modifications in my Yamaha Rs-135 in Guwahati city please submit your offers if any.

  11. mohanram says:

    sir , i like to modify my pulsar 150 .like yamaha series model in low cost pls send ur remodel photos and ur adds to me i am waiting for ur reply………….

  12. Meet Pal Singh says:

    Goodday I bought hunk and like to modify it. Plz let me know what to do. I want to do as soon as possible so that i can ride with a sound which relax me. Waiting for ur reply

  13. yasin nagarji says:

    i want to modify my bike but in simple and sweet manner

  14. Akashdeep says:

    Sir, I have a Yamaha RX-100, 1989 model. Although fully satisfied with its performance, I would like to have some advice for modification of its performance. I prefer long distance travelling and am worried about mileage, power as well as suspension. The quality of head lamp also requires consideration. Cost of re-modelling is also an important issue not to be missed out. I am stationed at Patna and due to my professional commitment, I may not be able to move out of city for modifications. It would be of great help if you could pass on some suggestions with details.

  15. vinod says:

    HI I want to convert my Bajaj Pulsar from manual kick start to self or button start.What are the things need to do?PLZ let me know?

  16. alok says:

    sir i had yezdi duble meter model i want some suggestion abt modification

  17. yogesh says:

    I have an apache rtr 160 and i want modify it with cosmetics. want to give it an ossom look. can u send me some photos of modified apache’s.

  18. Prasanna says:

    Hi Vicky, I wanna modify the front and back tyres …what i mean is a width as in unicorn or fz….i possess Shine with me…is it possible to do it…if so where can i find a shop in chennai..could u plz mail me or the one i have mentioned above….thanks dude..

  19. sunil says:

    hi,,send me modified pulsar150

  20. amit says:

    hello vicky, i am having wind125 for last 5 years….it has give a good performance but now i wanna modify to give a sporty and sexy looks…..give some ideas with avg bugget….please do take my word into consideration…… thanks bro….

  21. vijay says:

    bajaj discover silencer altered to super bike sound…. can u tell me and my mileage should not drop…

  22. harsha says:

    sir i’ve a old yezdi bike with me.. i want to modify it at low cost..can u help me out…..

  23. koustuv says:

    i hv a bajaj platina (100cc) .. i wanna increase its top speed and accilaretion i reached 103km/h.. plz hlp me..

  24. Sharath says:

    hello sir.. im from chennai,, i like to modify my RTR 160 yellow with lost cost… can u help me out ?

  25. venkat says:

    Hello sir, I am from chennai, i like to modify my hero honda passion plus Black with red. I am looking for low cost. can u send me some modified pictures and ur address or contact no.. ???

  26. Girish says:

    sir i’m bike loving person, i’m having Bajaj pulsar 150 i wan to modify it, can u send any moodified pics and also new sticker cutting of it sir.plz thank u:-)

  27. saravanan says:

    hi vicky i want to alter my tvs suzuki bike so pls give u r suggestions and samplepictures

  28. austin says:

    sir i’m bike loving person, i’m having Bajaj pulsar 150 i wan to modify it, can u send any moodified pics and also new sticker cutting of it sir.plz thank u:-)

  29. Guna says:

    Pls send some pictures of modified Suzuki Fiero to monocrose bike..

  30. pranav says:

    photos,coast,and other details of karizma-CBZ Thunderbird-harly

  31. Mano says:

    Hi I have a Suzuki fiero Black im in a plan of modifying by just puting a full engine cover(like sport bike Mask)can you tell me gud suggestion which would cost me very low?

  32. Venkat says:

    Hi! Im in chennai and I have Honda Unicorn. Have you done remodeling for Honda Unicorn. If yes, could you send some photos of remodel. Thanks!


    please send some good modification or alteration HERO HONDA SPLENDOR BIKE photos . my bike model was 1999 black . till it was good conidition. it was my lucky bike. i am working as marketing enginner my age was 26. i am mechanical engineer . my taste was very different and compare to others i want be show some thing very different i want to alternate my bike in cheap . can you send some nice alterate photos

  34. karthik says:

    hai i just want to know weather my pulsar 150 can be modified for fuel injection if possible please send me a reply to my mail id

  35. manikandan says:

    can u plz send me some pics of modified vehicles????plzz

  36. Dev says:

    I have decided to buy new pulsar 180cc as there is no 200cc pulsar any more… I like the silencer used in 200 and 220cc so would like to alter that in the new bike… I want to know abouts the cost and also the positive and negative of altering new pulsar 180cc 2009 edition silencer to pulsar 220cc silencer… u can mail me to

  37. chandrasekar mp says:

    hi Vicky, I need ur help in gathering a small info about altering a normal Indian bike to a race bike which u see in international MOTO GP 1000 cc race. Just recently I met a pudupettai (chennai the best place to alter exactly like HONDA CBR OR YAMAHA R1 1000 CC ) bike mechanic regarding this and he said after altering the bike to race bike there will b a loss of 25 km to 30 km mileage, so which means if I alter a PULSAR it will give a mileage of just 10 to 15 km which will be a great loss, so that bike mech asked me to buy TVS STAR CITY which gives a 70 km of mileage normally and after alteration to race bike it will give atleast 40 km of mileage, but I wonder how that bike will give a great pick up or can it make a top speed of 80 km atleast on NH roads without shaking? So plz gather some information on this. my main concern is will there be a loss of 25 to 30 km in mileage after alteration to complete pakka race bike? PLZ REPLY

  38. chandrasekar mp says:

    Hi Vicky also could u plz send me some pakka modified bikes, i mean which should exactly look like HONDA CBR OR YAMAHA R1 OR HAYABUSA (1000 CC) also i need the best place and mechanic to be modified in chennai or banglore or pondicheri? either reply to my email or to my no 91+9742773777

  39. rem says:

    i have appache 150 , i want to modification like shocks absorbs, petrol tank & handle bar. send some suggection with photos. t& regars rem

  40. maddy says:

    and i want to add sporty fiber engine guard for my unicorn can yo u help out with specified type and cost..

  41. MILLER says:

    hello friend, im having a apache rtr 160 new model . In the bike which kind of alteration has been made.and please send a modified apache rtr 160 pictures………im eager waiting for ur reply…………send many pictures………reply me soon…..plz sir…plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz pzl plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz sir

  42. Ranjeet Singh says:

    Dear Vicky Plz suggest how to modify bajaj platina 100cc bike and tell me lowest cost of modification. Thnks & Regds Ranjeet Chahal

  43. Ranjeet Singh says:

    Dear Vicky Plz suggest how to modify bajaj platina 100cc bike and tell me lowest cost of modification or also send some modify bike picute only platina. Thnks & Regds Ranjeet Chahal

  44. S.Arunaachalam says:

    hello mr.vickey i am having Victor GLX Bike I Like To Modify it Pls Suggest me me a good Design at Low Cost. Thanks & Regards, S.Arunaachalam

  45. kunal says:

    i am having pulsar 150cc.I want to modify pulsar headlight to Fz16.Can u send me some pics of modified pulsar headlight to fz16 and also give me some suitable cost of modifying headlight.please reply me……….

  46. bala says:

    Hi Vicky How to alter my splender painting

  47. ranjan kumar behera says:

    i have bajaj pulsar-150 dtsi. i want to remodel it. can u suggest some remodelling and it’s cost

  48. ganesh kumar says:

    sir i have buy seconds super splendor bike so that i want alternate my bike see(2 piecce hand bar,cylensor,adjust back suspenor that means height etc……. could you send the remodule picture in my mail….. and send u cell number………

  49. sangram says:

    hi viky, I have a Yamha RTZ so want to modify it so can u send me some modified bike photos

  50. Umakarthik says:

    hi, i’m umakarthik from chennai. I’m a transport contractor at Indian Oil, my cousine brothers are two wheelers mechanic they owned their garage named “VARADHAN BIKES” at alwarpet chennai.They are spealist for royal enfield motorcycle and all other bikes.First the garage was started by their father Varadhan at 1971.Please advertise the garage thank you.

  51. siddharth kuhar says:

    hello dear, M having Honda Stunner(red colour). I want to make some modification in it. I want to get fixout the front part of Honda CBR over it. I s it POSSIBLE. and will it look good over stunner. please help. and also tell me the cost of it and can you provide it to me in karnal.

  52. Ratnakar says:

    Hello frnds i have a byke passon pulse and i wana to modifed it also i want to increase its pickup if u have samo ideas about thiss pls send me yaaar for this i will be so thank full to you ………

  53. Rahul says:

    I am having TVS Victor GL and I would like to modify my bike to some new racer bike look so could you give me address of puna or aurangabad where I can modify my bike and can u just tell me what will be the cost for new look?

  54. koli kishore says:

    hi im koli i wnt modyfy my rxg 135 yamaha pleg send me some pics & prig

  55. Amritjot Singh says:

    Sir i own Bajaj Platina and i want to modify it with low cost so please do tell me about its modifications . I live at amritsar in Punjab .

  56. pavankumar says:

    good morning sir iam havng a bajaj platina bike which i want to make it as a modified bike and with in low cost and it should look great.pls suggest me.

  57. Dipak says:

    Dear sir, I have 2 nos. of bike. Splendor & Apache 150. I want to modified my both bike. can you send me some picture of these modified bike.I am from patna. Kindly do the needful thanks & Regards. Dipak.

  58. Ricky says:

    I m owning a yamaha RX 100 i wnt 2 modify it. Can u please giv me some suggesstion hw 2 modify without hampering its engine’s performance. N also please send me som snaps so I could gt som idea.

  59. pavankumar says:

    good morning sir iam havng a bajaj platina bike which i want to make it as a modified bike and with in low cost and it should look great.pls mail me to

  60. vivek says:


    • prabhakar says:

      hi vivek.. i own a pulsar 135.i want to alter that bike with stickering nd by some little pls advice how to do

    • raghu says:

      hey dude i m using fz16 for past 1yr and 6 monts i need to alter it plz give ur suggestions wit photos

      • avin says:

        hi frnd, u r using fz for past 1 and half years ..then u r the right person or me .. im got fz recently. i wanna to modify it .. plz send some ideas wit pics ..and pics of ur remodelled fz .. and plz give some idea to make front number plate look trendy..plz help.. plz send pics and ideas to

  61. vivek says:

    This is Vivek again guys… My contact no: 9790336397 & my mail id: If u have any doubt in modifying FIERO or YAMAHA RX, call me or mail me at any time..

  62. karthik says:

    sir i want to buy a ng irridium spark plugs with in a low cost for hero honda karizma can help me

  63. pavankumar says:

    hello vicky, i am having platina100cc for last has given a good performance but now i wanna modify to give a sporty and sexy looks…..give some ideas with avg bugget….please do take my word into consideration…… thanks bro….

  64. pavankumar says:

    sir pls guide me to alter my 100cc platina

  65. sree says:

    HI this is Sree.. i have CBZ look like my girl frnd…. i need to alter my bike’s silencer like honda racing car sound…..whoooooooooooooooooooorm,,,,,,,,,,,,

  66. pavan says:

    hello vicky, i am having platina100cc for last has given a good performance but now i wanna modify to give a sporty and sexy looks…..give some ideas with avg bugget….please do take my word into consideration…

  67. vicky says:

    hi ..dis s vignesh i have to alter my starcity with low cost ..give me some ideas and some pics to alter my bike….and tell some good areas to alter my bike ,city [trichy,coimbatore,chennai]

  68. saravana says:

    Hi frnd, Hi frnd i have yamaha RX135 model bike,i need to alter my bike in sports model so i reuest u to give some sample pictures & give ideas to alter my bike…………………………

  69. vin says:

    heyy..i want 2 knw if i can fix the fairing n headlamps of pulsar 220 on my 200.if so where can i get it done in chennai n how much wil it cost??pls help

  70. hari says:

    hey vin u could get that done in a shop called bike paradise in anna nagar shanti colony…they do it good…i have a modified pulsar myself.

  71. vijay says:

    Hi, I need to modify my KB Caliber 115. Please reply back with modified bike pics and let me know, if my bike can be modified to one of those along with the budget..

  72. VIVEK says:

    thanks for ur feed back Jignesh…!!!!! send mails to

  73. rehan says:

    hiiiiiiii …this is rehan frm hyderabad…i wanna modify my honda stunner …it shoud look as a sports bike vch should b done in low of cost ..can u plzzz suggest me …i vl b much thankful to u all..

  74. rehan says:

    send me some modified stunner pics also

  75. vishu says:

    Hi friend I want to modify my hero honda cd-100-ss such that it will look like Yahma-R15.But i don’t want to change my privious engine because it is performing very well.and i also want to add some led at the bottom.So how much it will cost?At the Bombay Where I can get good shop for remodeling?

  76. naveen says:

    hi.. could u pl mail me some ideas to modify my passion plus 08 model.. blue bike with alloy wheels

  77. Raneet says:

    hey!m raneet frm kolkata.i nid sum advce ovr bdy modificatns on a hero honda cd 100 ss.ive went thru sum mods whch r lukin gr8 n wld sggst al my brothrs hvin dis gr8 piece f machine.I GOT D CHAIN GUARD N D FRONT SHOCKABS SPRAY PAINTD BLACK, GOT D RUBBR COVR ON D FRNT SUSPNSNS REMOVD,INSTALD DUAL HORNS,N HV INSTALD SERIES WHYT LEDS INSYD D HEADLAMP N A SQUARE SHAPE! i also plan 2 increase d width f d rear tyr,chng d frnt n rear mudgrd,instal cd deluxe rear panel,tail lamps n indicatrs n also instal nrml blck 5spoke alloys lyk d 1s d nu platinas hv.NW WT M LUKIN 4 HRE Z A BTTR ADVCE ON D MODS F DIS BYK N ITS APRX COST.M GETIN MILEAGE F ARND 55-60 N A TOP SPEED F 85kmph!f dre’s ne bttr plce 4 byk remodlin n kol othr thn welingtn,pls refr!pls sggst. my email id z,n my locatn z kolkata,wst bngl.

  78. Mallisa says:

    Dear friend I read your topic Its quite iteresting , By the way I am a teenage girl an start riding my Kawashaki RTZ 100cc dual sport bike quite a year Now I think it should be overhauled so I need your advice how can I modded this bike into A dart type look just tell me how I could purchse these parts ( if available in kolkata )The engien in so fast it giving me a throttle of 11.8hp I take this bike top speed of 90kmph still 15 min . I should be very much great ful to you if you allow me to take some of your wise decision into my this email id- I m looking for your sweet reply …………….Mallisa de Souza

  79. ravikumar says:

    Hi I have pulsar 200cc i want to modify my bike as hayabusa give me some tips and images how to modify with low cost.

  80. mouli says:

    hi frnds……i am having alter bike…….its cbz…………alloyed wheels,tubeless tyres,disc breaks,red in color., like ghost rider stickered,life time tax,insurane,single owner,……… me at.9159090903

  81. mouli says:

    i want to sale it …..price 29000 t30000

  82. vasi says:

    i need tvs star city altration.yara conduct pannalam

  83. sandy says:

    sir , i like to modify my pulsar 200 .like foreign bike model in low cost pls send ur remodel photos and ur adds to me i am waiting for ur reply………

  84. manpreet singh grewal says:

    sir i own passion plus and i want to modify it with less cost to make it splendrous . plz send me the list of modifictions . u cn cntact me on 9465919107. im living at ludhiana in punjab………

  85. Hari says:

    Hey guys Im Just 20 & I got a new Pulsar 22occ & I wan’t to modifiy it so can anyone tell me where I can get it Done In Tamil Nadu………..Please Guys……….

  86. amar says:

    sir i have pulsar 150cc….i want a awsome looks jst as any super bikes.can u pls send sme snaps of modified pulsar……so that i can modify and also pls tell me what may be the approx expenditure

  87. deep says:

    hi mr. m deeep from punjab do you know how to modify the enfield bullet nd wats the modification cost of full body structure

  88. VIJAY says:

    sir i have latest new pulsar 150cc black….i want a awesome looks just as any super bikes.can you send some nice alternate photos and sen a some sticker models.

  89. apo padi says:

    i own a apache 160 fi n i 1nt it 2 be modified with yamaha r15 parts.can dis be done?if yes then plz send me some pictures of modified apache.

  90. m.manoj says:

    hiii tis is manoj , i wanna modify my new bike name of pulsar new 2010 editon , can u send me the picture , wanna different likes RX15 , KARSHIMA ZMR , Am , i expect from as soon as ,, THANK YOU

  91. miller mandella says:

    hi. i own a apache rtr 160.i want that bike with stickering nd by some little pls advice how to do…….sena any apache aletr photos…………. Reply

  92. harsha says:

    m havin karizma zmr…..can i get altered still

  93. VARUN says:

    hi frns am varun nd i hv xcd 135 nd i wana to modify it plz give me suggestion and ideas to do same nd tell me suitable place where i cn got my bike modified

  94. karthik says:

    I m owning a hero honda hunk i wnt 2 modify it. Can u please giv me some suggesstion hw 2 modify without hampering its engine’s performance. N also please send me som snaps so I could gt som idea.

  95. sathees says:

    hai vicky im from cbe i own pulsar 150 i wanna remodel it ,,,, can u send some altered pics of pulsar and the price for remodelling ,,,, maximum amount what i can afford to remodel is 20.000,,,,,,,,,

  96. Vikram says:

    Hi Vicky, I have a pulsar 150, as mentioned by you I dont want to hinder the performance of the bike, but want to give it a sporty look. I had planned on changing the tyre, silencer and handle of the bike. Morover there is dent on the fuel tank. Please suggest me in this.

  97. riyasDarkmaN says:

    hai iam riyas , i have a bike Bajaj wind 125, I want to modifiy it pls help me which alloy and sprocket is more suitable, tank modification, engine guard, digital meter, silencer, front and rear lights,indicaters pls send me suitable pictures and suggessions kindly riyasDarkmaN

  98. sajjesh says:

    hi vicky this is sajjesh, i have yamaha r15 and i altered my bike with booster kit,filter and double exzaust under seat…..i satisfied with the performance of my bike but am not ok with the look…….can u plz help by suggesting how to sticker my bike

  99. abijith says:

    sir i own a tvs apache 150 i want to modify it so plz sent me some modified apache images

  100. Rahul says:

    Wanna modify ur bike….. @ lower costs… den Contact: CRD Mods, Rahul 09703 20 2000

  101. Navin says:

    hi vivek…… im navin i wanna modify my apache rtr160 bike 7months later .so please contact me at 8056161761

  102. Krishna says:

    Hi i have old cbz i want modified it.plz send some pics plz

  103. DILIP.J says:


  104. ARUN says:

    This is informative .I am a retailer form chennai .I own a performance store here in chennai .If any of you guys want to do any mods on ur bike you can contact me . I mean both performance and visual mods. I am a dealing with Motul ,pirelli ,ows,k&n ………………etc ……

    • Apar Bidari says:

      @ Arun.. Can you tell me ur contact number actually I need performance parts for Apache RTR 180… and I dont know specific parts for it so I need to know those parts, their price and if possible parts shipments also… U can call me at 7209406791

    • Murali says:

      hai arum Am from chennai i have yamaha FZ-S bike. i nedd to re model it. could you pls help me..? please give me your mobile number . My number is 9677120771

    • Sravan says:

      Hi Arun.. i want to remodel my pulsar 150 2005 model… can u give me ur shop address or ur no so that i can contactu.. my no is 9944758742…. i am in chennai.. plz reply….

    • raza abbas says:

      can i give my tvs sport a sporty look? I dont want to improve the performance,only the look….

    • hemanathan says:

      im having karizma zmr needs to modify in speed and looks

    • Racing damu says:

      Hi!arun iam damu very passion abt bikes,i own ayamaha rxz interestd in changing my bike outluk and increase in performance. Pls suggest me a idea on my bike modification and pls tel ur detail n address

    • Chithresh says:

      Yeah but how to contact u?

    • Prabu says:

      Hi,, m interested in visiting ur work place for a few mods.. My no is 9962319989,,, pls let me no ur address…

    • Deepak says:

      Hi Arun, Please do share details if there are any aftermarket parts for pulsar 220 DTSi like performance cluch assembly. I would need a hell a lot of mods and performance parts for the same. Please do send me your number or mail me the same. My contact number is 9900013020.

    • Raahul says:

      Hi i am raahul from chennai .can u please gve sum suggestions for modification of my old bike

    • saravana says:

      Give me ur contact details so. That I can contact u in Chennai..pls

    • saravanan says:

      Just give me ur contact no. and adress of ur workshop man…

  105. Abhishek Haldar says:

    I ride Hero Honda CBZ 2000 model. I have already fitted the K&N air filter and it works wonders. Really boosted up the performance. But the problem is, my bike feels pretty rigid. As in its pretty hard to maneuver my bike around. The whole bike seems to vibrate a lot after 80 kmh, and the pickup also seems to die out after that. I would also like to upgrade the suspensions and front disc brakes. I live in delhi, so if any body knows any good shop, please do help me out.

  106. Harley Davidson says:

    Hi, I am from Mumbai and i was purchase Harley Davidson Motorcycle in 2008. I want to buy some of parts of this bike and i don’t know a proper source for buying parts in India. If anybody know here any import dealer of motorcycle than please inform me. I have done inquire form my dealer but he only import bikes they are importing any parts of any imported bikes.

  107. satheesh says:

    sir i have a yamaha rx100 bike ,i want to alter it in a low cost so plz give your suggession to me

  108. JOHNSON says:

    hi i would like to ma bike pulsar 150 2003 model need to modifie as sson as you can …call 9941276867

  109. amrit says:

    hi Is it possible to modify bajaj pulsar 220 to kawasaki ninja250 ? if yes then wat the cost for it ?? and hw long it wil take ??? i m in punjab . so is it possible to modify in punjab ????

  110. Prakash says:

    i’m prakash living in erode. i have yamaha rx 135. i want to alter my bike in very good look. so i request u to give some sample pics & give ideas to alter my bike and please tell how much the cost. please call me at my mobile 98944 93271 or reply mail at

  111. vijay g says:

    hi ,m vijay here,i want to modify my tvs star city handle bar,as well seat,back tail like racing tail,with speedo meter… please fried .can you sugggest me send me the best mechanic address.

  112. vijay g says:

    m vijay from coimbatore.i want to alter my tvs star city look like racing machine.any body suggest best mechanic shop addrress in coimbatore\

  113. arulraj says:

    hai i had red colour apache 150 surge bike ,i want to alter my bike , so pls give an idea for it with images

  114. akbar ali says:

    hello sir , i have a yamaha rx135 bike i want to remadel this bike so i kindly request u pls sent me an remodeling photo on my email id on this same bike thanking u regards akbar

  115. annamalai says:

    hello sir i have a pulsar150 i like to modifi it in low cost and could you send me some pictures of modified

  116. annamalai says:

    hai sir i have a pulsar150 i like to modifi it in low cost and could you send me some pictures of modified

  117. pranav raveendran says:

    hello sir i having a pulsar150,i want to fit a yamaha gladiators engine guard for that ,is that suits for my byke if not please suggest some other options for me

  118. Abraham Rajesh says:

    Dear Sir, i am having a HUNK 150 cc bike i want to make it look like hybusa can anyone help me in doing that plz call me at 09952464196 or mail @

  119. RAMAN WARAICH says:


  120. hemanth says:

    HEllO SIR, I have A honda ETERNO 150cc vehicle i wanted to alter it so added a K&N air filter but due to not fitting it properly there is a air leak and the sound is not goog so i want ur advice on modification of the vehicle in an affordable cost waiting for ur reply………

  121. naveen says:

    hi can u say what bike if we remodel will looks as sports model

  122. ABINESH says:

    hi sir…..i would like remodel my honda unicorn(2010 model)…i like to see some pictures of remodelled unicorn….can you please send me some pictures and some tips for remodelling my bike….

  123. NITESH THAKUR says:


  124. Kamesh says:

    Hi Arun, Good to know that u own a perf bike and that u do mods as well. Can u please share ur number on the forum or alternatively give me a call on 08148608137. I am desperately looking out for some good mechanic who knows the do and dont of an engine inside out, in Chennai. Most of the mechanics here have not even heard the word Upjetting, Head cleaning, sprocketing and K&N Air filters. I have a honda Unicorn 2006 model. Some one please reply to my need. Leave an SMS if call not getting connected. Thanks Kamesh 08148608137

  125. haji ali says:

    hi i have got car accessiores shop in coimbatore (TN) name sagar car accessiores if yo want modifi or lisen more bass in music system you can call me 09524 5555 77

  126. akbar says:

    hello sir i have a yamaha fz i want to remodeling the bike much better in sports style

    • avin says:

      hi frnd, im also having fz .i wanna to remodel it . i saw ur post in .plz send some ideas with pics to make me thinking to fit r15 doom to my fz it possible.. plz help me with ur ideas .. plz mail me at

  127. mahesh says:

    i want to modify my pulsar180 with yamahaR15 front faring[doom]…wat will be the cost ,pls mail me

  128. mrinal says:

    I want to modify yamaha rxz to yamaha fz 16.Please mail me the estimate.

  129. DARAN says:

    HAI GOOD MORNING ,Iam from chennai iam little crazy about my herohonda splendor i want to know whether i can replace any other clutch assembly which suits splendor and increases the performance

  130. ARUNKUMAR says:

    hello sir, i’m owning a hero hunk limited edition for the past one and a half year. so please do some suggestion for adding some accesories to my bike…….i’m not willing to change the body..just some accesories to enhance pick-up and topspeed. plz do reply soon………

  131. arijit saha says:

    sir, i had a passion plus black colour,i want to modify the bike ,but mileage should not decrease ..and at a low cost

  132. immaniel says:

    hi sir,i want to remodel my old kawasaki bajaj bike.please tell me or send me some pics how it should be…..plz sir i am waiting for your reply

  133. Akash says:

    Hi…. I own yamieee FZ. . i Have black colour bike. i made it in combination with a crazy light green colour at some places. removed tail piece, removed chain guard assembly, added K&N filter…and a Roots horn… now its awsome…in style FZ rocks …try it out

  134. lijo says:

    Hi…. I own unicon – 2005 – front modification hayabusanew model front only rate pls

  135. santosh says:

    hello sir… i own an avenger colour..i wanna modify it.. so plzz send any images of modified avenger if u have..i want the best one..plzz plzz plzz:)

  136. Mukesh Kumar says:

    bike remodeling/ modification/alternation centers in hyderabad: I hv a HeroHonda Splendor Silver colour 9 yrs old bike. I want to REMODEL/MODIFY/ALTERNATE it to give it a new grand look.

  137. robinson says:

    sir, i am having ind-suzuki old model bike.wt r d possibilities to change that bike into attractive super bike(outer look)plz send me pictures of modification.plzz sir.

  138. pandu says:

    sir i want to my yamaha fazer with new look and change my lights if u have any pics plzs send to me

  139. Divakar says:

    I’m diva,i want to modify my tvs star city like as sillunu oru kadhal surya bike,how much cost of this modification

  140. Divakar says:

    I want best modification shop phone number in coimbatore,pls contact 9600556436

  141. salman says:

    sir, i have honda cb twister. i have to convert doom of yamaha R15. can it give new look. can it possible

  142. sushil says:

    need k&n aie filter for pulsar 150 2004 model pls if u have then provide this to me my phone no. is 9780898787

  143. Jeet says:

    Hi this is jeet. . . .cud u plz tell is there a k & n filter for bajaj platina 100cc. . . . .n cud i modify my bike 2 get a havier luk. . . . Plz reply. . .

  144. Jeet bajwa says:

    Hi this is jeet. . . .cud u plz tell is there a k & n filter for bajaj platina 100cc. . . . .n cud i modify my bike 2 get a havier luk. . . . Plz reply. . .

  145. anish says:

    i need modify cbz extreme into suzuki hayabusa… how much cost it will …. do you have picture means send me that also

  146. vimals says:

    me frm chennai,i have to modify my RTR180 ABS.canany one tell me the best shop to do the moification in chennai.pls contc me:9551431843

  147. Akhil says:

    Remove the general seats of fazer and use fz s doubled layered seats.change the chamber for attractive sound for sporty look.

  148. Akheeb Rahaman says:

    hai, i am using bajaj ct 100 bike now its looks are old so i want to modify my bike by replacing its headlamp with yamaha FZ head lamp for that i just wanted to know that it will fix or not, plz give me som suggestion i am waiting

  149. sidhu says:

    i m using platina 125 dts si now i want to modify it to in a sports bike give me some suggesstion about it ……………. waiting for ur reply /////////

  150. ram says:

    i owe fazer and i have an idea to fit double silencer ……… much does it cost…….can anyone tell me the exact price ……hope to hear from u guys soon…………….

  151. Suresh says:

    Sir,i hav a yamaha Fz bike..i want to reduce d bike hight for my comfortance..wil u give any ideas..

  152. surya says:

    Hi, Iam Surya From Kadapa I am Craze about Tvs Starcity i want to remodel it like a sport bike can you do it for me .,, if u have sample pics please send it to my mail i definetly want to make it .,, For example in Tamil actor surya movie i saw it i want like that.,, could u help me

  153. Gopi says:

    im having apache RTR160….i wanna fit r15 doom in my bike…..pls suggest me…can you provide some pictures for that.

  154. Dixit says:

    Hi ,i am having star city.I wana model it like a sport bike.Can u pls sugest some methods and the cost for remodeling it.Tailin, etc… Total cost how much

  155. SUJAN says:

    I have new Yamaha fazer I want to modify With some new look . Would pls suggest me Place to do ,cost no bar. Thank u

  156. aditya singh says:

    sir, i wanna put pulsar220 mask in my yamaha fzs. can i????.

  157. raju says:

    Hello vicky, Can u suggest me a good bike modificaton centre in bangalore r15 underseat exhaust like R1 call me 09845891433

  158. vipin says:

    Hai now i have Pulsar 220 i want to modify it,pls send me some modified pulsar pictures

  159. hemanth says:

    Hai, I am having 2011 Model Yamaha FZ s , I want to replace the seat with 2012 Model FZ s. Is it possible? if possible what is the expected cost? Please give me your reply immediately. Thanks Hemanth

  160. EMI says:


  161. Dineshkumar says:

    I want to modify my 125 cc TVS flame – Pls suggest any modifier who do a great work for me.

  162. rakesh says:

    Hi am having super splender n wanna remodel it to yamaha fz for its macho n is this possible to remodel ma splender to fz n if it is possible how much will it leavin ma mail id here so pls reply me back Ma mail id is thanks in advance

  163. preet says:

    Hey sir i have new model2013 tvs sprt i white &small red in colour plz tell me how i modified this

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