After Nano, it would be 800cc small car from Tata

The intermodel between Nano [images] and Indica [images] is to be offered by Tata in the form of a small car with 800cc. code named as Dolphin, it is expected to roll down in 2012 to be powered by an 800cc or 1000cc engine to set in the A2 segment(WagonR [images] and Hyundai i10 [images]). The pricing may be around R3.5 lakh and the company is still tightlipped about the proposal. Dolphin may roll down from a new platform as Indica comes in a 1.3lit diesel and a 1.1l petrol version while Nano got 663cc petrol engine. This A2 segment is the major segment having 70% of the country’s passenger cars, containing 20 various models of different makers.

Maruti Suzuki is the major player in this segment having 6 models whereas Tata has got just one. The segment gets much focus among the cars and the companies vie with one another to get their due share. Tata has one each in A2 segment(hatchback) and 2 vehicles in mid-size segment. Safari and Sumo [images] are the marks of utility vehicles. It is this gap needs to be filled by Tata with a possible small car. This segment may become void if Maruti recalls its 800 and Alto models in future.

Alto [images] sells like hot cakes now and the implementation of BS –IV norms has made Maruti to withdraw M800 [images] in 13cities and introduce Alto. The set up is temporary and Maruti may discontinue Maruti 800 at any time, a rare adieu to the 25 year old model. With the latest 1l engine there will be a new small car to replace Alto under 800cc category. Tata makes the launch of its small car on a slow pace and there is no clear indication of the car is available from the company source. In the meantime, the company’s share index rose by 1% at Rs844.45.

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